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Open Source Printer Software

There was a crowd of people that once thought, and still do, that computer software should be a free service. They created something very inspired- put simply, open source software was designed so that others could continue to improve upon the original design of a program, thereby republishing and offering an improved product for the customer. This software is often available for free, but occasionally has a cost much lower than alternative programs.

Some Good and Bad Things About Projectors

Well these days projectors are in high demand both for office and home use. In office they are used for detailed multimedia presentations or lectures and other stuff which you have to show to many people while at home projector can give you luxury and ease of watching a movie on big screen. But as like everything else projectors have some bad points and some good points that I will describe here.

The Brass Tacks of Middle Atlantic Racks – Part 2: Choosing the Best A/V Rack for Your Needs

Welcome to Part 2 of The Brass Tacks of Middle Atlantic Racks. Here we will profile each of Middle Atlantic’s Audio/Video rackmount systems to help you get an idea of which system is right for your application and budget.

Fix PC Issues With Online Computer Support Instantly

Gone are those days when you used to take your computer to a PC repair shop to fix the issue. Instead call a online computer support service provider and get the issue fixed instantly. Go through the article and learn about this new mode of computer service.

A Good Computer Monitor Is a Visual Treat Indeed

Want to buy a new monitor for your computer but in dilemma which could be the best for you? There are a number of things you should consider for buying the right monitor. To learn about them read the article.

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