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The Helping Hand Of Robots

When hearing about robots, most people think about Robocop or The Iron Man, that is mostly about characters from famous books and TV shows. And that is because in most people’s minds robots must bear resemblance to man and his physiognomy.

The iPad Accessory Market Is Growing

The number of iPad accessories on the market is growing. Learn why this is happening.

Photo Printing With Inkjet Printers

Many people like to print their photos and treasure the tangible evidence of a special event or moment. So what should you look for in an inkjet printer to get those prints…

How to Update Asus Drivers

If you recently got yourself an Asus product, or if you’re having problems with it, downloading the right drivers for it will definitely help you. Be it a motherboard, broadband, graphic card, notebook and many others, it would need the right drivers for it to function properly.

How to Mod a Test Laptop Into a Touchscreen Laptop

Manufacturers want you to try out the test version of their products before they hit the market. This is to reduce and debug any potential glitches in both the software and hardware, but a free test laptop is kept by the tester, becoming their property. This means that you can do anything to the laptop, and the manufacturers want you to do anything. They want you to test the limits of their machine with your software, and work the internal hardware to create something totally new. It is important to note that once you’re a part of the testing process, you should practice good testing skills and provide feedback.

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