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Hi guys, Welcome to the Future Tech channel. Just like we bring you regular updates on innovative tech products you can get to assist your daily activities; today is no different. I’ve got a compilation of 8 great tech items we’d be talking about in this video

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2:50 Subnado
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Hi guys, Welcome to the future tech channel. Just like we bring you regular updates 
on innovative tech products you can get   To assist your daily activities; 
today is no different. I’ve got   A compilation of 8 great tech items 
we’d be talking about in this video. I’d also include the price of each 
product we talk about in this video. Let’s get started. The Dareu A900 and the dareu A950 DAREU is a china brand established in 2006; the 
company has been keen on bringing extraordinary   Computer peripherals to its customers. They built two innovative mouse of our   Interest – The Dareu A900 and the Dareu A950. Dareu A900 and A950 are swift and lightweight   Wired gaming mouse weighing 
77g and 88g, respectively.   One sure thing about this duo is that you’d always 
find it comfortable to use, and you’d enjoy a   Stable signal and highly efficient performance. Both the Dareu A900 and A950 support 2.4G and   Double as a Bluetooth Triple Mode Gaming 
Mouse, meaning you can connect three   Different devices separately through the wired 
mode, 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.1, respectively.   The A950 was built with RGB chroma backlit 
that supports macro editing and has seven   Backlight modes plus up to 16.8 million 
colors that can create a great gaming   Atmosphere. At the same time, the A950 is 
Integrated With fast-charge technology,   Which ensures the inbuilt 500mA battery gets 
charged in just 15min to last up to 1-week.   DAREU’s patented KBS button which ensures 
good clicking feeling at every points.   You’d find the A900 in different shades of white 
and black to serve as an additional elegance   To your desk, while the A950 comes in black, 
mechanical blue and cute candy pink colors.   The A950 has an Adjustable range of 6 DPI and 
4 polling rates to ensure high-speed movement,   And it also has Wide Compatibility to 
Perfectly match several Windows versions.   The two Dareu mouse will be sold for 
$89.99 each when it starts selling. Click the link in the description 
area below to purchase. AnkerMake M5 3D Printer The AnkerMake M5 is not just a typical printer;   And it prints 5X faster with 0.1 mm 
precision compared to other printers. A built-in AI Camera Recognition 
system helps your prints stay on track   And makes it possible for you to print 
from anywhere with multiple devices. Along with the regular Marlin processor, 
the M5 comes with an extra XBurst CPU in   Intelligent 3D printing to track your print 
and ensure your model fits your design.

The AnkerMake Slicer analyzes the 3D 
data of the model before printing begins,   Then the AI Recognition System uses the powerful   XBurst CPU to continue checking and 
comparing all through the process. The power boost also helps to achieve a 
high-speed precision printing process. You can enjoy a real-time viewing and check the   Progress of your print when you 
want through the AnkerMake app. Ankermake M5 costs 599$ Subnado I guess you can say this is an 
underwater scooter in its best form. The Subnado is an advanced portable underwater   Scooter with a 14.9-inch 
cylindrical aluminum body. Its 500 watts electric motor provides 
thrust up to 6.5 kg to give room for a   User weighing up to 65 kg to travel 
at a maximum speed of 1.4 meters. The airline-approved 98 Wh lithium-ion battery 
lasts up to 56 minutes of use after a full USB   Charge of the battery. You can also use 
the battery to charge other devices. The Subnado is attached to the user’s 
forearm via a strap-on quick-release mount   And is controlled via a hard-wired remote, 
which is worn around the index finger. You can also screw an expansion ring 
onto the front of the scooter to provide   Attachment points for cameras, 
lights, or other accessories. If you decide to use two Subnadoes,   You can mount one on each arm for an 
increased speed of 2 meters per second,   Or you mount the device underneath any watercraft 
where it will serve as an electric-assist motor. Ofuzzi H8 Apex For a spotless cleaning process,   This might be your best choice with its high 
suction power to rid your floor of any dirt. The ofuzzi H8 Apex is a lightweight and 
compact vacuum cleaner that delivers a   Mighty suction power to tackle even 
the most stubborn dust and hair. You can either opt for the high or low mode, 
and you can connect different heads on what   You Are about to clean – including pet hair, 
stairs, tight corners, sofas, and thick carpets. On a single charge using the provided USB-C cable, 
you can use the Apex vacuum for about 30 minutes The extent of the portability makes it very 
convenient to hold the device with one hand. A sizeable 120ml dust canister avoids the 
stress of having to keep emptying the vacuum. It was designed with a double 
Filtration System which can   Filter out 95% of all particles 
to ensure efficient cleaning.

