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The Printer on Your Desk

HP, Epson and other printers The modern printer is an indispensable adjunct to every modern desk- once you have bought your new computer, the next piece of equipment that you consider is the printer. There are many makes, and even more types of printer, and few people consider which is the ideal for them before buying. The major make in the UK (figures taken in March 2010) is HP, which has nearly 50% of the market share.

Three Reasons To Replace Your Hard Drive

It seems like it happens to all of us at one time or another. We need to replace our computer hard drives. Hopefully, it is because you need more space and not because of a failed hard drive. Here’s three reasons why you will want to replace your hard drive.

Ever Tried to Choose From Identical Specification Laptops at the Same Price – How Would You Choose?

  As we all know, the modern world has boundless amounts of technology, gadgets and gizmos to choose from and nowhere is this more obvious than when looking at computer related products. The challenge many people face when choosing a laptop is that there are simply so many models which are of a similar specification and price range. This means that choosing the right laptop often comes down to totally non specification aspects such as if their friends have the same make or if they saw an advert.

A Wireless Network Router Shopping Guide

Look over numerous testimonials. There are tons of good, excellent, bad and useless wireless routers on the market in most conceivable cost range. So if you simply grab the very first and lowest priced router you find, you may also spend that money and buy thirty or 40 lotto tickets with it, since you are truly testing your own fate or luck.

What Can Businesses Do to Ensure Compliance With Data Protection Laws When Replacing Computers?

Why should you use a company to collect, recycle and destroy your data for you and how can you protect your company from the illegal exports we all hear about. Organised crime has moved into the recycling industry – a development that has become clear over the past few months after a series of raids to enforce the EU’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive.

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