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Hi guys, welcome to Future tech. Do you find it hard to keep up with activities going on in your body or do you need a tool that can do most of the work for you while on your adventurous trips? Oh, it could be that you need something for training simulation or you want an excellent speaker that gives you a touch of sophistication. Well, you should be able to find the solution to those problems and many more in this video as I compiled 11 more tech gadgets that are extraordinarily useful to you.

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2:12 Skyroam Solis X
3:00 S Light
3:43 Oura Ring Generation 3
4:28 Adventure Mate V2
5:13 BioLite SolarPanel 10+
5:49 Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker
6:35 Trailmate Cooler
7:15 Amofit S
8:07 Levoit Core 300S

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Hi guys, welcome to Future tech. Do you find it hard to keep up with activities
going on in your body or do you need a tool That can do most of the work for you while
on your adventurous trips? Oh, it could be that you need something for
training simulation or you want an excellent Speaker that gives you a touch of sophistication. Well, you should be able to find the solution
to those problems and many more in this video As I compiled 11 more tech gadgets that are
extraordinarily useful to you. Quell Have problems keeping up with your fitness
exercise? I think you might like this guy as it gives
you the pleasure of enjoying video games while Also exercising your body. Quell’s Fitness Gaming Console creates an
interactive workout session and immerses you In a virtual reality world but before you
know it, you are having fun and exercising At the same time. Even when playing alone, It gets rid of the
possibility of you getting bored of the physical Demands of a regular workout. So, Smash, hit, jump, duck with your Quell
console. Just connect the device to your PC or TV via
Bluetooth and get started. Its Adjustable resistance helps you with strength
training while performing the different activities Available. You can never run out of content as Quell
constantly brings you new updates. Why not bring in your friends so you all can
have a great time exercising and having loads Of fun. Quell costs $249 EKTO ONE VR never looked better, you’re not going to
argue with me. Look at these cool boots right here, that
is the Ekto one VR boots that allow physical Navigation in virtual spaces. You know what that does? It fights motion sickness, distraction, and
learning curves. Now, you can move in the digital world on
your two feet but in the real world, you are Gliding on the same spot within your virtual
space and when standing, it gives you a solid Grip on the floor. When walking, the boot is designed to restrict
your movement just within the VR workspace.

This is the perfect device for training simulations
to prepare workers’ operations and maintenance Routines for hazardous situations. It even supports stairs, ladders, and confined
spaces. In conjunction with a VR headset, the user
feels like they are truly partaking with their Two feet. Skyroam Solis X You might not realize it until now, but everyone
needs a portable multipurpose, and functional Companion to carry about. The Skyroam Solis X is a pocket-sized device
that has a 4G LTE wifi, a remote camera, a Power bank, and a smart assistant integrated
into it. This little device you are looking at can
Connect, send messages, charge other devices, Send an email, track locations, take photographs,
and that’s without SIM. No matter where you are, even in a crowded
public place or at the beach, you don’t have To worry about having a weak signal. Its Built-in 4,700 milliamp-hour power bank
can last up to 16 hours on use and ensure Your phone stays charged while the 8MP wide-angle
camera captures and records your favorite Moments. S Light You can do well to protect yourself better
from unaware drivers who might bump into you When you have to stop due to unexpected problems
posed by your car. The S. Light features a rotating LED display
that produces a high-intensity light that Can be seen even at a farther distance and
also allows different messages or symbols To be projected at the push of a button. Your current situation would determine the
message to be conveyed – you can choose SOS, HELP, the warning triangle, and the arrow
symbol Setting up the S.Light is super quick and
easy, simply attached to a vehicle with a Strong magnet. S light costs 69$ Kindly spare a few seconds to give the video
a thumbs up, and do not forget to subscribe To the channel. Oura Ring Generation 3 It feels good when you can have a little bit
of control of what’s going on in your body. The Oura ring generation 3 translates your
body signal as well as your daily habits into A routine you can use to stay active and improve
your overall health.

