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What do you think about a highly functional speaker with an unusual and luxurious design or a multipurpose outdoor power station that gives you absolute power control in a backpack? Hi guys, welcome to Future tech. In today’s video, I will be showing you 9 crazy tech gadgets that are worth buying right now.

TreSound1 Hi-Fi Speaker
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What do you think about a highly functional
speaker with an unusual and luxurious design Or a multipurpose outdoor power station that
gives you absolute power control in a backpack? Hi guys, welcome to Future tech. In today’s video, I will be showing you 9
crazy tech gadgets that are worth buying right Now. TreSound1 Inspired by the beauty of the mountains, the
designers and engineers at Trettire came up With a unique speaker embedded with a mountain
shape design. Tresound 1 boasts an immersive 360-degree
surround sound capacity thanks to a connection Created from neodymium magnetic tweeters and
full-range speakers. For an elegant-looking but highly functional
speaker, the company sourced high-density Wood to achieve a completely handcrafted wooden
structure that fulfills the standards of HiFi Acoustic chamber design. The shape and size of the cone-shaped speaker
were made to be perfect for emitting rich And booming bass with a low frequency to ensure
users enjoy a pure, natural, and layered sound. Tresound 1 supports Qualcomm CSR aptX 5.1
Bluetooth connection for high-quality audio. With the company’s many decades of HiFi
tuning experience, the speaker is expected To be of immersive HiFi sounds coupled with
an interactive experience due to the soft Glowing LED lights. Enjoy 50% Off the Tresound1HiFi speaker on
Indiegogo now: Ranger Hikerpower A backpack with so much function and a 3D
rainproof cover is definitely a great concept By the designers. Claiming to be the world’s first backpack
power station with solar charging panels, RANGER is the perfect answer for you to stop
transporting multiple power stations at once Due to the device’s combination of a power
bank and power supply. Mounted with AC and DC outlets, The RANGER
can charge multiple devices simultaneously; It also has a cigarette lighter outlet, 3
USB-A ports, one USB-C port, and a creative Side plug AC outlet to ensure you get the
best experience in terms of outdoor power Supply. Compared to other outdoor power supplies,
The Ranger can accommodate food, water, and Cloth and is perfect for 3C products, drones,
cameras, GoPro projectors, and bikes. At the same time, the battery provides 600Wh
and 1000W of stable and sufficient power backing. For safety, the backpack is designed with
lights for easy navigation and flashing signal

Lights to indicate your position or call attention
in case of danger. Priced at $699, you can use the external hook
hanger for larger sleeping bags, tents, yoga Mats, or solar panels. Syncwire Magta SYNCWIRE recently released an ingenious wireless
charging station, the Syncwire Magta. Magta is a true all-in-one magnetic dual-sided
charging station with four magnetic wireless Charging modules to fast charge all your devices
at once with a power output of 68 watts. With multiple arrangement variations, You
can decide to stack each module vertically Or spread them out horizontally while charging
your smart devices. A USB charger base that acts as the expandable
charging base and multiple wireless magnetic Modules make it the perfect charging solution
for your home, office, or mobile use to ensure Your phones, laptops, earbuds, Apple Watch,
and many other USB-enabled devices stay charged. With detachable modules, The sticky magnetic
ring offers a snap adapter for 15 watts of Wireless charging for any Qi-enabled phone
models such as Android, Google, and older IPhones Priced at 125$, syncwire magta also offers
20 watts of wired charging for smart devices. Comma 2.0 The Comma 2.0 is an all-in-one handy fidget
spinner made of high-quality stainless steel, Titanium, and brass to make it more eye-catching
than ever and achieve more extended durability. It has numerous unimaginable features, such
as a regular spinner with 7 types of front Panels and 3 types of back panels that are
attachable to your fidget toy. Designed to be very easy to change for DYing
sake, the accessories can be transformed into Variants of toys that always match your mood
anytime – You can decide to go for a more Challenging level by adding a ball to the
micro maze feature, and it also supports board Games. Featuring a circular back panel which is an
Everyday carry tool, the comma 2.0 serves As your circular ruler with a clear measuring
scale. With two haptic clicks that allow you to adjust
the device, you get to control how strong You want the haptic feature to be. Comma 2.0 approximately costs 55$. Kindly spare a few seconds to smash the like
button. 8bottle 8bottle is an American tech company focused
on developing smart water bottles; one of Their recent releases seems to be the definition
of full functionality and futuristic technology

Packed in a compact body. It is simply an intelligent water bottle made
with high-grade stainless steel to ensure Pure taste with no flavor transfer, and it’s
equipped with the company’s personalized Dynamic hydration tracking that helps track
your hydration level throughout the day. It comes with an intuitive app that helps
track your daily water consumption and other Metrics to keep your body in check. The LED display of the bottles gives you a
visual view of how far you have gone in achieving Your daily goal target and battery life percentage. 8bottle can be charged wirelessly, and the
battery lasts for up to 15 days of use on A single charge. 8bottle is priced at $99 DnaBand With varieties of food in the market, it’s
essential to know which food is good for our Body when grocery shopping; how can we go
about that? DnaNudge is a British DNA testing company
that has released a series of products that Helps each individual know how to live according
to their unique genetic material. They just developed a first-of-kind product
that enables users to make better choices When shopping with its integrated on-the-spot
genetic analysis, which breaks down the content Of the product and compares the compatibility
with your body system and gene. As a user, you scan the barcode on a product
with the DNA-enabled wristband device for Accurate reading and receive an immediate
Green or Red indication as to whether a product Is recommended, based on your unique DNA makeup. Made with leather materials and strap, It
boasts perfect fitting for different wrist Sizes with optimum comfort for long-time wear. TIPEN 3.0 Measuring just 6cm, the TIPEN 3.0 is the smallest
EDC pen that was given a minimalistic design To make it almost invisible to people around
unless you bring it out to use. Its portable size also makes it possible to
carry it in your wallet, on your neck, add It to your keyring, attach it to your backpack,
or even the zipper on your cloth. As a rugged and powerful tool, the Tipen 3.0
was made of brass and high-quality grade 5 Titanium to make it durable, while the tip
is made of brass ceramic. Yes, it’s a pen, but it’s not just writing. The silicon carbide ballpoint tip can be used
to easily open packages, as well as lids, Cans, and more.

Tipen 3.0 costs 25$ Nitecore Weighing just 10 kilograms, Nitecore is a
Portable but powerful Air Conditioner you Can carry with you anywhere and at any time. This compact AC requires no permanent installation
as you can carry it around and insert the Dual hose for installation at an instance. Nitecore also features an ergonomic design
for an easy and firm grip. Priced at an approximate cost of 614$, the
Nitecore is the perfect AC to enjoy high cooling Power during camping or other outdoor sports Trexo Slider Trexo Innovation claims to be producing the
world’s first compact camera slider with the Fastest motion, high power, motion control,
vertical operation, shareable presets, Timelapse, And other promising features. Compatible with smartphones, DSLRs, and mirrorless
cameras, This device will definitely give Videographers or content creators high leverage
and convenience. You can set the parameters that match your
satisfaction on the intuitive Trexo app, while The Trexo flex arm and ball head give you
more positioning options. To use, set the Trexo Slider by hand and select
your starting and finishing points; you can Also move the slider from one point to another,
adjust the speed of movement or take the movement To a loop without a mobile phone. Depending on the angle that works perfectly
for what you are about to do, the trexo slider Can also be used to take incline shots by
switching it up to incline mode. Its built-in 3250mAh battery, which can be
used on all electric devices, promises to Be reliable, but you can combine it with a
power bank for endless hours of use. Trexo slider costs 355$

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