9 Tech Gadgets You Can Buy Right Now

Hi guys, Need flexible ways to always use your phone hands-free? Oh, it could be that you need adequate support to prevent pain from lying down. Besides, you need to see a storage bin truly made from plants. Well, I guess you should get ready for the extraordinary gadgets in this video.

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Hi guys, Need flexible ways to always 
use your phone hands-free? Oh, it could be that you need adequate 
support to prevent pain from lying down. Besides, you need to see a storage 
bin truly made from plants. Well, I guess you should get ready for 
the extraordinary gadgets in this video. Double Hold The double-hold is a multi-functional strap phone   Holder and carrier designed to always 
be with us anytime and anywhere. If you have the double hold phone 
holder, you don’t need a desktop or   Wall, meaning you can use it hands 
free. When you need a phone stand,   Simply convert the double hold to a phone 
stand so you can enjoy your movie at any angle. Its Innovative hinge design makes it easy 
to take out and put in your phone quickly,   And the quick-release buckle design lets you 
comfortably get in and out of the holder.   At the same time, the Built-in 
magnets securely hold your phone. Featuring a convenient cardholder,   The Double hold allows users to store 
and keep their credit cards neatly. There are multiple ways to wear the double 
hold- As a sling bag, as a chest holder,   Or hanging tightly from your belt. Either way, you 
can always view your phone’s content on the go. With the Double hold, you can now use 
your phone from the POV perspective   Or record hands free while walking, 
running, cooking, or doing other chores. Nano Key Biometric Nano key biometric is a quick one-touch 
access biometric scanner with high resolution   And can be mounted anywhere to 
ensure your safe is secured. It can store up to 20 fingerprints for secure 
access and features a range of up to 20 feet. Nano key has a Built-in rechargeable 
lithium battery that provides 3 months   Of standby time on a single charge 
and can be recharged in 2.5 hours. Priced at $84.99, the nano key is Compatible 
with RS Series, MX Series, VT Series,   And Slider Series of safes. Bolt 2 Walking alone but feeling someone 
is trying to sneak onto you,   The TASER Bolt 2 energy weapon is 
your defense option at that moment. Bolt 2 is the newest civilian self-defense 
device that can help you establish up to   15 feet range of safety and up to 30 
seconds of full lockup on an attacker. Pairing up with the Axon Protect app,   You can rapidly alert emergency 
dispatch when your device is fired.

When shot, the device Immobilizes 
an attacker for up to 30 seconds,   Giving you the chance to flee the scene in safety Priced at $449, the company promises to replace 
it free of charge if truly fired in self-defense. Nyx With the motivation to revitalize the afterglow of   The old Nixie tube that shined in the 
last century, smart solutions came up   With the Nyx as a more fashionable and 
adaptable version of the Nixie tube. The Nyx watch supports wireless 
charging and gets activated immediately   If you strap it on and raise your wrist 
or press manually to activate the display.   It automatically detects your wrist 
gesture when you need to check the time   And lights up in the ancient light of 
industry in the order of Hour and Minute. The watch’s display screen is made from 
anti-scratch and splash-resistant material so   That you can be assured of no flaw on the screen 
or the watch being affected by water splash. The company claims to use genuine IN16 Nixie 
tubes, and the watch uses a gyro sensor to display   Time and save power. By removing the current 
limiting resistor, Nyx can accurately recognize   Whether the Nixie tubes are lit up or not and 
lower the voltage transiently. The technology   Enables instantaneous high voltage generation, 
luminous state tracking, and timing function. 383$ Prone Cushion Sure, you lie down almost every day, simply 
because it’s a more muscle relaxing position,   But you need the proper support to ensure lying 
down doesn’t become uncomfortable for you.   This can cause strains on your shoulders 
or neck and pressure on the elbows. With claims to be the world’s first cushion 
designed from the ground up for lying down,   The prone cushion helps correct your 
posture and relieves stresses on your back,   Neck, and shoulders at once. The human body’s natural shape 
inspired the designers; hence,   They came up with the prone cushion to conform to 
your body and support every inch of your torso. Featuring a patent-pending 
ergonomic design with the   Intention to offer support 
to your entire upper body. The prone cushion also helps to correct your 
body posture and works towards restoring the   Natural shape of your body with its 
multi-layered memory foam structure. The Prone Cushion has 140 unique cooling air cells   For increased breathability & swift airflow 
to keep you cool and prevent overheating. The prone cushion costs 129$,  

And it is lightweight for you 
to carry about even on travels. Welli Bins Yes, plastic storage is important to 
keep your things organized, but you can   Consider the welli bin if you are looking to 
purchase eco-friendly and sustainable items. Welli Bins is said to be the first-ever 
plant-based, waterproof storage bins Compared to other fossil fuel-based containers,   These bins are made from a blend of 
sugarcane and other renewable material   And then strengthened by strands of cellulose from 
leaves and tree bark. The base material is also   Carbon-negative since the sugarcane plants help 
consume CO2, reducing carbon emissions and waste. Welli Bins are easy to clean; they resist water, 
so you can wash them with soap and rinse them   As much as you like. You can even disinfect 
them with household chemicals and UV rays. The durable biomass material used in 
producing the welli bin keeps them flexible,   So you won’t have to worry about them 
getting damaged while you’re on the move   And the lightweight design 
makes them easy to carry around. Welli bins cost 59.99$ each. Photonix Multi-Tool As an effective landscaping power tool, The 
eco-friendly Photonix 3 in 1 multi-tool Product   Comes with 3 interchangeable saw attachments 
and is integrated with advanced technology,   Which allows you to lock on the 
attachment of your choice effortlessly   By just popping off the one you are 
not using, and switching to the next. The battery-powered Photonix multi-tool packs the 
power of 3 to 4 different powerful tools without   Releasing toxic fumes, harmful emissions, 
and excessive noise into the atmosphere. The multi-tool features an 8-inch bar length 
which makes the chainsaw attachment extremely   Convenient to use for cutting weeds and branches 
or reaching tight spots regular chainsaws can’t. Also, it comes with a circular saw that can easily 
cut through metal, concrete, wood, and plastic,   Depending on the type of blade you choose. In 
contrast, the reciprocating saw attachment covers   Tasks well beyond landscaping while still staying 
eco-friendly and harmless to your surroundings. Hushme Classic Ever been caught in a situation where you needed 
to have personal communication through your phone   But couldn’t because there were people around you. Exactly! It can be annoying. The hushme classic might be the guy you need. 
It is a personal acoustic device that protects   Speech privacy when speaking on the phone 
in open spaces, offices, and public places. Hushme has three modes: 
normal, passive, and active.

In the normal headset mode, Hushme 
connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth,   And you can use it as a hands-free headset while 
speaking on the phone or listening to music. In the passive voice muffling mode, Hushme is 
locked over the mouth using magnetic coupling.   This prevents people at a distance of up to 3 feet 
from deciphering your words, while the sensitive   Built-in microphone ensures your speech is 
transmitted to the other end without distortion. Priced at $299, hushme classic 
has a size-adjusting system that   Allows any user to set up the right 
size of the mask to fit their face. $229 Infini Infini is a desk toy designed for users who 
like to take a moment to fidget and focus. Infini has unique functions with 
a lot of features to fidget with;   You can click, swipe, press, 
roll, friction, and knock. Made to be compact and lightweight, 
infini easily fits into your pocket. Priced at 29$, Infini Is made of 
material that feels good to touch   And is durable for long-term usage.

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