Oura measures your heart rate from your fingers,
you know that’s the closest area to your arteries And the perfect spot to get an accurate reading. When switched to the rest mode, your body
automatically prioritizes getting to rest Immediately and also gets recommendations
on the best time to wind down. You also get to Receive personalized results
that will give you a proper understanding Of your overall health and also track your
period. The Oura generation ring 3 costs $299. Adventure Mate V2 This seems to look like a must-have for every
adventurous guy out there that needs a tool That can get most of the job done. Adventure mate V2 is a 5-in-1 tool, it comes
with a Saw, Hammer, Hook, Shovel, and hatchet. Its carbon fiber reinforced nylon blade gives
a more solid and ergonomic grip. You need to chop or split wood? Just get your adventure mate V2. Want to drive something in? The hammer will do that for you. The hook can also come in handy when you need
to open a beer or pull out a tent peng. The patented locking mechanism makes it possible
to change tools and lock them back in. You can changed to the saw blade, the sharpened
shovelhead, or the axe head. Adventure mate V2 costs $285 BioLite SolarPanel 10+ Utilize the sunray to get smart power for
you to charge your gadgets anytime. Biolite Solar panel is a portable solar panel
that gets charged up by drawing power from The sun’s rays. You can power your tablets, phones, or other
devices with the 3200 milliamps hour and 10 Watts of usable electricity. An integrated optimal sundial system aligns
you to directly capture the sunray. Also, a 360-degree kickstand makes it easy
and possible to place the panel on uneven Terrain. Biolite solar panel costs $139.95 LOUIS VUITTON HORIZON LIGHT UP SPEAKER When you hear about the brand name, you should
expect luxury. The Louis Vuitton speaker is what you can
call a combination of functionality and uniqueness. The speaker looks like an irregular artistic
art object designed in Polished and matte

Stainless steel with gunmetal color coating. Its wireless connectivity gets you 360-degree
high-quality immersive audio sessions. When using the speaker, you experience a color
show that synchronizes the 23 LEDs with the Beat oozing out of it. Weighing just about 1kg, it’s quite easy to
carry with you when stepping out. The device can last up to 15 hours of playtime
after it gets fully charged, which takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. This speaker costs $3350 Trailmate Cooler You need to keep your foods or drinks cold
all through your trip, this might be what You’ve been missing. Trailmate is an ultimate cooler you can take
with you anywhere with its telescopic handle Regardless of how rough the ground is, it
glides happily like it was on a paved surface. The cooler can take up to 112 cans but it
has more interesting features such as: Cool riser technology to improve the cooling
performance Lockable water-resistant compartment to keep
some little essentials Suspended interior food basket, Exterior storage
basket to keep more items, cup holders, bottle Openers Trailmate cooler costs $279.99 Amofit S This is the solution you need to fight against
sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety, and worries All you need is to just wear the Amofit S
as a necklace or attach it to your collar Then the magic begins in your body. The unique bioelectronic wearable device transmits
mild electromagnetic signals to the nervous System to improve your overall body. All the device does is improve sleep, stress,
and anxiety by restoring the balance of the Autonomic nervous system and also helps to
encourage healthy aging. It also enhances your memory and creativity
and uses homeostatic autoregulation to restore The internal balance of the body. There are two alternative healing modes you
can opt for based on your current body requirement – The CALM or FOCUS mode which can be switched
by pressing the touch area. Amofit S costs $194 Levoit Core 300S Breathing in sterile air plays a part in maintaining
your health and you can achieve that with

The Levoit Core 300s, a smart, portable humidifier
with a sleek look. By connecting the VeSync app to the Air purifier,
you gain access to clean air and other smart Functions such as voice control to control
the device from the convenience of your seat. The filtration process with this air purifier
takes 3 stages, it Traps smoke, odors, volatile Compounds, and almost all airborne particles,
even the ones in the smallest size possible. Its operation is very quiet, all thanks to
the patented QuietKeap technology. Levoit core 300s cost $149.99. Which one of all the devices mentioned in
the video is your favorite, tell us why it’s Your favorite choice.

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