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Hi guys, welcome to Future Tech, 2022 has been so promising with the continuous releases of innovative tech gadgets that it’s close to being hard to keep up with the releases but trust the channel to always bring you recent updates on juicy products available or soon to be available products in the market.

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Hi guys, welcome to Future tech; 2022 has
been so promising with the continuous releases Of innovative tech gadgets that it’s close
to being hard to keep up with the releases But trust the channel to always bring you
recent updates on juicy products available Or soon to be available products in the market. Icaros Cloud Icaros made a recent innovative fitness device
known as the Cloud. The icaros cloud was designed with the intention
to alter the extent of tedious stress most People go through in the process of getting
their bodies fit. The designers behind these effective digital
devices want all users to access full-body And intensive workouts in the convenience
of their home or wherever they are. The device comes with a digital interface
so you can experience different series of Workouts with your smart devices and also
track your progress. Professional sports scientists selected each
interactive exercise on the app to ensure All sessions were highly effective. The icaros cloud is priced at approximately
1060$ Thermonecks Sure there are lots of conventional cooling
devices. Still, Degreve engineers behind the model
of the THERMONECKS device claim to be the Perfect device to bring your body to the optimum
temperature with its one of a kind technology. Stressed from work, can’t focus while driving
because of exhaustion, thermonecks insist On being the solution you need by just wearing
it around your neck. All thanks to its dual temperature technology,
your body switches to its current temperature Requirement. The portable charger package makes it easy
to carry the device outdoors. It only takes about 20 minutes to freeze the
fluids in the freezer, and they can freeze At room temperature within a short time. Despite being an ice pack, users are expected
to get an 8 Hour of neck cooling session without Feeling cold pain or melting. Thermoneck is expected to cost around 79$ Pixeltime Pixeltime by Vivid smart engineers pledges
to be producing the world’s first surround Customizable display clock. The said display clock comes with a flip timer
and 4 LED screens that automatically synchronizes The time and weather.

The clock is expected to allow you to upload
any picture of your choice on the LED screen. It works with a technique similar to that
of an hourglass in which you just flip the Pixel time to set your timer. The built-in Bluetooth 5.0 connects with your
phone to give you regular updates on the current Time and weather conditions. It has a Night Mode to serve as your bedside
night light and an alarm mode to wake you Up in time for the day’s activities. Approximated to cost $80, Pixeltime also has
a feature that synchronizes it to the beat Of your music. Sunflower Labs The bee drone built by sunflower labs is a
residential, commercial and industrial security Drone designed to create awareness of everything
going on around your house through high-quality Live video interaction, even in low light. The powerful bee’s Hive system housing the
device opens up, and the Bee takes off in Under 5 seconds; with the push of a button,
the bee automatically surveys the areas thanks To its 3D property mapping and geo-fencing
and safely lands back into the hive. The bee automatically starts charging once
it lands in the hive; the battery gets fully Charged within 22 minutes. The sensors detect unexpected obstacles and
change course to avoid collisions, and the Drone can work under all weather conditions. Kindly spare a few seconds to smash the like
button. Home Office Worky understands that everyone needs an extra
workspace to meet their daily job requirements Effectively, so they designed an office in
a box called Home Office. The home office boasts of being the world’s
first portable office for remote workers to Stay more productive and organised. With the home office, you can make use of
any space around you and transform it into An office by giving a proper desk setup. Fix up the home office and enjoy all the incredible
features such as the built-In power outlets To charge your devices, Video Conferencing
Light for seamless virtual sessions, extra Storage to organize your files, pens, or papers,
and Magnetic Dry Erase Board The home office costs $149.99 DoubleTake Nexoptic wants you to feel the definition
of next-generation binoculars with its recently

Released product, Doubletake. The binoculars give their users total access
to futuristic features you can never imagine In binoculars. DoubleTake is a groundbreaking innovation
which offers 10x optical magnification capacities In a portable but rugged device with 5 inch
HD touch screen. With a powerful onboard image processor, you
can view crisp and explicit live videos with 4K quality which you can instantly share with
your smartphone and worry no more about carrying Extra batteries as the built-in lithium batteries
are rechargeable. Featuring both wide-angle and telephoto cameras,
you can always have near to true views even When capturing at a far distance. The simple push of a button grants you the
control over switching from 2x zoom to 10x Zoom or vice versa. The price for the soon to be released device
is still unannounced. The Oru Lake Oru Kayak is a numerous award-winning company
with constant innovative products designed To make outdoor lives better. Their newest edition is the Lake, supposed
to be a portable and straightforward folding Kayak that transforms from a box into a boat
within a few seconds. Weighing just 18 pounds and being 9 feet long,
they claim the oru lake is the Lightest, Simplest Origami Kayak so far that can fit in most
storage space around your home. Unlike other kayaks from the company, the
oru lake has a minimal look as a result of Eliminating all forms extra such as too many
straps and having just two components – the Hull and deck parts as well as the folded
floorboard with an integrated 18mm memory Foam seat. The company assures its users of quality and
durability as the oru lake is made from double Layer propylene with 10 year UV treatment
so that you can remain covered during all Your adventures. The oru lake cots 499$ Slide The engineers behind the design of the slide
are definitely creative thinkers. The slide is a lightweight, portable and detachable
device that adds two more screens to your Laptop via a single cable and firmly attaches
to the back of your computer so you can have Three screens running. Here is a perfect device for you to enjoy
group meetings as the screens are built to

Be really flexible so that they can form a
triangle for everyone around your work, or The conference table can catch a full glimpse
of what you want to display. If you don’t want to use all the screens at
a time, then you can slide the other screens In to use a single one. The slide is priced at $570 Kailo Flex The Kailo flex is a modified form of the former
Kailo pain patch; the new model is designed To be more flexible. What does the patch do? Kailo flex utilizes cutting edge technology
to act as a bio antenna to receive and transmit Electrical signals to the human body so the
body’s nervous system can instantly respond To getting rid of every form of pain and discomfort
you might be experiencing without the use Of pills or creams. The inventors guarantee that the materials
used in building the kailo flex are natural And non-toxic, meaning it poses no threat
to your health. There are claims and reviews that the Kailo
flex pain patch is a lifesaver that gets you Back in shape in no time by bringing relief
to all joints, muscles and nerves pain, and You can still feel the effects for a long
time even after removing the patch. Priced at $68, the Kailo flex pain patch is
Waterproof, and you can use the device under All forms of adverse conditions CarAide 3X Claiming to be the world’s most powerful all
in one jump starter, device charger, and emergency Tool, CarAide 3X will instantly jump-start
your dead battery with no requirement for Jumper cables or a second car. It can also charge your smart devices such
as your phone, tabs or laptop. In cases of dangerous situations where you
are trapped in your car, you can use it to Break your car window or cut a safety belt. Featuring a push-button, you can activate
a super loud burglar alarm that can send attackers Running away when they try tampering with
your car. This flashlight shaped device comes with a
compass that can lead you in case you get Lost and a beam light, SOS light coupled with
an emergency flasher. The slip, dirt and shock resistant device
fits perfectly to handgrip and can fit in A car door, glove compartment or cup holder. CarAide 3X costs 119$

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