10 Coolest Gadgets and Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

Make Your Own Portable Projector Screen

Portable projector screens are expensive and are known to cost as much as the portable projector itself. Many people set out to make their own screen, or find some way to have the projected image show up in a way that will not inhibit their viewing. If you are interested in making your own portable projector screen, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

Conveyor Belt – A Great Invention

Transportation has become very easy nowadays. In large industrial area, goods are transferred from area to another.

Different Types of Conveyor Belts

With the invention of a number of improved and highly advanced tools and systems, production has increased to an astonishing level in many industries. Conveyor is a great technology that has helped different sectors in moving goods from one industrial area to another. It is used in different types of manufacturing areas to move products through the manufacturing process.

Best Cartridges – 5 Tips to Ease You Take Your Ink Cartridges

It is useful to get data in a printable format that means, which converts soft copy of records what we stored in our computer into hard copy in general. Ink cartridges are valuable thing for a printer which determines how long the device will perform its service impressively.

The Floppy to USB Converter Currently Does Not Support Staubli-JC3, Muller-1/2

USB converter gives you a feel as if you were working on floppies, just the media changes to Pen Drive instead of floppies. The floppy to USB converter is just the replica of legacy 1.44 MB FDD, looks like that, uses same 34 pin channel and same power connectors.

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