10 Coolest Gadgets And Inventions That Will Blow You Away

Hey, everyone! Do you want to decorate your room but don’t know how? Or maybe you want the world’s fastest walking shoes but don’t know how to get them? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this video!

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0:15 SYRO-Bricks
1:03 Moonwalkers
1:49 Gyrospeed v2.0
2:42 ComMarker B4
3:34 Magic Pencil
4:25 EDGE Pro
5:12 Dash Cam Omni
6:18 Ticktime Cube
7:07 Knuckle Stun Gun
7:29 Coolo
8:15 Outro

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Hey everyone do you want to decorate Your room but don’t know how or maybe You want the world’s fastest walking Shoes but don’t know how to get them Don’t worry we’ve got you covered in This video Cyro bricks Cyro Bricks by linked Sparks Are an awesome collection of hexagonal Light panels that can be assembled into Different configurations for a super Vibrant Lighting Display on a wall or Desktop You can totally manage the lights with Cool features like playing Dynamic Preset effects personalizing colors and Motions activating music modes Etc after A simple pairing system with the mobile App if you’re looking for something to Help you liven up your boring room Cyro Bricks are perfect the system comes with A complimentary smartphone app that Gives you access to a gallery of over 26 Different effects and music modes as Well as the ability to change colors Modify brightness and turn on or off Your lights from a distance it also lets You set timers which is really handy for When you’re out of the house and don’t Want your lights to turn on or off Automatically Moonwalkers moonwalkers are shoes with Wheels on the bottom that you put on Your regular shoes however these are not Rollerblades as you walk the wheels roll

At a pace that does not affect your Balance because they are instead stuffed With sensors and Motors in other words As you continue to walk normally the Moonwalkers speed up your pace it Genuinely feels like having a moving Walkway out of an airport strapped to Your feet cool these could be Particularly beneficial for those who Are unable to go as far as they would Want due to health conditions Moonwalkers were invented by engineer Zunji Zhang four years ago after being Almost hit by a car while riding a Scooter Zhang determined that walking Was safer but could be improved with a Speed boost moonwalkers were born from This need Gyro speed version 2.0 Baseball pitchers assemble if you’re Feeling tired and exhausted after long Hours of pitching practice worry no more For the gyro speed version 2 has arrived Most professional players turn to speed Guns to train and measure their Capabilities but those can be pretty Expensive for the average person and to Be honest they’re not that accessible Actual speed guns also need two people To measure your speed with one holding The speed gun but with the gyro speed You can train and measure your speed all By yourself something you’re probably Already used to by now just kidding this

Terrific device only needs you to hold It in your hand as you throw the ball Measuring the speed of your pitch as the Ball leaves your hand the gyro speed Version 2.0 also has great ergonomics Making sure you don’t pressure your Joints and wrists as you throw oh and Did we mention it allows you to practice Indoors too Com marker B4 Ever wanting to engrave some beautiful Designs into something only to find out That your laser engraver doesn’t work no Well you can still make excellent use of This extremely promising product Somewhere I’m sure The com marker B4 is one of the most Impressive industrial grade laser Engravers out there with a 20 watt Output it is capable of delivering Extremely accurate deep and quick edges And Designs if you so wish on almost any Type of surface metal plastic leather or Heart of Stone you name it powered by a Galvano scanner the laser engraver is Really precise and make sure your Designs are smooth and turn out great Every time this product is perfect for Entrepreneurs artists manufacturing Professionals and hobbyists in general It is really easy to use considering That it’s handheld and relatively Lightweight Magic Pencil

Imagine a fitness Checker soil detector And water detector all in one seems very Out there and unfathomable right well Magic Pencil is literally a miniature Lab this very aptly named Magic Pencil Is a stereoscopic scanner that can Measure the compositions of almost Anything you can use it on want to know How much fat content your steak has want To know how fresh and sugary your milk Is use Magic Pencil and it’ll tell you It is a truly astounding piece of Engineering and its capabilities seem so Unexpected considering its size but it Is the real deal the device has Incredible detection and Analysis Qualities thanks to its developers very Own nt-1000 chip allowing it to detect Wavelengths of light between 200 Millimeters and 1700 millimeters Something that other spectrometers Simply cannot compete with Edge Pro We all want our workstations to look Better but we just don’t know how Getting a good setup can take a lot of Time and research but Edge Pro is here To make it easy for you with its Ecosystem of complementary products this New device is really something else it’s Certified magsafe meaning it meets the Highest standards for safety and Reliability plus the magnetic ecosystem Is totally detachable so you can

Customize your setup however you want It’s also pretty sturdy so you don’t Have to worry about your devices falling Off and if you want to rotate your Device to landscape mode or vice versa It’s totally easy to do although its Primary use is to complement Apple Devices the product also includes a Metal ring that will allow any device to Pair with the Edge Pro system so don’t Worry it’s Universal Dash cam Omni this top of the line Device is perfect for ensuring your Security with its 140 degrees fov camera And two-phase stepping Motors the Omni Provides smooth movement throughout 340 Degrees these attributes work together To create the first true 360 degree full View dash cam on the market it is Continually able to track everything That’s happening around the car in all Directions while smoothly panning the Lens around it has a really robust Parking surveillance system the dash cam Can identify people nearby detect their Movements and pinpoint their location by Using its enhanced AI motion detection Algorithm Omni is literally your Tech Watchdog it’s capable of monitoring and Recording the behavior of people that Start acting suspiciously tagging them As potential threats for you to deal With as you see fit it also has a unique Data collection algorithm called the

Collision detection algorithm that Allows it to record data that can be key To court cases and towards determining Fault so if you’ve been hit pretty hard By a reckless driver dash cam Omni can Help you out a ton Tick time Cube The Tick time cube is one Of those products that can seem pretty Annoying on the surface but is actually Pretty useful and effective if you want To become more productive it makes use Of the Pomodoro phenomenon wherein you Work more efficiently when breaking up Your work into regular logical intervals The Tick time Cube does something Similar by setting a timer for your Activities now you could be cooking and Need to set a time limit for how long You want to leave something to boil or You’re playing a game and need to set a Timer for turns or you’re studying and Want to do it for a set period of time This device will help you with that and Allow you to become more efficient and Maybe also make you tear your hair out In the process but in a fun way it’s Also magnetic which means you can stick It practically everywhere something That’s pretty useful for when your Activities involve a lot of moving from Place to place Knuckle stun gun this is a self-defense Tool that is designed to protect you From harm the knuckle brace will shock

Your opponent knocking them out cold it Also houses a blue pan and a bright blue Flashlight and is pretty easy to use the Grip is pretty comfortable so in case You decide you want to literally shock Someone the knuckle stun gun is a pretty Good candidate Culo While this culo hair dryer really lives Up to its name its idea and actual Performance are both amazing the rapidly Rotating Motors can achieve an Astonishing 100 000 rotations per minute So your hair will be dried pretty Quickly the heating parts are cooled With far infrared Rays allowing you to Use its warm air mode with significantly Less power consumption than the average Hair dryer the hair dryer also comes With a temperature limit to make sure That the inexperienced and slightly Foolish don’t ruin their scalps and burn Their hair off the culo hair dryer has a Powerful 300 milliamp hour battery that Lets you use it for a few hours after Charging it’s really useful to have a Rechargeable hair dryer especially since Cords can be so annoying and dangerous In the bathroom Which one of these products will you be Buying let us know in the comments and Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel For more of the same thank you for Watching and goodbye

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