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Hi guys, welcome to Future Tech, I’ve got a couple of gadgets to make your daily lifestyle easier, better, cleaner, and more comfortable. Just like a short that allows you to charge on the go and a super portable gadget that instantly sterilizes any surface. And also, this device makes hand casting look better than ever.

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Hi guys, welcome to Future tech I’ve got a couple of gadgets to make your
daily lifestyle easier, better, cleaner, and More comfortable. Just like a short that allows you to charge
on the go and a super portable gadget that Instantly sterilizes any surface. And also, this device makes hand casting look
better than ever Ucoolity Does summer feel hot? Sure, it’s expected, but this gadget helps
you to send away the summer heat, so you feel Refreshed for the day. The wearable air conditioner vest offers you
the comfort you usually have to compromise With portable handheld fans as you would be
unable to use your hands to do other things. Wearing the vest feels so comfortable with
its ultra-light design and choice of premium Breathable fabric that you can keep some of
your daily accessories in the waterproof pocket. Integrated with semiconductor tech, All this
device does is keep your body cool for the Day without the need for water, ice packs,
or other bulky cooling items. Strap it on, buckle it up, and feel free to
go wherever you choose to. Don’t worry; it’s a stylish choice so you
won’t appear weird. And when it’s dirty, throw it into the washing
machine and wash; nothing special needs to Be done. This is priced at 89$ and can last up to 3
hours on a single charge. Myconos Enjoy the hypnotic effect of this device at
home, at the office, with your friends and Family, or while you are trying to get into
the spirit of meditation. Made of stone, this device represents the
combination of nature and physics, giving This impossible mesmerizing visual you wouldn’t
take your eyes off. When you bring the two stones together, you
instantly feel an attraction that makes the Top stone levitate; this is due to the magnetic
cushion in between them. A magnetic cushion created between the two
stones creates a levitation effect. The slightly displaced magnetic field causes
the top stone to rotate. If you want to see something extra, fill in
bioethanol burning levitation to be sprayed Onto the stone through a nozzle, and you see
all parts of the stone burning. After a stressful or challenging day, light
up the device to relax your mind and keep You calm for a better rest.

There are different modes you can switch to
according to your mood. The device is estimated to cost 181$. SUMJet Due to rising hygienic issues, this device
was created to bring further improvement to The way you clean your household without harmful
chemicals. The all-purpose hygienic cleaner uses high-temperature
steam to clean and purify everything ranging From your wall, furniture, clothing, and keyboards,
without damaging them in any way. Its superheated ultra fine mist easily penetrates
through thicker fabrics without getting them Wet and can as well be used for dry steam
cleaning and ironing. The compact and portable design makes it comfortable
to use all through without feeling sore pain In your hands and is also convenient to take
with you on trips. You can reach out to clean those hard-to-reach
corners by spraying directly onto the surface Without stressing yourself. Priced at 109$, this device eliminates every
bit of mold, fungi, lice, moth, bugs, or other Microbes that might be thinking of growing
on your wooden furniture, cloth, or walls. SOLO Card Imagine trying to give out your business cards
to make someone remember you and your business The next time there is an excellent offer
on the table, and then you realize you forgot To take it with you. Or maybe you are tired of carrying bulky cards
with you; here is a way I go about it. The solo card reimagines what a business card
used to look like. And you won’t even have to print out cards
every time; just one of these will transmit All the information about your business to
the other party’s phone through an embedded NFC chip. Made of premium quality metal personalized
with laser engraving, your name and logo pop Up elegantly. Approximated to cost 67$, you get regular
updates through its sleek web interface. Eco Shorts Imagine comfortably wearing shorts with built-in
solar panels that allow you to charge your Device as you move on the go. Meaning as you go for short walks, travel,
run or just relax outside your home, you are Storing power for you to use later. The fabrics were crafted from one hundred
percent hemp fiber and embedded with antimicrobial, Antibacterial, and hypoallergenic effects.

The Hemp material feels soft on your skin,
very durable, absorbs moisture quickly, and Can help neutralize toxins to protect your
skin. It’s also impressive to know that the hemp
fabric eliminates overheating under hot weather Conditions and hypothermia during cold weather. Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about low
batteries; you have backup power just at your Fingertips. This is priced at 59$. Cast21 This is an innovative approach to casting
during serious hand injuries; it allows you To do more without limitations. It uses an open net structure to help you
achieve a quicker and more comfortable healing Process. This open lattice net is breathable, waterproof,
and fillable with resin to avoid mess. The structure doesn’t look messy like traditional
casting with regular plasters or fiberglass But rather looks stylish when worn. 2Hold This innovative table accommodates everything
you need between switching from movie time To business mode. Its thin, lightweight, compact storage is
stylish and comfortable to place over your Laps while giving you access to a lot of things
at a time. It comes in 2 different holds; the first one
features lots of comfortable plastic containers To fill with your favorite snacks and a special
holder for your favorite drinks. You can switch places with the containers,
and it’s also equipped with two move-out hangers; You can place napkins, a game controller,
or an extra bag of snacks. The second hold adds extra comfort to working
on any size of laptop while sitting by a table, On a sofa, or standing. You have a place covered with a natural leather
mat for easy navigation with your mouse and Extra portable magnetic holders. This table costs 98$ Detu MAX Equipped with 3D capabilities, this professional-grade
AI camera offers you stereoscopic 360° virtual Reality panoramic shots by capturing 12K images
and 8K quality videos. For real-time object tracking to capture top-notch
shots. This camera imitates how the human eye captures
the details in its environment and even does

It better. Designed for professional photographers and
content creators looking for extraordinary Results, the camera produces nothing but the
best. You will always be working with the finest
quality RAW images and LOG films since all Photo and video files are kept in their original
formats. Up to 60 minutes of continuous shooting are
supported by its 4800mAh lithium-ion high Capacity swappable battery, and you can store
up enough content on the two 128 GB SD cards. AquaSeal Active It’s fun to explore water life, but you need
to protect your gadgets. Here is how to do it. This is an IPX7-rated waterproof bag featuring
a quick-release phone pouch perfect to fit Into your daily life even under heavy rain. With two interchangeable front bags, adjustable
straps, and integrated gear, this water-friendly Versatile bag can be used for various activities
like swimming, trekking, biking, skiing, skateboarding, And many more. The body of the bag consists of a highly durable
420D nylon fabric with a double-sided waterproof Coating to keep your accessories safe. When you want to take a picture or record
videos, the detachable Phone Pouch provides Easy and speedy access to your phone to capture
those precious moments. You can use your phone directly through the
transparent pouch without removing your phone As the material used is touch screen friendly. This will cost you129$ T-gram This device instantly transforms your tablet
or mobile phone into a hologram art display By using a special glass effect to reflect
the display from your device. Aside from its functionality, the device is
an excellent addition to your space as it Adds a touch of sophistication with its top-quality
wood equipped with a modern touch. It’s super easy to use; just place your smartphone
or tablet to gain access to a top-notch hologram Effect in the comfort of your home With this, you can always view photo slides
of your favorite moments, add ambiance and Coziness to your room, and do many other creative
cuffs. You can as well personalize the device with
stickers. This costs 138$

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