9 Crazy Gadgets And Inventions 2022 | You Must Have

AMD Bulldozer

Bulldozer is the AMD’s Answer to Intel`s Sandy Bridge. Well, not exactly, it is more so a poor man’s 12 core beast. What does this all mean? It means that the retailers will be offloading masses of merchandise as if it had cooties.

Ruggedized Computers Designed for Maximum Performance

The industrial panel PC is designed to provide exceptional computing in the harshest of conditions. Ruggedized computers are used in multiple arenas and are known for their high-speed, long-lasting productivity. The indoor/outdoor PC is used in multiple arenas. Find out more about this powerful all weather units.

Extend Notebook Battery Life Easily

How annoying is it when your laptop’s battery turns low in the peak time of one’s work? It could lead to many complications within your work and could even lead to losing important data. Here are few tips how to extend your laptop’s life.

Benefits of Using Branded Memory Sticks

Known as “flash drives”, USB memory sticks come in many different shapes, sizes, and most importantly, storage spaces. Today, a quality USB flash drive, no bigger than a few inches in length, can store as much as 8 GB of data. And with the speed of technology, this figure is sure to be obsolete shortly after the writing of this review. Also, USB flash drives are “plug and play” as well in most cases.

Cisco IADs – A Great Voice Strategy

I was talking to a friend of mine over the holidays who installs for a large telco. His platform includes several Cisco IADs that are currently in service and mostly the IAD2430 series.

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