Dots Vs Pixels – Which Is Which?

No one is an expert in every field, and many of us are not experts in technology. Constantly changing and always moving forward, one can often feel as if he is left behind. Fortunately, there is always ways to improve upon our knowledge base. For instance, have you ever wondered what is meant by a dot or pixel?

Plasma TV Cabinet for Outdoor Digital Signage and Backyard TVs

Plasma televisions have been on the decline for several years. The more popular LCD TVs have taken over most of our living rooms and are also ubiquitous in the digital out of home sector (Dooh). However, following advances in plasma technology, the introduction of high definition (HD), flat-screen plasmas are having a renaissance, particularly in outdoor digital signage – thanks partly to plasma TV cabinets.

Surfing The Net With A Low-Cost Wireless Network Router

It is best to experiment with your new inexpensive wireless router in order to discover for yourself the many advantages it offers it users. With regards to inexpensive, methods to acquire access to the Internet, low-cost wireless routers reign best.

Plasma TV Cabinet Protection for Outdoor Digital Signage

Plasma TVs are ideal for outdoor digital signage. Brighter than their LCD counterparts and with a better viewing angle, the devices can make a very engaging and eye-catching from of advertising especially with high definition, where content can really come alive. Using plasmas outdoors is obviously not as simple as all that.

Flexible Screen to Enter the Fray

The U.S. military is testing a flexible color screen that will be used in combat. The display can be worn around the sleeves of shirt or sweater and could be sewn into his uniform in later versions.

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