1U Rack LCD Drawer: Demanded in Industrial and Military Applications

In order to overcome the space limitations in server rooms as well as provide additional solutions for server racks, the 1U Rack LCD drawer was developed.Used in a wide variety of Server room applications, these devices are 1U or 2U drawers with integrated LCD monitors, keyboards, and mice. Other options include a combination of keyboard, mouse and monitor with a KVM switch integrated into the drawer.

Recycling Cartridges – Why You Should Never Throw Your Empty Toner Cartridges in Landfill

Every toner cartridge eventually gets empty and after that most people think it’s useless so it is dumped into landfill sites. According to a conservative estimate, about 360 million cartridges end up in landfill sites every year worldwide. Trafford Healthcare NHS states that about 55 million inkjet and toner cartridges are thrown into UK landfill sites every year.

Finding the Best Projector Lamp

Well these days if you work in some office then you often come across different kinds of meeting which are held with projectors and employees present their innovative ideas on these big interactive projectors. If you go across the market there are many kinds of projectors available to you in every size and every resolution. I also worked in an office and I often see these kinds of projectors around me.

Lower Data Center Costs With Third Party Maintenance Services – Here’s 3 Ways

Third party maintenance services from a well-established provider can reduce costs significantly for organizations. This article highlights three ways third party maintenance services reduces costs.

5 Ways Third Party Maintenance Capabilities Maximize Business Value

Extended warranties are always one of those things that you only consider for larger purchases – at least that’s how I look at them. That said when you’re talking about the kind of cost that data center hardware entails it starts to sound like a good investment. Or is it?

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