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Hi guys, welcome to Future Tech. Today’s video will show you a few gadgets that you really need to decompose waste in your home safely or to take you on a very long ride without worrying about running out of power. There are more gadgets to instantly cool your drinks and give you more effective lighting when outdoors. Just stick around to the end, and don’t forget to mention your favorite.

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ouTask Telescopic Lantern

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Magnito Mouse

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Cavdle WasteCycler

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Mokwheel Basalt

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Plett Backpacks

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Hi guys, welcome to future tech. Today’s video will show you a few gadgets
that you really need to decompose waste in Your home safely or to take you on a very
long ride without worrying about running out Of power. There are more gadgets to instantly cool your
drinks and give you more effective lighting When outdoors. Just stick around to the end, and don’t forget
to mention your favorite. OuTask Telescopic Lantern When outdoors, this device safely lights up
your way with its super powerful lighting Capabilities. Its portable design offers more convenience,
and you can easily stretch or collapse the Lamp to the length of your choice, all thanks
to its telescopic structure. When fully collapsed, it forms a simple cylindrical
shape that you can easily grab with one hand As you move forward or just pack it up in
your backpack. The lamp brightens up a larger area of your
way so you wouldn’t have to worry about darkness As you go. Using the magnetic design, you can firmly
attach the device to any surface of your car, Ship, or other carrier. The combination of its waterproof capacities,
rugged, and stability makes it your perfect Guy to withstand all weather conditions with
you. The device cost 99$, and it comes with an
integrated tripod foot for better stability. Magnito Mouse Combining a remote and a mouse will definitely
change your ways of doing things and improve Your productivity. It adds more convenience to how you pack up
for when going to work or traveling with your Work stuff with its super portable design
and more fun to control your computer. This detachable Bluetooth mouse uses a built-in
neodymium magnet to grip onto the magnets Inside your tablet and also snaps to your
laptop without damaging the internal drive. Easily switch from the mouse mode to the remote
mode within seconds. With this magnetic mouse right with you, there
is no chance of losing your mouse or forgetting To bring it along with you when stepping out. That incredible magnetic force makes sure
that Magnito doesn’t fall off, even when You’re moving or shaking it. The magnetic mouse will cost you 33$.

Cavdle WasteCycler This innovative device was created to give
you a better and safer way to dispose of waste Without harming the environment and your health. With its ergonomic tilt design, this can sit
perfectly on a table in your kitchen or somewhere Around the house to eliminate food waste. Pour in peels, bones, cartons, coffee grounds,
leftovers, and degradable plastics, and switch It on to start decomposing the materials. It comes equipped with an intelligent grinder
that uses ultra-high temperature to sterilize The materials and a three-powerful filter
system to decompose the wastes effectively. Its operation is quieter than most household
appliances; you can sleep without having your Sleep disturbed. When it’s done, bring it out to use as homemade
organic fertilizer to keep your plants healthy And happy. A child lock feature stops it from running
to protect your child from the grinding part Of the machine. Without realizing it, you are saving the world
in a way. This would cost you 239$ GPD WIN MAX 2 Housed in an all-metal body made of aluminum
magnesium alloy, this handheld gaming PC provides An ultimate gaming experience wherever you
are. The apple-inspired unibody design is enough
to take your breath away…. I mean, the design is breathtaking. Built-in 4-channel smart amplifier and 4 super-linear
speakers create that immersive surround sound Experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Comes with the latest AMD/Intel processor
and a Highly efficient cooling system to keep Up with 100 percent efficiency. There are also different useful USB ports
for your headphone jack, HDMI 2.1, micro SD, And other necessary expansion. When you are ready for some action, the magnetic
cover allows you to easily switch between Using the laptop for business and fun while
providing a more convenient and safe orientation With its 10.1-inch ultra-narrow bezel display
featuring passive eye protection. This is priced at 999$ and the built-in 67-watt
hour large-capacity battery can last up to 5 hours of continuous gaming Mokwheel Basalt

With claims to be the world’s first All-terrain
Ebike integrated with power station technology That lets you charge your devices at any time,
this device eliminates the worry about your Devices or gears running out of power while
you are on long trips. Thanks to its 960 watts hour battery, you
get reliable power back up wherever you go, But that’s not all; in combination with its
750W brushless motor and high torque power, You would enjoy an extended range of ride
on a single charge of the removable battery. With the best grip and mechanical stability,
it will carry you over the steepest terrain Thanks to its adjustable suspension and fat
tires. You can never be disappointed in power as
much as you have this bike with you; it comes With extrasolar charging panels to constantly
recharge the bike or other portable devices When the battery is down. This is priced at 1799$ and comes equipped
with multiple charging ports ranging from AC wall outlets, type C to DC ports. Cooly Feel fresh even under the hot sunny weather
by just attaching this device to your clothes As you go jogging, fishing, camping, golfing,
or wherever you are. The hands-free clip-on design makes it more
convenient to enjoy a rush of cold air from A portable while using your hands for other
productive things. Just clip it on, and the top fixation clip
will hold on to your cloth to allow an adequate Noiseless airflow between your skin and clothes
to rapidly cool down the temperature and blow Away all your discomfort. Featuring a 4000mAh battery, the portable
fan will serve your needs while outdoors, And you have the option to select the best
for you out of the 3 wind speed levels. This is priced at 49$. Sleephoho Lack of enough sleep complicates the health
and even leads to less productivity in your Daily activities, With this device, your sleep is about to become
a lot better. This Sleep Robot helps you to develop a healthy
sleep pattern by picking up information about Your current sleep status and combining that
with its integrated technology to activate Better sleep features for you. It automatically adjusts the room temperature
to the optimal status. It induces a natural sleep by activating its
smell and sound sensor to provide you with The soothing effects of relaxing music, white
noise, and the sound of nature.

Mosquitos? The device has an internal mosquito repellent
that chases away the blood-sucking insects From your sleeping area. In addition to all of that, it awakens you
feeling healthy, energized, and prepared for The day by inducing a natural increase in
melatonin secretion in your body through the Use of ultrasonic aromatherapy. This gadget costs $129 and includes a 3D Hi-Fi
Bluetooth Speaker so you can play music. IceFox Think of how frustrating it can be to have
hot drinks or melted ice while on a picnic With your friends; That’s not going to happen again; this game-changing
portable wine chiller features patented icicle Fast cooling technology to instantly cool
down your drinks to the perfect temperature With just the press of a button. Now, you no longer have to wait hours to get
your cold drinks, and it maintains the temperature For a long time while the built-in smart cap
shows your drink’s current temperature. The device costs 199$ Plett Backpacks If you love outdoor adventure but wouldn’t
like to miss out on your gym activities, here Is the gadget for you. This durable, high-quality backpack offers
a more innovative way to pack up your gears. It can fit most of the stuff you might want
to take with you on a simple trip, but when It’s time to get some action, take out all
the contents to fill the bag with sand, water, Or pebbles. What do you need that for? It instantly transforms the bag into a kettlebell,
dumbbell, or weighted vest to keep your body Fitness in check even when outdoors, maybe
on a beach. I guess you can say it’s a portable gym
for your travels. This device cost €69

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