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The smart humanoids’ race: Elon Musk will create his own advanced artificial intelligence for the Tesla Bot, and OpenAI will make a humanoid robot to incorporate the GPT-5 in it! Google’s robots are getting smarter, China is developing robotaxi services at a breakneck pace, and the robots have been brought back to the NYPD after all. These and other high-tech news in one video!

00:00 In this video
00:31 Elon Musk will create AI and OpenAI will create robots
02:30 New robotaxi concept Didi
03:15 Yangwang Dancing U9 supercar
03:56 Cruise recalls 300 robotaxis
04:32 Cybertruck giant janitor
05:01 NYPD brings back robots
06:55 Disney unveils new robot
07:53 X-Sight Helmet Display
08:39 NASA to create Space ROS
09:03 Google teaches robots to sort waste
10:13 Digit failed SEALs
10:38 Ingenuity records
11:25 Sanctuary AI showed robots telecontrol system
11:58 Robots are taught human movements
12:25 KIMLAB Show

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[Music] Elon Musk will create his own Advanced Artificial intelligence for the Tesla Bot an open AI will make a humanoid Robot which will incorporate gpt5 Google's robots are getting smarter China is developing Robo taxis at Breakneck speed And robots have once again returned to The NYPD this and other high-tech news All in one video Elon Musk has decided to fight the Development of GPT in his usual manner By creating his own artificial Intelligence Enterprise The xai company has already been Registered and thousands of gpus for Training the generative model have been Purchased All That Remains is to find additional Investors and Developers Now interestingly enough the name xai Echoes the new name of Twitter Inc which Is now x-corp now some commentators Believe that the new name reflects Musk's desire to make the app as Multifunctional as possible like the Chinese WeChat to use it for payments Taxi orders food delivery and other Services others speculate that x-corp Will become the parent company for musk Other projects namely XI and SpaceX Now it's also worth mentioning that at The same time that musk announced his

New investment plans openai shared news About their investment in general Purpose humanoid robots so in the Upcoming race xai will potentially try To create an advanced AI for the Tesla Bot while openai will be working on a Universal humanoid vessel for chat GPT The company has shown interest in Robotics before it designed its own Robot hand which can recognize objects By touch and manipulate them Recently open AI invested about 24 Million dollars in One X Technologies we Told you about them before although back Then they were halodi robotics the Company already has its own humanoid Robot Eve with a wheelbase That robot is quite capable but it still Lacks a pair of legs for greater feature Variety And it's these very legs that are Supposed to be created with the Investment money the new bot has already Been named Neo will be able to see Neo On legs this summer the creation of a Dexterous humanoid robot powered by a Strong AI will have enormous Consequences including dramatic changes In the labor market and enormous profits For investors such potential rewards are Attracting more and more developers and Investors Foreign Which already owns a robo taxi service

Has unveiled A New Concept it's a level 4 euron drone a self-driving taxi whose Main feature is a robotic arm for Picking up passengers luggage Robo taxi isn't China's only drone Service for example there is also a 24-hour Robo taxi service in Shanghai With autonomous vehicles autonomous Parking charging and washing China is truly ahead of the curve in This domain but judging by the video This is more of an experiment than an Optimized service for now at least [Music] Byd a Chinese car manufacturer has Presented a Supercar equipped with an Intelligent body control system the four Engine Yang Wang dancing u9 is claimed To be able to dance ride on free wheels And even jump byd's disa system is Similar to the active suspension systems On state-of-the-art cars by Porsche and Mercedes-Benz it helps reduce body roll Handle difficult off-road situations Reduce aerodynamic drag and improve Driving efficiency Dsas includes three levels an Intelligent damping body control system An intelligent pneumatic body control System and an intelligent hydraulic body Control system [Music] Cruz is recalling 300 Robo taxis due to A minor collision with a bus the company

Investigated and found that the robo Taxi failed to break fast enough and Crashed into a city bus that had slowed Down in front of it The accident was caused by an error Related to predicting the movement of Articulated Vehicles like the bus Involved in the Collision The taxi successfully predicted the Actions of the front end of the bus and Reacted to them accordingly but failed To assess the real position of the rear Section the company is urgently working On updating its drone software Let's finish the car segment of the Video with some cyber truck news A drone spied on the Tesla Factory in Texas and filmed cyber truck with a huge Windscreen wiper Full-scale production of the electric Pickup truck is supposed to start this Year so the footage features the final Or near final version the wiper looks a Bit strange but it seems functional What do you think about it let us know In the comments The New York police departments have Brought back their robots To recap earlier some sections of the Public were outraged by the use of the Robots and the police had to Decommission them However a couple of years later two Digidog robots Are Back In Action

