11 Coolest Tech Gadgets You Can Buy Right Now

Hi guys….. You’re welcome to Future Tech. Been to the tech store lately but confused about what to buy to upgrade your indoor and outdoor living Okay, why not sit around while I show you 11 cool gadgets you can buy right now. Just like this thing that helps you have deep, peaceful sleep when dealing with insomnia, this luggage follows you around when going on trips. Actually, there are more.

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Hi guys….. You’re welcome to future tech. Been to the tech store lately but confused
about what to buy to upgrade your indoor and Outdoor living? Okay, why not sit around while I show you
11 cool gadgets you can buy right now. Just like this thing that helps you have deep,
peaceful sleep when dealing with insomnia, This luggage follows you around when going
on trips. Actually, there are more. Targus Defcon Targus has been modifying mobile computing
accessories to connect people and technology In meaningful ways. Their recently released Defcon universal lock
was designed to be compatible with almost Any lock slot around you. The device features a resettable Combination
Lock that secures your devices with the need For no key or interchangeable heads. Defcon has a 4-digit combo lock which allows
you to lock your equipment with 10,000 different Code combinations safely, and the lock head
supports 360-degree rotation. The cables can’t be cut through by anyone
as they are made of galvanized and sleeved Steel.. Defcon costs $42.99 and it’s super long for
flexible installation. Naucrates Wondering what this is? Okay, it is NAUCRATES, the world’s first Ride-On
and Self-Follow Smart Luggage This intelligent luggage makes your trip extremely
easy with its different promising attributes That allows it to follow you. Developed to make things easier for you during
your trips, Naucrates follows you on its own And avoids any form of obstacles or bumps
around. Okay, that’s not all; it’s strong enough for
you to ride it with comfortable foot support That withstands up to 120Kg and joystick control
for seamless maneuvering. An integrated fingerprint sensor ensures your
stuff is safe inside the luggage and you can Track it with the GPS. Naucrate features an intelligent alert system
that notifies you when the luggage is 10 meters Away from you and you can bring it back to
you by pressing the “Return to Owner” Button.

You can also use Naucrates to charge up to
3 devices. Securaki Smart Lock The Securaki smart lock is a device that transforms
your door lock into an intelligent one within 5 minutes. It’s pretty easy to install this device, and
you can attach it to any door you have in Your home. Securaki’s biometric scanner allows keyless
and mobile-less access to your door. There is a button above the biometric scanner
to be used to lock the door without the need For scanning your fingerprint. Compared to other standard smart locks, this
smart lock doesn’t require regular battery Changes as its battery can last up to 4 months,
and the devices can be easily charged with A standard USB cable. The securaki app, which is compatible with
both IOS and Android, gives you the total Control to remotely control the activities
going on with your door, such as locking and Unlocking the door. Asides, you can view the history of entry
on the activity log Securaki is approximated to cost 190$ Banala Sense With the intention to help people solve insomnia,
Banala sense was created to assist users in Falling asleep faster and deeper. You know, sleep is really paramount to improving
our mental health and boosting our productivity, So the Banala sense is your go-to guy if it’s
been hard to have a peaceful slumber. Integrated with isochronic sound technology
and smart mini speakers, users get induced To deep rest. Want to know how it works? So, here it is – The Theta Isochronic sound
comes into action first to slowly clear your Mind of worrisome thoughts, then the theta
wave induces you to a deep slumber, and the Delta wave ensures you have enough rest your
body system requires. Banala sense costs 79$ Wallganize An ultra-modern wall organizer that allows
you to throw your stuff on the wall like this And like this. Wallganize allows you to transform any space
on your wall into an organizing system. It could be one of those empty corners around,
the space above your stove or toilet – just

