10 Coolest Gadgets And Inventions You Must Have

Get ready to check out some awesome new products! Such as a powerful micro flashlight that can output up to 130-lumen. A lamp that uses AI to learn your preferences and adjust lighting accordingly. And even an electric utility wagon is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors! This is Future Tech.

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Dream Glass Flow

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Werobot Pino Lamp

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Divoom Backpack M

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Alfie Tych

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Ysmart MQ3

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Outisan e-Wagon

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2:57 Wristcam
3:30 Divoom Backpack M
4:26 Laxylight
5:17 Alfie Tych
6:04 Ysmart MQ3
6:39 Rens
7:28 Outisan e-Wagon

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Get ready to check out some awesome new products! Such as a powerful micro flashlight that can
output up to 130-lumen. A lamp that uses AI to learn your preferences
and adjust lighting accordingly. And even an electric utility wagon is the
perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors! This is Future Tech. Dragonfly Hyperscooter- The Dragonfly Hyperscooter is the future of
urban transportation. A super light and sleek electric vehicle that
takes flight through the urban jungle, the Dragonfly is the perfect transportation solution
for the modern urbanite.With its unique 4-wheel Design, the Dragonfly offers unparalleled
stability and safety while allowing you to Glide effortlessly through busy streets. And thanks to the patented 3-Dimensional Full-Tilt
Steering System, the Dragonfly allows you To carve through busy streets with ease, while
its ultra-low center of gravity and stable 4-wheel platform provide unparalleled safety
and stability.With a top speed of 25 mph and A range of up to 25 miles, the Dragonfly is
the perfect way to get around town. Whether you’re commuting to work or running
errands, the Dragonfly is the perfect choice For getting around town. The estimated price is 1879$. Dream Glass Flow- AR glasses are the future of gaming, and Dream
Glass Flow is leading the way with its Wi-Fi 6 technology. With its efficient use of bandwidth and elimination
of latency, Dream Glass Flow provides the Smoothest gaming experience possible.The device
is also incredibly lightweight, weighing just 2 oz, making it extremely portable and comfortable
to wear for long gaming sessions. In addition, Dream Glass Flow supports cloud
gaming across various platforms, including GeForce Now, Parsec, Shadow, and more. And for handheld gamers, it projects a massive
120” virtual screen, providing an immersive Gaming experience that is privacy protected. Dream Glass Flow is the perfect device for
console gamers who want to game on the go, Or for handheld gamers who want to enjoy a
bigger and better gaming experience. The cost of the Dream Glass Flow is $399. Werobot Pino Lamp- Looking for a table lamp that provides efficient
and targeted lighting? The Pino Lamp from Werobot is perfect for
your needs.

This smart lamp is equipped with an Artificial
Intelligence algorithm that supports automatic Object tracking, meaning it will always provide
the right amount of light for whatever you’re Doing – whether you’re reading, writing,
or shooting a video. What’s more, the Pino Lamp is also a great
emotional companion, interacting with you Through a breathing light effect projected
from the headlight. And with the Werobot Pino Lamp app, you can
customize every adjustable setting of the Lamp, from the headlight movement to brightness
adjustments, tracking modes, and more – whether You’re near or far from the lamp.The Werobot
Pino Lamp is available in six different colors, So you can choose the perfect one to match
your taste and style. You can get it for 109$. Wristcam- Wristcam is the perfect device for capturing
those magical moments that you don’t want To miss. With a self-facing and world-facing camera,
you can capture amazing video and photos without Missing a step. Sharp photos and stabilized video are just
a few of the amazing features offered by Wristcam. The light weight and water-resistant design
make it the perfect companion for your active Lifestyle. Wristcam also features live video calling,
so you can stay connected with friends and Family no matter where you are. You can buy it on Amazon for $299. Divoom Pixoo M- The Divoom Pixoo M backpack is perfect for
carrying all your daily essentials. With plenty of organizational pockets and
a spacious main compartment, it will help You pack more efficiently while keeping the
contents of your bag organized. The backpack is made of water-repellent material,
making it resistant to falls and raindrops. The built-in LED panel and power bank allow
you to create real-time drawings that are Displayed on the backpack. The Divoom app also provides access to a world-class
pixel gallery with over ten thousand pixel Works.The backpack is also IOS/Android phone
and tablet compatible to allow anyone to use This device. The integrated LED knight backpack and bike-mount
control make it easy for others to spot you In the dark.The backpack is the perfect gift
for anyone who loves pixel art or is looking For a stylish, functional backpack.It costs

