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6 Steps To Download And Install A New Printer Driver

Learning how to service and maintain your digital home office is an ongoing process and the printer often represents a vital part of the inventory. Most people are content with knowing the basic features and functions of their printer and therefore tend to forget about drivers and manuals.

Gemini Wireless Microphones Make Waves Around the World

Gemini UF-2064 wireless receivers have built in battery charger output and a cable with Y splitter to connect to either handheld transmitter unit or a belt pack transmitter unit. Re-chargeable batteries can be re-charged without removing them from the wireless transmitter. What more would you need.

Spy Microphone Wireless Transmitters to Know What’s Going On!

In the spy wireless microphone, the system mainly comprises of three components – an input device, transmitter and receiver. The input device provides the audio signal that has to be set out or transmitted by the transmitter. Many makes of the spy microphones are readily available for personal use.

Benefits Of Using Rack Mount KVM

The Red Hat Summit 2010 took place this year in June in Boston, Massachusetts. The forum brought together developers and researchers of KVM technology, business owners, and others users of KVM products who shared news on recent innovations and predicted the trends that will rule roost in future. The Summit also showcased the latest and the very best in KVM products that are right now jostling for buyers’ attention-the rack mount KVM being one of the eyeball-grabbers.

USB Audio: The StarTech ICUSBAUDIO Adapter

Once in a while I find a product which meets all my expectations. Such is the case with StarTech’s ICUSBAUDIO adapter.

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