The ofuzzi H8 apex costs $79.99 Kindly take a moment to smash 
the like button and subscribe   To this channel so you won’t 
miss out on any of our videos. Pentagon OTF The SOG Pentagon OTF is a sturdy 
knife built for hard-use duty. It features a 3.79-inch flat-ground 
plain double-edge spear-point blade   Made of cryo crucible particle 
metallurgy stainless steel with a hard,   Wears, and corrosion-resistant 
stealthy matte black PVD coating Titanium nitride protects the 
blade and provides lubricity. The handle is CNC machined from aluminum and 
hard coat anodized. The handle also features   Good contouring and textures that provide 
a comfortable and solid non-slip grip. The machined micro-texture surface 
provides the right amount of grip   In the right places without putting your 
hands at risk or wearing out your pocket Pentagon OTF is also integrated 
with Dynamic Locking System blade   Lockup to prevent the blade from wiggling around.   It also ensures that the blade moves 
quickly to the open or closed position. This device coast $349.95 Néit Everyone needs a functional suitcase that fits   All of your travel essentials 
while offering you convenience. Neit is a Smart, revolutionary Collapsible 
Luggage designed with durable Polycarbonate   And features an aircraft-grade aluminum 
frame for extra protection for your stuff. One of its best features is its collapsibility, 
which reduces the case to just 3 inches;   You can hide it under your bed or couch. The collapsing mechanism saves space, 
and even the carabiner-style handle   Enables you to hang the luggage when not 
in use, hence, keeping it out of sight. Being a GPS-enabled suitcase,   You can track and locate your luggage 
anywhere in the world via the travel app. The app can also serve other purposes such as 
storing your boarding pass, booking additional   Flights and hotels, checking the status of your 
flight, mapping your route from the airport to   The hotel, and finding out location-specific 
tips on things to do at your destination. Neit costs 248$ Govee Glide Hexa Let your space become lively and 
animated with the Govee glide hexa,  

An RGB display that utilizes a moving spectacle 
of light and colors to bring your vision to life. When in Music Mode, turn the sounds of your music   Or games into a harmony of flowing 
light that vibes to every sound. With a unique transparent shell, 
the panels will glow onto the walls,   Adding a fluorescent sparkle 
to the room and gaming decor. It is pretty easy to install the Govee glide Hexa;   The back adhesive easily sticks to smooth 
wall surfaces such as glass, wood, and so on. There are 28 Preset Lighting Effects 
you can select from using the Gover app.   From the energetic scene effect 
to rainbow, fire, and aura. Govee will cost you $169.99 Iconicle Iconicle is an Apple Watch Dock designed to be 
compatible with each of your favorite straps. Iconicle is suitable for Nightstand Mode, meaning 
when the watch dock is placed on a table surface,   It allows you to check the time at 
night by tapping or knocking softly,   Even at a far distance. This is achieved because of the 
high sensitivity of the dock to   Vibrations around any surface it’s placed on.  Built from a solid block of aluminum coupled 
with a weight of 340g, it is easy to resist the   Magnetic force of the chargers and let it firmly 
hold on to the table without fumbling around. Its 40mm height renders it absolutely 
perfect when placed underneath your monitor,   So you can always keep your 
Apple Watch in front of you. Iconicle costs 63$ I know one, two, or more gadgets 
must have caught your attention;   Which one of them can you not wait to get. Kindly share your thoughts, comments, 
and ideas in the designated box below.

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