Laxylight- Laxylight is a new type of massager that uses
magnetic pulses to stimulate the brain, providing A variety of benefits such as relaxation,
increased concentration, and deep sleep. Laxylight is designed with bionic fingers
and an ergonomic 360-degree design, allowing For a unique and all-around massage experience. There are four modes to choose from: Soothing
Mode, Active Mode, Sleep Mode, and Leisure Mode. Each mode generates different rhythms and
intensity of vibration and magnetic pulses Around the head, providing you with a diverse
massage experience. Laxylight is convenient to use anywhere and
anytime, and it is a great alternative to Traditional muscle massage. It is also lightweight and wireless, making
it easy to carry with you wherever you go. The Laxylight is priced at 183 dollars. Alfie Tych- With the Tych, you can easily take twice as
many photos with a roll of 35mm film! The Tych comes with two models – the Tych
and the Tych Plus – each of which offers Different features. The Tych Plus, for example, comes with premium
glass optics in both a 4th lens and a super Bright viewfinder. Multiple lenses on the Tych allow you to explore
creative photography techniques, such as disposable Camera lens, pinhole lens, and zone sieve. You can use full manual shutter control or
select auto modes for each of the lenses fitted To the Tych. In auto mode, the camera will use its built
in light meter to automatically expose the Shot for you. The Tych is a great camera for anyone who
wants to take amazing photos! You can buy it for 289$. YSMART MQ3- The YSMART MQ3 is the perfect flashlight for
any indoor or outdoor activity. With 130 lumens of light, it is small, light,
and easy to carry. The powerful magnet on the back of the flashlight
allows you to attach it to any metal surface, Making it ideal for hands-free use. The Pop-to-Turn-On feature allows you to easily
turn on the flashlight in an instant, without Having to search for a switch in the dark
or fumble around to unlock it.

The USB Type-C rechargeable feature makes
it even more convenient to use. It costs 37$. Rens- Rens has created the perfect shoe for those
who are on the go and care about being eco-friendly. The shoes are made from recycled coffee grounds
and sustainable materials, which makes them Flexible, comfortable, and most importantly,
100% waterproof. The coffee grounds are used to create a flexible
yarn that has several benefits, including Being odor-resistant, antimicrobial, and UV-blocking. Thanks to AquaScreen Tech, you don’t have
to worry about puddles or rain getting in Your way. And because the coffee is antimicrobial, it
helps to keep your feet healthy and free from Odors. The quick dry feature allows the shoes to
dry 200% faster than standard polyester. Rens shoes are moisture-wicking and have a
great grip so you can wear them in any weather Condition. You can get it for just $99. Outisan e-Wagon- The Outisan e-Wagon is an electric utility
wagon that is perfect for anyone who loves Spending time outdoors. It is loaded with features that will make
carrying gear a breeze, including electric Power assist, all-terrain wheels, and hill-descent
control. The Outisan e-Wagon is equipped with FlowStride
technology, which provides extra power on Various types of terrain. This makes the Outisan e-Wagon ideal for carrying
heavy loads uphill. With the electric motors, a 180lbs load will
feel like 10lbs. Going downhill, the motors will help control
your speed.The Outisan e-Wagon also comes With a portable, detachable battery that can
be charged in just 3 hours. Once fully charged, you’ll get up to 7 miles
of usage. And with the high-density rubber wheels, you’ll
be able to take the Outisan e-Wagon anywhere You want to go. You can purchase it for 450$. Thanks for watching our video! We hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please
leave them below and we’ll be happy to answer


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