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Development Servers in Cloud Computing

Development servers typically don’t have high uptime requirements. If a development server crashes, or is unavailable, it inconveniences the development team, but doesn’t have an enterprise-wide impact. For that reason, the public cloud offers a good option for developers that may need to spin up servers for testing different instances & situations over a short period of time.

Database Applications in Cloud Computing

Private cloud has some advantages compared to the public cloud. Because the I/O can be shared across hundreds of servers and is typically run on lower cost, low speed storage, and private cloud hosting offers an environment where the entire solution can be optimized to the application requirements.

More About the Hardware Keylogger Solution

Do you know what a hardware keylogger is? A hardware keylogger is the ideal solution for checking user activity. The hardware keylogger is an entirely electronic piece of equipment, so no access to the operating system is necessary, no traces are left and software has no chance to detect this device.

Solution for Your Keyboard Issues

Do you have this keyboard problem? Are the characters you have typed wrong? Are your multimedia keys not working? You are experiencing keyboard problems and well, it’s a very common thing so you don’t have to worry much because here’s a definitive step by step guide in order to fix your keyboard related woes.

Fix Mouse Freezing Quickly and Easily

One of the most common problems computer owners have today is when their mouse suddenly stops moving or ‘freezes’. There you are minding your own business, chatting, surfing and playing games then suddenly your mouse stops moving. You frantically try to move it around but it won’t respond, so you just pressed your computer’s power button in order to hard reset it.

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