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Hi guys, welcome to Future Tech. Everyone deserves a stable mind, but how do you achieve this without a therapist? How do you think you can give yourself a full-body professional massage in the comfort of your home or create a healthy cooking environment for your family? Stay till the end of the video to see 10 crazy gadgets you can buy right now to help you achieve all of this at home.

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Hi guys, welcome to Future tech. Everyone deserves a stable mind, but how do
you achieve this without a therapist? How do you think you can give yourself a full-body
professional massage in the comfort of your Home or create a healthy cooking environment
for your family? Stay till the end of the video to see 10 crazy
gadgets you can buy right now to help you Achieve all of this at home. AirHood With claims to be the world’s first portable
range hood, the designer states he was driven To create this device because he believes
everyone deserves to live in a healthy cooking Environment. The Airhood was mounted with a Strong ventilator
that extracts cooking fumes. At the same time, the Oil filter extracts
greasy particles found in steam so they won’t Settle on the surface and reduces the strength
of lingering odors around the cooking area. With portability and flexibility in mind,
airhood can be easily moved around the kitchen To a perfect spot, and users can adjust the
height to match that of the cooking water Being used. With a battery life of up to 100 minutes,
there is enough time to cook your meals every Day. Airhood costs 89$ Afreda S6 Inspired by the world’s first reverse 3-wheel
motorcycle, the afreda S6 was said to be designed To be a convenient and safe option for bikers. Afreda S6 has a unique hydraulic disc braking
system which contributes to its adaptability To any road terrain, thanks to the 2 front
wheels, which have excellent shock absorption And cross obstacles with ease. The suspension structure, in combination with
the Articulated Quadrilateral Suspension Structure And 2 front wheels, can maintain a 40-degree
inclination without falling, ensuring your Safety when cutting corners at a high-end
speed. The bike can be folded or unfolded within
the blink of an eye, and it has 2 riding modes To adapt to riders of different sizes or ages
– whether kids or elders, it’s perfect. Priced at 1999$, Afreda s6 has two exclusive
batteries to alternate always. Mobility Wall Mobility wall is the First-Ever Vertical Foam
Rolling and Deep Tissue Self Massage system Perfect for relieving stiff muscles at home.

Unlike other typical foam rollers, the mobility
wall applies proper pressure, perhaps making You your professional massage therapist. The high-density EVA FOAM coupled with the
individual massage heads provides the perfect Relief for most common trouble spots like
the neck, shoulder, and lower back Its unique bullet attachment design makes
it great for micro-targeting high tension Areas in the body such as the biceps, hip
flexor, and In between the toes and the thighs, Which are usually tricky to get to with standard
foam rollers. The system utilizes a dual locking mechanism
to safely attach to any door frame without The need for no tools and leaves no marks
or scratches; it is also easily adjustable. Mobility wall costs 109$ Kindly spare a moment to hit the like button,
and do not forget to subscribe to the channel. Ring Alarm Pro Ring Alarm Pro gives you a full home trusted
physical security and a built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router for fast wifi and network security
in a single system. It differs from other traditional home security
systems because It also offers optional layers Of backup protection to help stay connected
if the power or internet goes off. Alarm pro offers complete protection for windows
or doors around the home and adds motion detection To the hallway or rooms. The wifi can cover up to 1500 Square feet
and should, in case the primary Internet goes Off due to a power outage, keep your connected
devices online with the 24/7 Backup Internet. You can easily control your home security
system from the comfort of your phone with The Ring App and manage your wifi and network
security settings in the eero app. Ring alarm pro is Priced at 299.99$, Khadas Tea Tea is a slim high-resolution headphone amplifier
and DAC created by Khadas technology to fit Discreetly at the back of your iPhone or Android
device. The chassis was made with aluminum and anodized
with either a black or a blue finish to give A dashing look to your phone. Being MagSafe compatible contributes to the
versatility of attaching Tea vertically or Horizontally to anything with a metal plate. It comes with an internal 1150mAh Lithium
polymer battery which can last up to for 8hours Of continuous playback time. One of its most remarkable features is its
very thin profile. The designers state that it measures just
7.95mm at its thickest point, making it easily

