9 Coolest Gadgets and inventions You’ll Want to Buy Right Now

Photo Printers and Accessories – How To Find The Best One For Your Needs Every Time!

There are literally a ton of photo printers on the market today, so with all the models supposedly saying they are the best how does one go about finding the right one for their individual needs? Well, that’s actually the key to the whole thing is determining your individual needs. You don’t give a hoot about what the guy down the street needs his photo printer to do, you need to determine what your needs are and go shopping just for those.

Fix Mouse Issue Easily

Having issues with your mouse? Are you at your wits end because whenever your mouse acts up, freezes or goes out of control, you just restart your computer only to find it acting up again a few minutes later. Many people also share this problem so here is your savior, just follow this quick and easy guide and never again will you have to worry about your mouse.

Get Mouse Troubleshooting HERE!

You’re busy fragging your friends online on your favorite First Person Shooter game. When all of a sudden, your cursor doesn’t respond. You’ve been killed many times by your friends while you’ve been busy trying to find out what happened. You have a problem with your mouse.

New HB LED Sets the Bar at 1 Lumen Per Penny

Engineering and Sales have reason to rejoice over Seoul Semiconductor’s new STW8Q2PA device 1/3 Watt SMT LED which sets the bar at 1 PENNY per LUMEN! Rated at 100 mA typical forward current and Vf of 3.2 V typical, the 2600-3700K (warm white) devices produce about 25 Lumens and the 3700-7000K are about 27 Lumens typical.

How to Reduce Costs With HP Used Servers

As many businesses and data centers expand, so does their need for reliable IT environments and equipment that allows them to meet customers’ and clients’ growing expectations. However, a difficult economy can present big challenges, as tight budgets force IT managers to reevaluate their inventories and find effective ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality or service. Buying used and refurbished equipment, such as HP used servers, can greatly reduce costs, as long as the equipment is reliable and fully tested.

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