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Hi guys, welcome to Future Tech. Have you always wished you could have the option to explore the virtual world most naturally? I’m sure you’ve heard that some speakers are water-resistant, but have you seen one that resists total immersion in water for hours? How about a decorative solar lamp with the option of printing your own design. Stay tuned while I blow your mind with the 9 Incredible Tech Gadgets on my list for today’s video.

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Hi guys, welcome to future tech. Have you always wished you could have the
option to explore the virtual world most naturally? I’m sure you’ve heard that some speakers are
water-resistant, but have you seen one that Resists total immersion in water for hours? How about a decorative solar lamp with the
option of printing your own design. Stay tuned while I blow your mind with the
9 Incredible Tech Gadgets on my list for today’s Video. Turtlebox Gen 2 With the motivation to provide a genuinely
waterproof speaker to the public, Turtlebox Designed the Gen 2 as the perfect solution
speaker for everywhere use. Turtlebox Gen2 possesses a very loud, crystal
clear audio quality; aside, it is portable For convenient carrying around and thoroughly
rugged. Turtlebox Gen 2 also has a wide and easy-grip
handle made of over-molded super-tough nylon To offer bombproof capabilities to various
users. Just by the front and center, you have access
to the control panel for easy access and improved User experience, and you can Charge your phone
from your Turtlebox with the USB-C output. Turtlebox Gen 2 costs $399 CoreCap Stating to be the world’s first integrated,
customizable bike computer, CoreCap perfectly Fits into your bike’s steerer tube. The corecap automatically turns on to start
recording your ride, so If you want to know How long the ride was or need help finding
your favorite new trail, this is the guy for You. The intuitive mobile app connects with your
CoreCap device for absolute control over all Its features. The app saves all your activities and stats
always to access your riding history. It is integrated with Strava to allow you
to upload your ride directly to your profile And also speak to other riders from all over
the world. You can as well discover new places to ride
with the Core cap’s turn-by-turn navigation. With its bulletproof design, the corecap is
ready for any challenge. Corecap is approximated to cost 253$, and
it is super easy to install. KAT Walk C2 The C2 by Katwalk is a second-generation personal
treadmill for immersive virtual reality seasons. Now, you can run as you do in real life and
access more locomotion-free physical actions.

C2 provides users with 360 degrees of natural
movement and exploration in the VR world, But you are still at the same spot in your
room. The C2 supports and enhances your entire VR
experience all day through, from the moment You set off for your virtual adventure till
the moment you return. There is no limit to the games you can play,
as the C2 features universal compatibility With most or all of your favorite games with
your headset. Priced at 998$, C2 gives you room to let you
travel around their virtual world in the most Natural way possible. Anzene Energy Block Anzene Energy block is an amazing power station
designed to be waterproof and offers an excellent Backup power supply to users during outdoor
activities. Not just outdoors, though, its detachable
modular design provides convenience for you To use both indoors and outdoors. Just lift the battery block, and you can use
it anywhere. The outer metal casing is responsible for
the fireproof, dustproof and waterproof characteristics To resist adverse situations or immersion
in water for some minutes. This power station is compatible with most
of your devices or gadgets, so you get to Charge your electronic devices like your smartphones,
laptop, cameras and others. Even devices powered by USB or DC outlets
are covered with the Anzene energy block. With an 8000mAh battery that gets charged
in 2 hours, you have enough power to satisfy Your daily needs with massive output capacities. The Anzene energy block can be charged with
solar panels or with energy generated from Cycling at home. The plug-and-play design also makes the Anzene
energy suitable for power e-bikes. Anzene energy block costs 199$ Totcooly Totcooly lab offers a quick cooling/heating
solution with the totcooly 3 in 1 personal Air conditioner. It provides climate control, cup heating or
cooling and air purification at a time. This means you can always keep your drinks
cold or warm within minutes so you can enjoy Your drink at the best temperature. Totcooly works seven times faster than a refrigerator
and uses a thermoelectric cooling system to Transfer heat from one side of the device
to the other. It draws in the heat from one side, and the
radiator inside cools it down, sending it

Back out the other end to provide you with
a comfortable environment to work or relax. Other exciting feature is its portability
and how well it works without making an atom Of noise. The device also uses ION generation to help
filter dust and other toxic components in The air to increase the overall quality of
the air that surrounds you. Zilios Zilios is definitely the next generation of
outdoor lighting. Zilios is the first lamp of its kind as an
elegant 3D printed solar lamp that you can Print yourself or maybe buy in its ready form. Zilios draws attention with its unusual, unique
shape, which seems to be inspired by the beauty Of nature. In fact, it’s safe to say the lamp doubles
as beautiful home decor. With its solar panel and powerful LED, Zilios
offers intense light with 300 lumens. It takes one day to charge the lamp using
the solar panel, or you could opt for the USB charging option. The lamp is as well waterproof with an IP55
rating. The lighting is dimmable, so you choose the
brightness level that matches your needs. Its removable lithium-ion battery was designed
to last for a very long time. When it’s dark, the lamp automatically turns
on and turns off at sunrise. To create your own design, get the Zilament
made from crushed oyster shell or Linen to Give the filament a unique texture and color,
then a solar panel and 3D printer. Zilios approximately costs 63$ TREWGrip Looking at the TREWGrip mobile keyboard, you
might be confused as to what it is and what It’s used for According to the developers. The trewgrip is simply a handheld “rear-typing”
device and air mouse for your mobile technology, Smart TV and desktop. Regardless, it still maintains the use of
the popular QWERTY keyboard layout, just that The keyboard is split and rotated so the hands
gripping the device can also perform multi-finger Entry. In addition to this, the mobile keyboard gives
a visual response to the user when typing. It comes in the form of LED lighting that
lights up every time a key is being pressed. HyperCube Nano

The HyperCube Nano is an infusion of art and
technology to offer users a beautiful lighting Interaction. This sleek and portable gadget brings infinite
light and inspiration to any space. The HyperCube automatically cycles through
new patterns and 3 modes every minute – Kaleidoscopic, Meditative and sound reactive. According to the company, Each pattern is
custom-crafted to emphasize the symmetry of The cube. The hypercube is sound reactive – meaning
it reacts to respond to sound or music around It with the 30 unique patterns. These patterns use a microphone and its advanced
reactivity to analyze musical lows, mids, And highs to create infinite ultra-responsive
audio-visual variety. You can control the color, speed, symmetry,
and other features through the intuitive HyperSpace App. With USB-C power, the HyperCube Nano can be
easily plugged into your laptop or a standard Cell phone battery pack. 150$ Que Totepack Just one bag fitting into everything – To
travel, for work or for the gym. The que totepack is the guy for the job with
its 3-in-1 adaptability feature. You can wear the bag in three different ways:
over the shoulder, as a backpack, or in your Hand. It has a built-in padded compartment for a
16 inches laptop, and you don’t have to worry About your other stuff. There are also organizer pockets to arrange
all of your essentials. A hidden front pocket gives you free and easy
access to what you have in it. Designed with maximum versatility in mind,
the que totepack has a hidden insulated pocket With magnetic closure for keeping your water
bottles. The padded shoulder strap can also be adjusted
to your convenience. Priced at 109$, the totepack is water-resistant
and has an additional keychain.

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