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Hi guys, welcome to Future Tech If you’re ready to let computer thieves run out of business, then you might need this device, or maybe you would love this smart gaming lens that gives your eye all the control you need for your games. I guess you wouldn’t mind trying these smart glasses to bring a more extensive screen right in front of you. You know what? Just stick to the end of this video to get your mind blown with today’s list of cool gadgets you should consider trying out.

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Hi guys, welcome to future tech If you’re ready to let computer thieves run
out of business, then you might need this Device, or maybe you would love this smart
gaming lens that gives your eye all the control You need for your games. I guess you wouldn’t mind trying these smart
glasses to bring a more extensive screen right In front of you. You know what? Just stick to the end of this video to get
your mind blown with today’s list of cool Gadgets you should consider trying out. Rog Smart Lens The ROG smart lens gives your eyes control
over your game and eliminates the need for A different eye tracking device. The built-in eye and head tracker tracks every
movement you make to ensure you enjoy a more Immersive experience while gaming. Now, you can easily adjust the system settings
with your eye without needing to alt + tab Or take your hands off the mouse. You can as well set up to 10 customized shortcuts
or tweak other settings by just winking your Eyes. When the game is on, the blue light filter
automatically adjusts the colors to reduce Eye strain and protect your eyes. Feel free to configure the settings using
the Armoury Crate to adjust the retina’s color, Intensity, shape, and pattern to match the
game on your screen. Equipped with privacy features, you can mute
voices from other people to avoid distraction And enjoy a peaceful gaming session. The smart lens also comes with a fast-charging
case that doubles as a cleaning compartment For the lens after use. TCL NXTWear Air Grab that, and be extra with the intelligent
NXTWEAR TCL glasses that allow you to explore Wider and more convenient screens for work,
movies, or games. The combination of a 140-inch OLED screen
and high-quality stereo speakers brings that Immersive cinema-like feeling to the comfort
of your room. Weighing just 100g, the smart glasses can
be carried with you to adapt to your daily Lifestyle. Its foldability and rimless appearance with
a sturdy frame give it a touch of the urban

Vibe. Simply connect a USB cable to your smartphone,
tablet, laptop, and other compatible devices, And you are ready to transport into the virtual
world. But that doesn’t mean you become oblivious
to the real world, No…… The transparent display panel gives you total
privacy, but at the same time, you can see The real world. This is priced at $899 SuperMini GO Stay connected wherever you are, as you can
now wirelessly recharge your iPhone 13 pro Within minutes; just snap the supermini Go
on your phone to start recharging. Not just that, it is all compatible with smartwatches,
Bluetooth headsets, and wireless earbuds using The X-Charge mode. Its 10,000mAh rechargeable battery delivers
20 watts of power to your devices while charging. The power bank can be fully charged within
three and half hours, and it supports pass-through Charging such that you can charge the power
bank and your devices. At the same time, the LCD screen displays
the remaining battery percentage so you can Always stay updated. Priced at 39$, the Power bank doesn’t take
up space in your pocket or bag and doesn’t Give a bulky appearance. LapLok Include more flexibility to where you can
remotely work with your laptop, but how about Securing it in case you need to grab something
while working in a crowded space quickly. I guess you can use this pocket-sized laplok
to protect your computer from theft. No matter how hard or smart they try, the
device will always send a blaring alarm to Notify you and grab the other people’s attention. Only you and those you shared your security
pin with can gain access to your device. There is also an alternative option to secure
your bags. This device costs 48$, and it’s easy to install
or instantly take off. Duvoss Going for that big trip outdoors but don’t
want to miss out on quality Audio sounds? Okay, you should try this. The Duvoss portable speaker is very convenient
for you to carry about as your perfect companion Wherever you go. It eliminates the need for bulky speakers
and tangled cables as its built-in 5 watts

Speaker delivers high-quality, crisp sounds
on the go. The speaker is waterproof, dustproof, and
shockproof, so you have nothing to worry about Even by the pool. You enjoy booming audio sounds for about 8
hours or more on a single charge. Just attach it to your bag or throw it into
your pocket and…. You’re good to go. Priced at 79$, the speaker is easy to control
with just four simple buttons. Yaber V10 This projector features advanced bidirectional
Bluetooth chips for steady connectivity and Stereo surround speakers to offer users a
seamless experience while using the device. It has built-in dual-band 5G Wi-Fi, so you
can easily mirror contents like movies, videos, Photos, and games from your smart devices
onto a bigger screen. Yaber V10 also helps your work run more efficiently
as the projector supports Microsoft Office And PDFs so you can have smooth, bright, and
clear presentations. $289.99 EasierHike Alpha Pillow You deserve more comfort the next time you
travel with this Easierhike alpha pillow. The inflatable pillow comes with two arms
of unequal length that wrap perfectly around Your neck, and the long arm gives room to
set up a phone holder so you can watch your Favorite shows or movies en route to your
destination. Inflating this pillow is easy and doesn’t
require you to blow out all your breath; a Single breath towards the large opening and
the funnel-like film is enough. At the same time, a magnetic seal ensures
no air escapes or leaks. Made from soft, breathable lycra materials,
you are sure to feel warm comfort through Your contact with the pillow and can be used
to relax on your work table. Done using it? Simply open the seal, press it down to allow
the trapped air to escape from the pillow, And store it for next time. Priced at $36.90, the pillow comes with a
sleep mask and a pair of earplugs to create A quiet environment for your sleep. PodChain Pro It can be a little frustrating when your airpod
suddenly gets disconnected due to a low battery, Or you don’t feel like carrying the bulky
charging case around, but it becomes a lot More fun when you can wear its charger as
a neckpiece.

The pod chain pro is an alternative to keep
your AirPods going throughout the day, with No need for an external bulky charging case. Simply hang the stylish high quality rope
on your neck to keep listening to your favorite Music or podcast. To charge, just clock in the AirPods to the
charging sheathing with the built-in secure Magnet and touch the panel to start the transfer
of power. On a single charge, the charging system keeps
your AirPods going for at least 16 hours of Playtime. Hydrade Water is one of the essential parts of man,
but how do you know if you are taking enough As needed by your body? Here is something to help. The hydrade smart water bottle automatically
syncs to your mobile devices via Bluetooth To give you real-time feedback on your water
activities and hydration level and donates Safe water to those in need accordion to your
intake level. The double-wall insulation also ensures to
keep your beverages at ice-cold temperature For 22 hours and hot for 13 hours. Made from 100 percent BPA-free and recyclable
materials such as stainless steel, the water Bottle is safe to be used by adults or kids
and eco-friendly. Compared to other smart bottles, hydrate was
equipped with advanced technology and unique Drinking sensors that detect whether you are
drinking the water or just pouring it out To your favorite pet. Mounted with unique solar power cells, the
bottle automatically recharges when it detects Any form of light.

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