How World Will Change in The Near Future | All About The 14 Most Important Techno-trends For 2023

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You are on the PRO Robots Channel. How the world will change in the near future, this question was answered by analysts at McKinsey, one of the most influential consulting firms in the world, whose advice is sought by major companies and governments alike.
The recently published report sheds light on which pioneering technologies will receive investment and will determine the development of mankind in the coming years. See everything about the 14 most important tech trends for 2023 and beyond in this issue! Write in the comments, which trends seem relevant to you today and in the near future?

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0:36 Trend #1 Applied AI
2:27 Trend #2 Advanced connectivity
3:05 Trend #3 Bioengineering
4:16 Trend № 4 Future Space Technologies
5:00 Trend #5 Quantum Technologies
5:38 Trend #6 Clean Energy
6:00 Trend #7 Mobility of the Future
7:00 Trend #8 Sustainable Consumption
7:33 Trend #9 Web3
8:24 Trend #10 Industrialization of machine learning
8:56 Trend #11 Immersive Reality Technologies
9:44 Trend #12 Cloud and Edge Computing
10:06 Trend #13 Trusted architectures and digital identity
10:39 Trend #14 Next Generation Software Development

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How will the world change in the near Future this question has been answered By Analyst at McKenzie one of the most Influential consulting firms in the World and there's sought for advice by The world's largest companies and Governments alike the recently published Report sheds light on which Cutting Edge Technologies will receive investment and Determine the development of mankind in The coming years see all about the 14 Most important techno trends for 2023 And Beyond in today's episode Thank you the first and perhaps most Important trend is the development of Applied artificial intelligence in 2021 The industry received 165 billion Dollars in Investments and that's not The limit with AI capabilities such as Machine learning computer vision and Natural language processing companies Across all Industries can use data and Extract valuable information to automate Processes things like making decisions And predictions but to realize the full Potential of AI organizational technical Ethical and Regulatory issues must be Addressed the most in-demand AI based Applications in the coming years will be Neural networks are already learning to Write code at the level of live Developers and generative AI models can Create three-dimensional images and Software simulations pharmaceutical

Companies can use AI algorithms to study The relationship of different treatments And their outcomes to discover new drugs The Aerospace and defense Industries Will incorporate Ai and machine learning Techniques into design and safety in Risk reduction processes and in Healthcare artificial intelligence will Take over automatic pathology Recognition and support diagnosis Decision making in education AI will Help personalize learning based on Grades and in aviation Logistics and Travel smart algorithms will take over Both Vehicle Management and supply chain Organization most importantly in fact Artificial intelligence will be Introduced to literally every industry From construction to energy from mining To agriculture digital twins designs System Diagnostics and early maintenance Asset valuation human free Process Management and financial management to Improve profits in other words in a very Near future artificial intelligence will Be ubiquitous in questions of privacy Cyber security ethics and regulation may Only briefly delay its inevitable Adoption The second techno trend of the future is Advanced connectivity in 2021 investment In this sector totaled 166 billion Dollars 5G and 6G cellular networks low Power wireless networks low orbit

Satellites and other Technologies Support a host of digital solutions that Are driving growth across Industries the Latest protocols and connectivity Technologies provide greater Network Bandwidth higher Spectrum efficiency Broader Geographic coverage lower Latency and lower power consumption this Is primarily important for the Implementation of unmanned Transportation telemedicine the internet Of things and from the defense sector The third trend is bioengineering with Investments of a modest 72 billion Dollars last year but this is just the Beginning in the near future convergent Biological and information technologies Will change how we are treated what we Eat and what we wear breakthroughs in Biology combined with Innovations and Digital technology could dramatically Change Industries such as Healthcare Agriculture consumer products and others A McKinsey study recently suggested that Some 400 bioengineering uses will Generate two to four trillion dollars a Year between 2030 and 2040 but for this To become a reality society's perception Of things like tampering with the human Genome or growing artificial meat it's Gonna have to change The uncertainty Factor here may be the Unintended consequences of such Intervention in biological systems that

Said the future of bioengineering will Be determined by advances in three areas The first is omics like genomics or Proteomics a simple example would be a Gene therapy for incurable diseases the Second area is tissue engineering which Makes it possible to modify cells Tissues and organs things like lab Created meat and the third is Biomaterials The fourth trend of the future is space Technology investment for 2021 is Estimated at 12 billion dollars and the Most significant advance in the field in Recent years has been cost reductions Making space missions more affordable Although as emphasized by McKinsey Analysts the future impact of any Commercial space opportunity is now Difficult to assess the potential of the Sector is large and no one knows what Discoveries and thus exciting business Opportunities may bring further space Exploration key Technologies in the Sector have included small modular Satellites remote sensing rocket reuse And 3D printing to create rocket Components among the expected Technologies are laser communication Nuclear propulsion for spacecraft and Robotic refueling in orbit Trend number Five is quantum Technologies only three Billion dollars in Investments last year But the potential of the sector is

