8 Mind Blowing Gadgets And Inventions 2022 | You Must Have

Sandy Bridge

Intel has been busy over the year, and like Santa and his helpers they developed a truly amazing gift. Sandy Bridge incorporates GPU CPU and memory controller on the CPU. The anticipations will be fulfilled, as tests have shown, AMD will have plenty to worry about.

1 TB Laptop Hard Drive Buyers Guide

The 1 tb laptop hard drive (1 terabyte) is a extremely massive amount of space to have on one hard drive, in a laptop. It’s a bit more common to have them in a desktop where it’s very roomy and technology doesn’t have to be shrunk down for size and redesigned for heat distribution. 1 terabyte literally means 1,000 megabytes of space.

Mac Book Cover – No Damage To Mac Book

Mac notebooks are highly precious and many people really love to get one. This can be considered as one of the most powerful laptops by all means with regards to the performance.

How To Ensure The Long Life Of A Laptop Charger

A laptop charger can be regarded as the most important accessory for this gadget because the battery life cannot be restored without it. More often than not, we neglect to care for our battery chargers and basically put them on any kind of surface. Quite often, this practice might result in damages if not initially resolved.

Enhance Business Productivity With a POS System

Unlike a traditional cash register, a POS system offers tremendous advantages to your retail or restaurant business, including enhanced productivity. Smart business owners are constantly searching for new ways to improve business productivity, from purchasing the latest computer systems to launching exciting employee incentive programs. But what if there was a way to improve productivity by purchasing one product? If you own a retail or restaurant business, one of the best ways to do just that (almost overnight) is to purchase a point of sale system.

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