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How to Repair USB

USB is a small technology that can save any files extension. Yet, sometimes you and other people find any difficulties from this data saver. Of course, the most prominent cause is virus infected. Virus is very harmful to the USB and computer system.

Best Pen Drive for Data Transferring and Restoring

There was a time when data storage and transferring had limited options and was time consuming. Very first, floppy discs were used for this purpose but a little storage capacity was the major drawback, then CDs and DVDs became the trend.

Different Types of Computer Mouses

With computers being one of the most used pieces of technology on the world today, there is no wonder that so many different types of mouses exist. You can buy mouses for right handed people, left handed people, vertical mouses, trackball mouses, optical mouses, ball mouses, wireless mouses and gaming mouses.

Free Apps, Tools and Tricks to Print From Your iPhone and iPad

If you use Apple gadgets such as either the iPhone or the iPad, then you probably know that printing text, images, notes and even calendar pages from your gadget can be quite difficult to do without spending a small amount of money. The good news is that now, there are several ways to print your files at absolutely no cost. Here are some free apps, tools and tricks to help you print from your favorite Apple products: AirPrint.

How to Increase the Wireless Signal from A Router

You must have faced situations where the signal strength of the wireless connectivity between your computer and the wireless router is too low or unsatisfactory and you are wondering the reason for it. Go through this article and learn how to fix the problem.

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