Enormous Quantum Technologies can Provide exponential increases in Computational performance data Transmission security and multiples of Sensor sensitivity they can generate Simulations and solve problems that will Lead to significant advances in Industries things like Aerospace defense Chemical information and pharmaceuticals And we will talk more about quantum Computers their capabilities their Advances and what Cubit is in an Upcoming issue so don't forget to Subscribe to the pro robot channels While you're here and turn on those Notifications the sixth trend is clean Energy investment in this sector was a Record 257 billion dollars in 2021 this Includes renewable sources such as solar And wind power sustainable fuels such as Hydrogen long life Battery Systems and Smart grids we've talked about clean Energy in the past and you can see that Episode right here at the link Trend number seven is the mobility of The future involving a shift to Autonomous connected electric and Smart Technologies this shift promises to Disrupt markets while increasing the Efficiency and sustainability of ground And air transportation of people and Goods investment in this sector has Doubled every year for the past five Years reaching 236 billion dollars in

2021 and the most promising thing so far In this area are things like autonomous Technologies automated systems with Sensors and artificial intelligence that Can make independent decisions based on The data they collect also connected car Technologies equipment applications and Systems that use vehicle to vehicle Connectivity to improve safety and Efficiency also electrification Technologies these Solutions replace Components of a vehicle that run on a Conventional power source with those That run on electricity and smart Mobility Solutions hardware and Advanced Digital solutions that enable Alternative modes of transportation in Addition to or instead of personal Transportation technotrend number eight Is sustainable consumption investment in The industry last year was 109 billion Dollars this involves the use of goods And services that are produced with a Minimal impact on the environment these Include vertical farming reforestation And natural ecosystems Recycling and Reuse CO2 capture and storage Technologies as well as many others While many technologies that support Sustainable consumption are technically Viable few have become cost effective Enough to be used on a mass scale still Analysts expect increased investment in This sector

The ninth trend is web3 investment in This sector for 2021 is 110 billion Dollars web 3 refers to the Future model Of the internet that decentralizes power And redistributes it among the users Giving them more control and monetizing Their own personal data and more secure Ownership of digital assets and with This brings new business opportunities Such as new Services related to digital Assets new business models that Eliminate intermediaries and provide Secure process automation through smart Contracts programmable assets and more There's a lot of attention in this Industry but there's also a lot of Doubts for example regulation is not in Place yet the user experience can often Be poor and the infrastructure is in its Infancy and yet McKenzie analysts are Confident that technology is going Nowhere and the risk of inaction is just Too high the 10th trend of the Industrialization of machine learning Compared to even web 3 investments in This sector are very modest totaling Only 5B billion dollars in 2023 and this Despite the fact that experience shows That organizations have successfully Implemented machine learning in Industry Can reduce development time from proof Of concept to product by 90 as well as Reducing development Resources by up to 40 percent and this industry is directly

Dependent on the development of Applied Ai and it will progress with it the next Trend is immersive reality Technologies With Investments of 30 billion dollars In 2021 these Technologies use spatial Computing to interpret physical space Simulating adding objects and people to Real world settings and enabling Interaction in Virtual Worlds with Different levels of immersion the basic Technologies here are virtual reality VR Augmented reality or ar or mixed reality Otherwise known as Mr and don't forget Haptic sensors and others that are on And off the body plus location services The main barriers to adoption is the Need for special equipment and the user Experience that doesn't always meet Expectations and yet the potential for Application in Industries such as Healthcare education travel Logistics Real estate construction electric power And space is rated very high by analysts Another trend is cloud and Edge Computing the investment for 2021 is 136 Billion dollars and here we're talking Primarily about Cloud platforms Based on Hyperscale data centers they allow Third-party companies to connect Real-time analytics with cyber security Guarantees and without the need for Massive investments in their own local Infrastructures Moving on Trend number 13 trusted

Architectures and digital identity Investment in this sector for 2021 was 34 billion dollars digital trust Technologies including first zero trust Architectures I.E cyber security Infrastructures that do not trust by Default any requests from outside or Inside the organization second digital Identity systems including digital Identities and privacy engineering other Technologies help build trust by Ensuring that AI models are more secure Free of bias and explainable Trend number 14 is next-gen software Development it involves both writing Code AS specified by neural networks and Low or zero code platforms the modest Investment of 2 billion dollars in 2021 Should not be misleading these tech Companies will allow employees without Expertise to create useful applications Which will accelerate the digital Transformation of Enterprises and reduce The need for scarce engineering Talent What trends do you see as the most Relevant today and in the near future Let us know down in the comments eight And while you're here you know the drill Subscribe to the pro robot Channel like This video and join us on Instagram There is a lot of interesting things Coming our way we'll see you soon Foreign

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