11 New Gadgets That Will Blow Your Pants Off

We all know that the future is going to be pretty crazy, but these gadgets take it to a whole new level! From a smart ceiling fan that can be controlled by your smartphone to a multi-functional planter that also doubles as a wine cooler, these gadgets will definitely blow your pants off. Welcome to Future Tech.

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We all know that the future is going to be
pretty crazy, but these gadgets take it to A whole new level! From a smart ceiling fan that can be controlled
by your smartphone to a multi-functional planter That also doubles as a wine cooler, these
gadgets will definitely blow your pants off. Welcome to Future Tech. Yelang Hello X3- If you’re looking for a way to take your creativity
with you wherever you go, the Hello X3 is The perfect device for you. This portable and smart pen turns any monitor
into an interactive touchscreen, making it Easy to control your screen on any surface. The data processing speed of 120fps ensures
that there is no latency when drawing, and With 50% more accuracy, selecting small points
and fine lines is easier than ever!. The Hello X3 also comes with a desk mount
so that you can turn your screen into a touch-screen Table or other surface. Simply Attach the device to the upper left-hand
corner of your monitor and use the attached Screw to adjust the tightness. The different colored indicator lights remind
you to charge the X-Pen before it runs out Of battery.The YELANG Hello X3 is available
for purchase for 129$. Carro Smart Ceiling Fan- The Carro Smart Ceiling Fan is the most sustainable
and versatile fan on the market. It can be controlled by any smart home device,
or by the built-in app on your smartphone. You can adjust the wind speed, set the light
to Warm or White, and even schedule timers. The best part is that you don’t need to install
any wall switches. The Carro Smart Ceiling Fan has DC motors
that release less heat, resulting in less Energy loss. The ultra-low voltage motor design means it
can be safely installed by you, the homeowner. So not only will the Carro Smart Ceiling Fan
save you money on your energy bill, but it Will also make your home more comfortable
and stylish.The Carro Smart Ceiling Fan is Available for purchase starting at 192$. CoolAIR- Whether you’re hiking up a mountain or just
enjoying a day at the beach, you can count On coolAIR to keep your drinks and food cold.This
innovative cooler is inflatable, making it Ultra-lightweight and easy to store. It’s also packed with features like a bottle
opener, heavy duty rubber grip handles, removable

Insulated compartment, water drain and much
more. Whether you’re headed to the beach, the park
or on a camping trip, coolAIR is the perfect Way to keep your food and drinks cold.You
can get coolAIR for just 59$!. UPstage180- Looking for a way to relax and fall asleep
easily? UPstage180 has you covered!. This smart little speaker offers soothing
light and sound to help you relax and sleep Better. With its sleek design, UPstage180 fits in
any modern household. You can either place it on the table or mount
it to a wall. UPstage180 has a minimalist design that can
enhance the atmosphere in any room. It comes in handy when you need natural light
for your evening reading sessions. The shell hides a glass speaker driver and
a carbon fiber Twoofer that deliver crisp And balanced full-range sound. These components work together to deliver
a fusion of clear sounds so you can fell asleep Easily and without distractions. Get yours before the limited time offer runs
out. SMISEACOW H1- The SMISEACOW H1 is a universal docking station
that is suitable for use with notebook computers, Desktop computers, mobile phones, and other
devices. It supports 3 expansion screen output ports
for external connection, 3 USB3.0 ports, and A TF card interface expansion. It also supports PD3.0 upstream power supply. The SMISEACOW H1 is compatible with Mac OS/Windows/Android
systems and can be used without DP ALT video Function. If 3 extra screens are not enough for you
work requirements, you can use and connect Two SMISEACOW H1 hubs, effectively expanding
your computer into six extra screens in a Heartbeat. As long as your computer has a full-featured
TYPE-C 3.1 interface, there’s no limit to What you can do with the endless possibilities
that H1 offers. The SMISEACOW H1 costs $200. Nordic D’Luxx Pro- The Nordic D’Luxx Pro is the perfect way to
add a little ambiance to any moment. With its built-in lights and speakers, it
is perfect for setting the mood for any occasion.

Whether it is an intimate dinner outside,
a fun party at the beach, or a relaxing night At home. Made of recyclable material, making it a eco-friendly
choice for your home. It’s also watertight and safe for food contact,
making it even more versatile. Whether you’re looking to add a little extra
flair to your next event or just want to create A more relaxing atmosphere at home, the Nordic
D’Luxx Pro is the perfect solution. Bluebox Co-pilot- Looking for a little help on the road? Check out Co-pilot, the plug and play, self-driving
computer that comes with a host of features To make your life easier. With five cameras providing a 360° view,
Bluebox Co-pilot gives you the peace of mind You need while on the road. The Blue Mechanic feature helps you keep track
of your car’s maintenance and easily identify Any issues. And for those who are looking to maximize
their tax deductions, the MileSaver feature Automatically tracks both on-trip and off-trip
mileage. The Co-pilot has some great security features
that will come in handy if you ever have an Incident. It has a 360 camera that will help you get
evidence and it also streams LTE footage. Whether you’re a rideshare driver, student
driver, or just have a long commute, Bluebox Co-pilot is the perfect solution for you. Revan helmet-mounted dashcam- Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience
that can also be dangerous. That’s why Revan created the smartest helmet-mounted
dashcam on the market. With two 143-degree 1080p Full HD video cameras,
you record everything that happens around You. The HUD, or heads-up display, on the Revan
helmet is positioned in the lower right corner So you can easily see it while riding. It shows you your blind spots in real time,
so you can be confident while riding. The Reevu helmet is more than just a camera. It also has group call functionality, so you
can stay in touch with other riders while On the road. And with the Reevu app, you can share your
rides with your friends and family. The Revan helmet-mounted dashcam is the perfect
solution for anyone who loves to ride motorcycles.

With all the features you need to stay safe
and connected, it’s the only dashcam you’ll Ever need. Minbay- Sketch anywhere, anytime with the Minbay Pixel
Artboard. This all-in-one artboard makes it easy to
create pixel art with the touch screen and Shortcut buttons. With the Minbay Pixel Artboard, you can quickly
create sketches with the touch screen and Multi-color palette. The artboard is specially designed to be ultra-portable
so you can take it with you wherever you go. This ultra-portable electronic artboard is
perfect for children and beginners, with an On-board library of 100 paintings and 3000
steps for each painting. You can also share your artwork with the world
via the pixel ladder app, or export it to Your PC for more creative options. Mawst- The Mawst is a versatile and reliable tool
that is perfect for everyday tasks. With its titanium and aerospace-grade construction,
the Mawst is built to last. The rubber ring on the top of the Mawst makes
it fully waterproof, and the neodymium magnet Inside the attachment holder ensures that
the screwdriver bit and blade are held in Place securely. The Mawst comes with a blade, a Phillips head
screwdriver bit, and a flathead screwdriver Bit, and the universal size screwdriver bit
housing means that you can insert any standard Bits into the Mawst, further extending its
usefulness. The Mawst is the perfect solution for your
daily tasks, both big and small. The price for this product is 29$. JET Pen- The JET is a unique and innovative telescopic
bolt action pen that is compact, addictive, And made to last. With a length of 100 mm when closed, it is
easily portable and can be clipped to a pocket Or bag. The JET unfolds to a full length of 135 mm
when opened, making it comfortable to grip And write with. The deep carry pocket clip and grade 5 titanium
construction make the JET sturdy and durable. The pen is also equipped with a Fisher Space
Pen refill, making it ready for any environment. The JET can also be disassembled for cleaning
and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

The JET price is 97$.

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