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Helicopter Simulator Hardware and Controls

For Helicopter Simulation a new area was born. When Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 came and included a Bell 206 Jet Ranger simulator, the flight simulation industry has almost been turned upside down. Today you have more choices than ever. Making joysticks and throttles, multi display hardware and software available for everyone. Not to forget flight sim forums. Bringing people of like minded interests together. Sharing ideas, drawings, photos – helping each other building their own helicopter cockpits. Flight simulation hardware has expanded and changed a lot the last 10 years. Read more to see why…

What Home Users Need To Know About RAID

Have you head the term “RAID” used by friends or colleagues, or on internet forums, and wondered what it is all about? RAID is not only for professional implementations and enthusiasts, but also provides viable storage options for the home user.

12V Power Supply

First of all, what in the world is it? Or perhaps a better question would be, what is it for? Someone sends you off to find the much needed 12V power supply that is essential to have a complete and functional… “whatever it is”.

DC to AC Power Converters – Really You Need At Least One

Driving down the highway, I remember my Mom typing away on her laptop that was plugged into a power converter (that was plugged into the cigarette lighter). Dad would be telling her to put away the computer and enjoy the trip. Power Inverters convert direct current (DC power) to alternating current (AC power). DC power is typically the 12V kind from a cigarette plug in vehicles. The AC power is most often the 120V available through standard grounded electric plugs found in your home or office.

Pick the Right Printer As the Best Partner for Your Working Needs

Connecting a computer up to a printer will open up so many more possibilities for its user. No matter how big the memory on our computer, the time will inevitably come when we get images stored on there which just cry out to be shared by people who aren’t lucky enough to be able to have access to their own machine.

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