10 Crazy Gadgets And Inventions on Amazon and Online

Hi there! In this video, we’ll be taking a look at 10 Crazy gadgets and inventions that you can buy on Amazon and online. These are all great items that would make great gifts for friends and family, or even for yourself!

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Smartsofa- Unlike other couches, the Smartsofa is made of 
a unique FABRIC that is incredibly comfortable.   I tell you what, it feels like I could get lost 
in it forever Рthe comfort level will astound   You! However, it also performs exceptionally 
well in terms of wearability and can guard   Against pet scratch damage. Its adjustable 
armrests mean you won’t need to spend an   Eternity finding the ideal posture either! 
Not only is the couch extremely comfortable,   But it is also very stylish and easy to clean. 
You won’t have to worry about spills or messes¬†¬† Anymore, and it is also flame-retardant, so¬†
you can rest assured that your couch will   Be safe in the event of a fire. Plus, 
just look at how cool it looks, man! RingConn- If you’re looking for a way to track your¬†
sleep patterns and get a better sense of how¬†¬† Well you’re resting, consider giving RingConn a¬†
try. This innovative ring not only monitors your   Sleep patterns, but also provides information 
on the three stages of sleep (REM, light,   And deep), so you can make any necessary 
adjustments to improve your sleep quality.¬†¬† Plus, it’s comfortable to wear and won’t¬†
get in the way of your daily activities. Wearing RingConn will help improve your long-term 
vitality and performance by giving you critical   Insights into your general wellness. This is 
because RingConn continuously monitors your   Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), something that 
other smart wearables have difficulty doing. So,¬†¬† Make sure Gollum doesn’t get his¬†
hands on it and you’ll be good to go! Cybersense- The Cybersense car fragrance is based on the¬†
Cybertruck and it looks just like the truck!¬†¬† If you’re a fan of the Cybertruck design,¬†
you’ll love this fragrance! While it may be¬†¬† Simple to keep a car free of clutter, it may be¬†
more difficult to keep it smelling clean. Cars,   Like any other vehicle, are often 
exposed to the odors of stale air,¬†¬† Unclean pets, and strong odors. So, if you’re ever¬†
traveling without being able to take a shower,¬†¬† Don’t worry! One of Cybersense’s most unique¬†
features is its anti-slip pad at the bottom,   Which allows the fragrance to stand 
steadily even with a brief pause. This   Means that it can be used in any location, 
including the car, office desk, or bedroom. Solis-X- This lighter is great for smokers and those who 
enjoy arson! The Solis-X appears to be a standard   Lighter at first glance, but it is not an arc 
lighter. It’s small and compact, so it’ll simply¬†¬† Fit in your pocket or backpack. What sets it apart¬†
from other lighters is that it is solar-powered –¬†¬† Meaning you’ll never run out of fuel again; simply¬†
place the lighter in direct sunshine to refuel it.

