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USB 3.0

It’s been quite some time since the new 3.0 revision of the Universal Serial Bus was introduced, and of course, it’s been quite some time since we’ve heard much news at all about its adoption by tech companies at large. Motherboard and peripheral manufacturers have trotted out the obligatory minor inclusion, a PCI card here, a special, additional 3.

Canon Inkjet Printers For High Quality Printing

Canon is one of the top manufacturers of high quality printers, with models available for all printing needs. They have been producing inkjet printers since the early 1970’s, creating products that are especially suited for home computers and realistic replicas of photos.

Powerful Power Supplies – Cisco 6500 Series Switches

After working on configs all last week for the 6500 series switches, I started to realize a pattern of wattage and capability…so you need to be careful. Assuming you are using WS-SUP720… any of the family of WS-SUP720 or with additional cards…

How to Refill Your HP Cartridge

Want to be in for the best printing quality with HP cartridges? Make sure to read this article!

HP Color Deskjet D4360 Ink Review

The HP Deskjet D4360’s big claims in the design department rest on it being small and pretty cheap to both purchase and run. To an extent this has appeal; if you don’t require a scanner/copier/fax, why waste desk space or cash upon one?

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