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Hi guys, welcome to Future Tech. Thinking of a gift to get for yourself or a gift to your loved ones? In this video, I have a list of 9 Incredible Tech Gadgets that are worth every penny just like this smart adjustable table that combines the functionality of a charger, freezer, and led lights. You can even create holographic images in your room with this novel product. I’m convinced you would like this combined projector and speaker and Even this intelligent wearable mini mouse that gives versatile power to your fingers. Let’s get started.

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Hi guys, welcome to Future tech. Thinking of a gift to get for yourself or
a gift to your loved ones? In this video, I have a list of 9 Incredible
Tech Gadgets that are worth every penny just Like this smart adjustable table that combines
the functionality of a charger, freezer, and Led lights. You can even create holographic images in
your room with this novel product. I’m convinced you would like this combined
projector and speaker and Even this intelligent Wearable mini mouse that gives versatile power
to your fingers. Let’s get started. Meeda This right here is a next-generation innovative
table packed with many smart features you Can never imagine in a table. Its unique design is flexible to be used outdoors
and indoors, and it has adjustable legs. The table was built to be strong and rugged
enough to withstand both favorable and unfavorable Weather conditions. It has both a built-in wireless charging outlet
and fast-charging USB hubs to conveniently Power up your phones, laptop, and other smart
devices. Need a cold drink? Very well, there is an integrated freezer
to keep all your food and drinks at a cold Temperature all the time. Mounted with two Hifi Bluetooth speakers,
users can enjoy loud music connected to their Phones. There are several other impressive features
like the built-in cup holder, solar energy Panel, When going on a trip or need the table in
another location, the carrying case makes That way for you. This device cost 480$ Vanzy This is a smart and sensitive wearable mouse
that makes your work easier and encourages More productivity. Use the gesture mode to do more things like
picking up a call during your morning jog, Adjust the volume by just flicking your fingers
clockwise or anticlockwise without bringing Out your phone, control your favorite shows
while cooking, and do many other possible Things.

Your presentation just got a lot better as
this serves as the tool you need for precise Controls with your fingers, even from a distance. Use the device to play your games or create
content or take pictures without the hassle Of going back and forth or stretching your
hands. It’s quite easy to switch from the gesture
and mouse mode; just double tap, and your Favorite mode is up. The waterproof device won’t get affected even
under running water. Priced at 79$, the device allows you to customize
your key mapping using the app. Nomvdic X300 Ever seen a projector that doubles as a speaker….. Well, here is one for you. This is a 2-in-1 device that allows you to
explore more possibilities for having a high-resolution Projection of rich audio sounds with its innovative
technologies. Equipped with an impressive 10,000 mAh built-in
battery, the device lasts up to 6 hours if Used to play music with the built-in Harman
Kardon speakers and 3 hours of projecting Your favorite movies and if you need an extra
time, feel free to connect to a power bank. It supports ultra-fast 5 Gigahertz WiFi, Bluetooth
connection, and wireless mirroring for a seamless Projection period as you mirror your video
on a wider screen. It would cost you 899$ to get this. Nurvv Run If you’ve been looking for ways to run faster
and better….. Here you have it. Strap it on your shoe like this to see a more
significant difference in your performance. The device promotes your daily performances
with the intention to help you safely boost Your runs. With two insoles and 32 precision sensors,
the sensor measures each step and stores the Results to be used in recommending more effective
ways to improve better, telling you the parts To focus on the most. When you are ready to go for that run, Simply
insert the comfortable, lightweight insole Into your shoes. Then, strap the tracker behind your shows
and Connect the app so you can see real-time Feedback on your activities and progress. The same app also gives you access to real-time
conversations with professional coaches worldwide To help you improve whether you are working
outdoors or indoors.

Priced at $299.95, it lasts more than 5 hours
and is suitable for all weather. Hollider No one would think they can get holographic
projection right in the comfort of their house Without being a tech guru. This portable transparent projection screen
changes all that, as it turns zoom chats into Holographic contents where you can create
your own music or holo shows. It projects high-quality images, and those
with black backgrounds look more amazing, Creating a ”floating in the air” effect. The frameless holographic projection screen
performs efficiently when used as an additional Monitor to your PC or laptop that are compatible
with projectors. This device cost 179$ Noxgear 39g With the ongoing trends about how dangerous
or uncomfortable earphones can turn out to Be along the line, this tiny speaker was created. Named after its weight, 39 grams, this was
said to be the tiniest and lightest speaker You can clip to any of your clothes or gear
to take it with you anywhere: the built-in Spring and magnetic clip help achieve a more
secure attachment. Playing your favorite music or podcast with
this tiny speaker offers a rich, natural audio Sound with a battery life of more than 12
hours. The easy-to-operate Bluetooth device automatically
connects with your phone immediately after You switch it on, and its sizable tactile
control buttons make it easy to adjust the Volume, play, or pause the sounds. When you have a call, feel free to pick up
or end the call by pressing a button and start Talking hands-free. Made from rugged materials, the speakers can
withstand all conditions and can be taken Along during activities like running, cycling,
or hiking. This device costs $79.95 Tiny Pump 2X Who could think this tiny-looking device would
be equipped with so much technology and power. It features the latest AIRVORTECH technology
to offer a rapid and effective air inflow To inflate your several items like beach balls,
kayak, and several other inflatable items This tiny pump has 3 distinct and useful features
like the air pump, vacuum pump also has a Camping lantern- When going on outdoor trips,
this is one of your best companions to improve Your experience further.

The included camp lantern has 8 bright adjustable
LED bulbs with three brightness settings. Weighing only 96 grams, you can conveniently
take this multi-purpose tool with you anywhere In your pocket or backpack or use the hanging
ring to hang it somewhere. This tool serves other purposes, such as helping
you save up storage space by deflating air From vacuum bags so it can fit better in your
travel bags. Your fire not burning as you want it to? Use this to pump more oxygen into the bur,
so I to cr create a bigger one, and you can As well use the pump to get rid of the dirt
on your sensitive devices. Just pump the air to blow it away This is approximated to cost 33$. Curva Pen Writing has existed for ages, and the need
for better solutions to avoid ink smearing Your hand or feeling uncomfortable while writing
keeps on arising. The pen encompasses elegance, functionality,
and flexibility in writing. You have more control over your writing instrument
to adapt it to the style that can meet up To your expectations. It is more interesting that this pen puts
both rights and left-handed writers into consideration So each individual can write using what works
best for them. The unique curved nib assists in switching
to any side to clearly see your writing. If you’re facing gripping problems, the pen
offers you the perfect ergonomic hand grip For added comfort and improved productivity
without smudging your hands with ink This device costs 25$ Sidekit Every day, you carry stuff like keys, earphones,
bills, and much other stuff that becomes too Much to fit in your wallets, and you end up
cluttering your pockets. Now you can organize your things better with
a more extensive and versatile casing. All your essentials will fit in in the case The modular design will hold your keys, cards,
bills, mints, and gums. With a small length but a thickness similar
to that of a regular wallet with curves at The edges to facilitate easy entry and exit
into the pocket, you can carry it with you Anytime you go out……. It’s convenient. There are a few accessories you can use to
organize your things…… Just like the divider that allows you to section
your personal items, the money clip to secure

Your bills, and the detachable card wallet
to hold cards. Made from High-Grade Recyclable Polycarbonate,
this organizer is more rugged and stronger Than regular wallets around you. This is priced at 79$.

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