When you click the ignition button, the Solis-X 
produces an instantly hot and bright flame that¬†¬† Can easily set something on fire. Even if you’re¬†
using it outside, the Solis-X is windproof and can   Withstand direct wind in the lighting spot. So 
if you’re ever in a hurricane and need to light¬†¬† A candle, don’t worry – the Solis-X will be just¬†
fine, can’t guarantee the same about you though! Dexpole- As global warming becomes an increasingly¬†
pressing issue, solar power is in higher¬†¬† Demand than ever. So it’s no surprise¬†
that our next innovative product is a¬†¬† Solar-powered POWER BANK. That’s right, you¬†
heard correctly. The 100w solar panel kit is   The perfect solution for solar generators. With 
high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells,   It converts up to 21-23% of solar power, making 
it ideal for RV camping, off-grid road trips,   And power outages. The back material of the 
100-watt solar panel is resistant to outdoor¬†¬† Weather conditions. That means you don’t have to¬†
worry about ruining it, even if you’re outside! DarkMaster- I know you’ve been left in the dark without these¬†
products if we didn’t bring them to you – but this¬†¬† One will really make a difference in that regard!¬†
The DarkMaster is the name given to this unusual   Portable light source (and no, it has nothing to 
do with Voldemort). It appears to be something   That would have come out of the Bauhaus if 
they’d had the technology at the time. It is¬†¬† Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery¬†
that is simple to replace. The object is not   Only rectilinear but it is also intended to cast 
a rectilinear beam. The device is also magnetic,   Meaning it can stick to most metal surfaces with 
ease, making it really convenient if you ask me! The Vista- With the Vista portable hammock and stand, you 
can really enjoy your outdoor activities. It   Can hang practically anywhere, so you can relax 
anywhere you want‚ÄĒwhenever you want. Seriously,¬†¬† This is what I’m talking about! The stand¬†
is very small and elegantly designed,   With an extremely light aircraft-strength 
aluminum frame. At only 12 pounds,¬†¬† It can support up to 330 pounds! That’s some¬†
serious engineering! This is the perfect travel   Buddy Рit set up quickly and easily without 
any tools, and it’s ready to go in just 30¬†¬† Seconds. Plus, there are no small pieces to¬†
worry about, and when you’re ready to leave,¬†¬† Everything fits into a movable bag. Perfect for¬†
storing in your trunk or closet! The handcrafted   Hammock chair is incredibly comfy and evenly 
distributes your weight, so you’ll feel no¬†¬† Pressure on any part of your body. This means you¬†
can sleep anywhere you want, whenever you want! Acegmet DP20-
This is something out¬†¬† Of a sci-fi movie! It’s like a lightsaber, but¬†
for engineers and their mathematical battles   Or whatever. The ACEGMET DP20 Laser Measure 
Device is a handy tool that features a laser,  

A digital display, and a tape measure Рall in 
one unit! This tool is perfect for quickly and   Accurately measuring distances, making it ideal 
for a variety of uses. This compact tool features   An illuminated display that makes it easy to 
take readings day or night. It also includes   Built-in real-time distance, area, volume, and 
indirect measuring functions. The Laser accuracy   Technology enables this pocket-sized equipment 
to take rapid and accurate measures up to 131 ft,   Making it easy to size up the work in seconds. 
This is an amazing tool for anyone that wants¬†¬† To measure anything! It’s so handy, and¬†
you even look like a Jedi while using it. OCOOPA H01PD- This is the perfect product for singles! If you 
don’t have someone to keep you warm in the cold,¬†¬† This is just what you need. The OCOOPA¬†
H01PD is great at generating heat all   Over its body. The heating elements are 
strategically placed so you can feel   The warmth on every inch of its surface. 
It also has three temperature settings,¬†¬† The highest of which is 49¬įC. This gives¬†
you the flexibility to select the level   That best meets your needs. It also heats up 
in 7 seconds and has a battery life of 7-14¬†¬† Hours! Perfect for those of us who haven’t¬†
felt any warmth lately…back to the video! Freeshot- Golfers, come together! To make your game¬†
more enjoyable, you’ll need some equipment.¬†¬† Your golf bag, golf clubs, golf balls, ball¬†
marker, towels, tees, gloves and more. But,¬†¬† What’s the best way to carry all this stuff¬†
around with you? If it’s not well organized,¬†¬† You might have some trouble. Imagine trying¬†
to find something in the middle of your game!  Introducing the Freeshot, the all-in-one golf 
accessory that contains a golf ball holder,   Divot tool, tees, and custom ball markers. These 
are all important pieces of equipment for playing   Golf, and the Freeshot is designed to fit around 
your waist, giving you unparalleled convenience.¬†¬† Having Freeshot means you don’t have to worry¬†
about digging through your pockets to find¬†¬† Your things – they’ll always be within easy¬†
reach! No more fussing with awkward pouches   Or bulky pockets РFreeshot is the easy way 
to keep everything you need close at hand. What product did you like the most? Let 
us know in the comments below and make   Sure to subscribe to our channel for more fun 
stuff. Thanks for watching, see you next time!

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