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Skateboarding enthusiasts, get ready for a thrill ride! Welcome to our channel where we showcase the coolest skateboards, you’ll want to ride.

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Wowzers, check out this glow-in-the-dark skateboard! And what's this? A tiny RV, you say? This skateboard looks like something from
a Robot Wars episode! Get ready for a wild ride, 'cause we've got
all this and more for you in today's video! Yiiboard- Are you ready to have the ride of your life? Then the Yiiboard is for you! With a powerful 400-watt brushless hub motor
and an impressive customized rotating front Wheel, you'll be able to deftly navigate your
way around the skate park, parking lot, or Any other area you choose. Not to mention, it only weighs 13 pounds and
has a range of 18 miles on a single charge, Giving you plenty of time to shred it up! And don't let the inconvenience of foldable
handlebars and complicated folding mechanisms Scare you away – simply hop on, and the intuitive
design will self-balance like a bicycle, allowing Cheater-shredders like us to look like pros! Plus, it's so portable you can bring it with
you on your next bike ride or local commute! Grab your Yiiboard and get ready for the wildest
ride of your life – you may never want to Get off! MetroboardX- If you're a delinquent who loves to disrupt
traffic and annoy Karens, you're going to Want to check out this skateboard. It's metal! It's got red anodized trucks and a drop-dead
stunning carbon fiber deck. The MetroboardX has everything you could possibly
want – and then some. More speed, range, power, deck, and, most
importantly, reliability. Not to mention that it is customizable via
an open-source program. And it's all wrapped up in an incredibly beautiful
carbon fiber deck that's clearly been developed From the ground up. Moving about on the MetroboardX is much easier
than your average skateboard. It can also accommodate riders weighing up
to 300 pounds. If you look at the Metroboard deck structural
design, you'll notice that it's built to withstand A lot of weight and stress. It's a little on the expensive side but more
than makes up for it with robust quality!

Zetazs- No, this skateboard may look like it came
straight out of a science fiction movie, but It sure won't leave a path of destruction
behind it! The Zetazs Mini Electric Skateboard is so
much cooler than that. It's like having your very own limousine service,
except there's no driver! With its safe braking and flexible controller,
it'll take you wherever you need to go, in Style! Plus, it's tiny size and small weight make
it easy to transport, just like a tiny little Chauffeur you can carry in your pocket. And it reaches speeds of up to 15 mph, so
you'll get to your destination in no time. Plus, the LED lights will surely get you noticed
as you cruise along! Hop on the Zetazs and you'll be zipping along
in no time! XTND- Is your mama always hassling you to stay away
from skateboards because they're "too dangerous"? Well, tell mama that the XTND electric skateboard
is here to save the day! This AI-powered board is designed to keep
you safe and stylish, even when you're getting A little lazy (we all do it). XTND will learn how you ride and make adjustments
to maximize performance and battery life, So you can stay on the road for longer. Plus, it will track your normal routes and
propose alternative ones that can be more Efficient or better for the board. And once the sun goes down, the lights on
XTND will turn on automatically, making you The brightest star in town. Now, if your mama says you still can't ride,
just remind her that the XTND is the smartest Skateboard in town! YX One- Alright, you think you've seen it all when
it comes to skateboards, right? Well think again, because this ain't your
average board! This thing is a total game-changer. Seriously, what IS this? Forget electric skateboards, the YX ONE takes
it to a whole new level. You can cruise to work, race up sand dunes
and tackle slopes that would throw even a Mountain bike for a loop. This three-wheeled nightmare is powered by
a 1.5 kW peak motor and has a top speed of

40 km/h (25 mph). The two smaller front wheels help with steering
and a grab handle ensures stability, so you Can lean harder into the bends for maximum
thrills. Look, we all know there's a certain billionaire
vigilante out there who would love to get His hands on this thing. Let's cut out the middleman and just call
it the Batboard – 'cos this is something straight Out of Bruce Wayne's personal collection! Ungoverned Vendetta- This isn't even a joke at this point! This thing is a borderline snowboard. I mean, just look at the sheer magnificence
of that thing! Heir apparent to the Scarpar powerboard (only
the OGs of the skateboarding game will get That reference), it has a skateboard-style
deck on which the user may just leap and ride Away. What lies beneath the deck, though, is what
distinguishes the design, giving it a twin-tracked Articulated tank appearance. Vendetta is pushed by internal drive brushless
hub motors located directly within the driving Rollers. The motors are powered by a swappable central
battery pack, which has a run time of roughly 40 minutes based on a rider weighing 75 kg
(165 lbs) traveling at an average speed of 25 kph (16 mph) over a flat course. The vehicle can easily traverse even the most
difficult terrain because to its puncture-proof Tracks, and it has a top speed of 50 kph (31
mph). Pretty rad, huh? Track 1- This skateboard design is so outrageous, it's
like a mini tank! It's a marvel to behold – you won't believe
your eyes! The developers have outdone themselves with
this one, that's for sure! This board is the perfect companion for outdoor
adventurers who never know where their wildest Dreams might take them! With Track 1, you can shred on asphalt, sand,
snow, or dirt – the possibilities are endless! Track 1 is the perfect board for those searching
for an efficient way to travel, whether it Be commuting to work or exploring the great
outdoors. This board is designed to provide an easy
transition from a hands-free electric board

To a literal borderline utility vehicle, making
it suitable for both adrenaline junkies and Those who need to navigate tougher terrain. Not only will you be travelling in style,
but you'll also instill fear in onlookers With this formidable machine! It's a win-win situation! Linky- Yippee! Now let's look at the Linky, the most adorable
electric longboard on the market! This board is honestly a total game-changer,
and it's totally worth the price. Not only is it super lightweight and easy
to transport, but it even comes with its own Bag! If that wasn't enough to make you swoon, it
has the same sweet flex that all longboarders Love. It'll help you ride down those steep hills,
through twists and turns, and across campus In style. Plus, it has a super speedy brushless DC motor
that can reach speeds of up to 30 km/h or 18.6 miles per hour! So, while it may not be the fastest around,
it's still plenty fast for a good ol' time. Now let's get out there and ride! Slopedeck- Are you looking for a new snow toy to take
to the slopes this season? Check out the Slopedeck Snowskate – a unique
and nimble board that glides effortlessly Across a range of snow conditions, giving
you the surf and skate-like experience you Desire. This board features a maple-cambered deck
that is similar in size and feel to a skateboard, And the Morphteck foundation allows you to
carve tight turns with amazing control in All conditions. It also has a robust yet lightweight, closed-cell
polyethylene foam spacer that creates a narrower Running surface one inch below the deck, preventing
snow from accumulating between the deck and The base while reducing shocks and improving
edge control. Grippy, intuitive, and smooth – the Slopedeck
Snowskate is all you could want and more in The snow! So, which skateboard left you absolutely floored? Let us know in the comments below and don't
forget to give us a thumbs up and hit that

Subscribe button. Until next time, peace out!

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