Earth’s energy catastrophe – what will save us and ensure a secure future | Clean Energy

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Design and Routing Tips and Tactics

A brief description of how to route a high-speed PCB, what to consider, how to reduce noise and increase signal-integrity (LVDS, USB, PCI-Express, GTL+, SSTL/HSTL)…

Buying a New Hard Drive – 4 Important Tips

Important tips to help you when buying a new hard drive. This article covers key aspects of hard drives, such as transfer speed and brand reliability.

Why Is A Printer Is Selling That Cheap?

Reasons why printer manufacturers can sell printer at low price. Most manufacturers do not earn profit from printers, but they earn it from cartridges. They successfully cash in on the consumer psychology. They count on the user to play safe and pay top dollar for their trusty brand name ink jet cartridge. Most of the consumer-based industries use this marketing tactic.

Benefits of a Portable ID Scanner

Once you are in the market for an ID scanner you would tend to get bombarded with a ton of options. It is always necessary to know what you want before actually going out to make the purchase. Determine your requirements first and then start your search accordingly. That way you would be able to focus on the task at hand.

An Overview Of The Main Specifications Of The Xerox 4510 Printer

The Xerox 4510 Printer is a laser type of office equipment that can yield monochrome printouts. Ideal for a busy environment, interfaces present allow for easy connection to a computer or network with a max of 25 users.

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