Any free clean wall will do. This will allow extra storage space to keep
your room organized and stylish. Its modular design makes it possible to attach
the wallganize in any design or pattern of Your choice, and a magnetic surface securely
holds without falling. You can also use the wallganize to charge
your phone wirelessly. Wallganize starts from 39$ GPods Gpods claims to be the World’s First innovative
Earbuds With several light controls and modes. With detachable accessories, users can personalize
their light-up experience to match their current Mood, music preferences, or style. A unique digital software system allows complete
control of the lights flowing from the earpod So you can dim, brighten, and control the
rhythm response, shade, and colors to match Your mood and music. The combination of artificial intelligence
and algorithmic capabilities allows the earbuds To adapt to colors or photos you want. Gpods can be controlled with the intuitive
app, that is compatible with both Android And IOS. Priced at 89$, Gpods offers several satisfying
modes. Clmbr CLMBR gives you an effective full-body, low
impact, and high-intensity work out session At the comfort of your home. Clmbr is an at-home fitness machine created
to help users achieve their dream body or Abs right in a room around the house. It features vertical climbing characteristics
and a large-format touch display which can Be used to select your choice of class according
to your desired work out type, music choice, Or instructor preference. The availability of on-demand, instructor-led
classes, makes each session more productive And interactive. While on your favorite workout session, the
High def sound keeps you in the zone, and You can watch your progress through the HD
touchscreen monitor. Clmbr helps to burn down those excessive calories
you’ve been worried about but keeps it fun And engaging. If you decide to change your exercise spot,
it’s pretty simple; the wheels fitted beneath The machine allow you to move it from one
space to another comfortably, and it was designed

To fit most regular indoor spaces. Clmbr is priced at $2799. Revopoint MINI Revopoint MINI is a compact 3D Scanner manufactured
with 0.02mm precision to scan smaller objects. The creators state that the revopoint mini
has 5 times more resolution than ever. The Revopoint MINI uses binocular blue light
technology to project ultra-high-resolution Structured light and achieve maximum precision. MINI is ideal for scanning objects larger
than 10 x 10 x 10mm and smaller than 500 x 500 x 500mm. This broad range makes the 3D scanner ideal
for several professional needs, including Reverse engineering, industrial measurement,
jewelry design, etc. The combination of a high-resolution dual-camera
system and the intelligent algorithm makes Any model scanned to be extremely precise
and detailed. Also, Revopoint MINI includes an impressive
rapid scanning speed of 10fps to get the job Done quickly without sacrificing depth or
color. Revopoint mini approximately costs 436$. Light Repel What can you do to those mosquitoes trying
to ruin your great time outside? The light repels portable mosquito repellant
and uses the power of heat to keep mosquitoes Away from you. Unlike traditional mosquito repellents that
are either too bulky to be carried around Or have very low impact on getting rid of
mosquitoes, light repel makes a difference. Light Repel consists of dual mosquito repellent
pads on both sides of the device. The pads are heated to release the repellent
effect via the fragrance of natural plants That mosquitoes can’t withstand. Priced at 30$, You can charge the Light Repel
with any device through the USB port. Seemagic E2Pro Another recently released innovation by micro
novelty, seemagic E2 pro, neatly trims your Nail to a perfect shape. Seemagic E2 Pro is an Electronic Nail Clipper
built with a sharp metal alloy blade head That offers perfect and safe nail cuts to
users. See magic E2 pro allows you to file your nails
to different shapes and you won’t see your Nails flying around the room. The trimmed nail particles stay in the designated
space in the device so that you can dispose

Of them later with the simple press of a button. Looking like an airpod, the Seemagic E2 pro
is portable and possesses a simple design On the body with ONE button only. A Simple push of the button for a few seconds
powers it; the same button can be used to Control the two adjustable speed modes. Priced at 55$, Seemagic E2 pro operates quietly. Mealztime With mealztime, you can go out all day and
eat your food at your most desired temperature. MEALZTIME is your go-to personal bento heating
device equipped with advanced technology to Evenly distribute heat all through your food
with the need for no wall outlet or an external Power source. Mounted with a 10,000mAh battery, mealztime
can heat up to 4 meals on a single charge. One press of the touch-sensitive button and
MEALZTIME starts reheating instantly. Made from ABS, MEALZTIME is durable, impact-resistant,
and extremely lightweight.

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