Pocketable even after being attached to a
smartphone. Two inbuilt microphones help receive and make
Bluetooth calls without the need to remove Your headphones. Tea costs $199.90 Flasher Flasher was developed with safety in mind
to prevent riders or cyclists from getting Overlooked when turning or, at night, rear-end
collisions. Flasher is a set of 2 lightweights, patented,
high-tech hand bands that ensures smart safety For cyclists and e-scooter riders. The two armbands worn around the upper arms
will increase your visibility on the road. The device also covers you if you are jogging
on foot or walking your dog. Flasher was designed with gesture-controlled
turn signals, emergency brake lights, and More visibility modes. To avoid rear-end collisions, the flasher
illuminates red on the back when you apply The brake hard. Priced at 176$, The device is rechargeable
and water-resistant. Ohsnap Grip Ohsnap develops innovative phone accessories,
including phone grips. The oh snap phone grip series was designed
to reimagine the use of our smartphone for Improved convenience anytime. Ohsnap is a strong phone grip that also doubles
as a multi-angle stand whenever you have to Watch a movie or place your phone horizontally
for other reasons. The grip is super thin but securely holds
your phone firmly when you slide your finger Through the loop; your finger size is not
a barrier. Its thin feature is one of the significant
differences compared to other phone grips, As you can slip it seamlessly into your pocket
without any budging angles or bulk. Ohsnap supports wireless charging with Snapchrge,
which uses Qi charging standard to charge All phones with wireless charging capabilities. Its magnetic feature makes it possible to
place the device on other surfaces like Gym Equipment, fridges, car mounts, and many more. Oh snap cost $29.99 HypeBody Razor Hypebody razor is a premium blade of the past
generation reinvented from the ground up to Be more effective and sharper than other new
generation shaving systems.

Hypebody was made of premium aerospace-grade
aluminum and engineered to maximum precision For users to enjoy a superior shaving experience
that gives the skin an irritation-free smooth, Silky look each time. The shaving device was made to protect you
from ingrown hairs, as well as any form of Irritation or discomfort caused by dragging
hair across the face, as no bulk is allowed To build up in between the blades. Hypebody allows you to customize your shaving
with the 3 settings – sensitive, comfort and Ultra-close while you also get to choose the
head that works best for you. You can use the HypeBody intuitive blade magazine
to easily change to a new blade or that of Any other standard blade magazine available
on the market. Priced at 85$, hypebody gives no room for
clogged blades. Homedics Drift HoMedics is a leading global manufacturer
of health and wellness products that help People relax their bodies, loosen up their
minds, and promote general well-being. Their recently released product, Drift, is
another passive wellness device that allows Users to relax whenever they feel overwhelmed
and overworked or looking for a way to slow Down and be more productive. Taking a moment to look at drift has a way
of inviting calmness into your mind and makes It easy to find your inner peace. With the intuitive app, You can choose from
hundreds of patterns and colors, control the Speed and brightness or pick the perfect playlist
that matches your needed energy. Drift costs $399.99 Trexo Wheels Trexo innovations developed trexo wheels to
help YouTubers, content creators, or bloggers Create dynamic shots on their videos. Claiming to be the World’s First Table-Top
Dolly With Image Processing Technology, Trexo Wheels efficiently create high-quality content. Trexo wheels can achieve linear and circular
movements without a mobile device, all it Takes is to teach the device the route you
want it to perform. With the use of the turntable kit on a flat
surface or tripod, you can perform 360 degrees Product shots or videos wherever you want. Trexo Wheels comes with the Timelapse feature
so you can instantly turn linear, circular Or multipoint paths to timelapse while the
loop mode seems to be great for interviews, B-rolls, or any other static shots.

The intuitive iOS and Android applications
which instantly connect to your phone when You unfold the trexo wheels give you the ultimate
control of the device. Trexo wheels is approximated to cost 372$

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