Digidog is a variation of the spots Robot modified for the police it's Designed to work in conditions that Could pose a threat to people helping Them carry out their duties for example By checking dangerous areas In 2020 and 2021 the NYPD used digidog To scout premises where armed men were Potentially hiding by bringing the Robots back into service City officials Went against public opinion However authorities believe that in Situations threatening human life it's Better to use robots and that ignoring Progress is an overall bad strategy So in addition to the robo dogs police Will get the guardian HX from starchase A portable launcher that shoots GPS Tracking tanks at vehicles The police will also have the K-5 ASR Machine by night scope which is Described as a fully autonomous outdoor Security robot The latter along with robo dogs will Also be used for intelligence gathering Dear friends subscribers and viewers of Pro robots YouTube channel we are Pleased to inform you that after a long Struggle our YouTube channel has been Monetized again and we are preparing to Resume the release of new videos in the Same amount we want to thank everyone Who supported us in this difficult Period Elsa if you like our content and

Want us to release more videos about Robots artificial intelligence and other High-tech news you can support us on Patreon you will find more information In the description below this video We look forward to seeing you again and Your feedback on the new format See you soon Disney has presented its new robot the Developers admit that their goal was not To make a reliable or accurate machine But to establish an emotional connection Between the robots and the viewer the Robot's movements are quite unstable but That's even better as when it falls it's Supposed to be as cute as possible and Bring out the personality of the robot The idea is that failure is simply A Variation of the norm rejection is Expected and even pre-programmed this Was the philosophy behind the robot Designs for their previous projects the Most challenging part was combining Durability flexibility thoughtful design And acute appearance in addition it Should be easy and inexpensive for the Robot to recover from particularly nasty Falls Engineers also developed a simple Interactive software interface for the Robot that allows the user to set key Poses and sequence them taking into Account the physics of the robot Elevate America has introduced the

Excite helmet display which enhances Helicopter Pilot's Vision exide can be Worn over a standard helmet and receive Data from external cameras sensors Radars lidars databases neural networks And other sources The helmet is claimed to give the pilot 360 degree visibility as well as Enhanced Vision in darkness Fog rain Snow and sandstorms In addition the Pilot's field of view is Augmented with a constantly updated Stream of data on both flight conditions And the world around him the developers Try to provide Pilots with the maximum Amount of information while reducing Their workload Whether they succeed or not we'll find Out if the helmets are implemented Unstructured Robotics and motive Space Systems have teamed up to create a Unique product for NASA it won't just be An open space assembly and Manufacturing System the companies will develop space Ros an operating system for robots Certified for space flight it'll be used To create various robotic space Applications with manipulators and more Google has taught these robots to sort Waste with the help of deep Reinforcement learning which includes Two stages First real world training at Google Offices and special training classes and

Second simulation training The task wasn't simple 23 robots had to Look for trash in the office recognize It find the trash bins and figure out Which one to put it in Had to do this as quickly as possible The success rate grew along with the Accumulation of data and is currently at 84 percent It took about two years to achieve this Result reinforcement learning allows Robots to learn complex behaviors by Trial and error getting better and Better over time Google believes that this is the best Method to teach robots to adapt to a Changing world the company's Engineers Have previously taught their robots Complex skills such as playing tennis Picking up objects and multitasking Where robots perform complex commands by Understanding and breaking them down Into smaller tasks In total the researchers run 540 000 tests in classrooms and 32 000 tests In three Office Buildings with 30 Collection sites Agility robotics has treated us with a Funny cat video or rather with the Updated digit robot which is being Promoted as a near-ready commercial Version of a Smart Warehouse assistant But it doesn't seem to be a very good Worker because in the video the robot

Clearly slacks off and wants to chat Instead of working No digit you should work so people can Rest On April 19 2021 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Scout went down in history When it made its first powered Controlled flight on another planet It has exceeded the expectations of its Developers and recently celebrated its 50th flight on Mars Now that's 45 more flights than had Previously been expected NASA recently shared their statistics Altogether Ingenuity exceeded the Expected total flight time by 1250 Percent And the expected flight distance by 2214 percent By the way NASA is already developing The second generation of Mars Helicopters which will be much bigger And more powerful We can't wait to see them in action Sanctuary AI has long been intriguing Everyone with its videos of robots Capable of the most delicate and precise Manipulations Recently the company presented the Robot's tele operation system in the Video description the researchers Explained that the robots have free Control modes directly piloted by people Operated by people using pilot assist

And supervised by people while using the Robot's built-in autonomous control System to observe assess and act on Tasks well we're waiting for examples of At least semi-autonomous performances Navalabs is collaborating with Researchers at career University's Robotics laboratory to conduct a study That aims to teach robots human-like Movements For this purpose Engineers have Developed the ambidex robot whose joint Structure resembles that of a human The idea is to make robots as similar to Their owners as possible including their Emotional perception skills to Facilitate robots becoming commonplace In our homes Engineers at kimlab the kinetic Intelligent machines laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign held a great Performance at the University's open House We've already shared with you some of The elements of the show in our videos Now it's clear what the guys were Preparing for If you're as passionate about robotics As we are Subscribe to our Channel like our videos And stay tuned for more high tech news Thank you

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