Powerware 1500VA Line Interactive UPS 5110

Many of us should protect our computers and electrical equipment from power surges, power lags and the sudden loss of power. In most cases, the thought of backup power protection usually falls into the hands of those people who manage small to medium sized business computer environments. However, over the last decade or so, many home users have now been able to afford these less expensive, high capacity UPS devices or Uninterruptable Power Supplies. This Article looks at one of these devices supplied by Powerware.

Corsair 240GB 2.5 Inch SSD

The latest hard drives are called SSD or Solid State Drives and are fast replacing the traditional IDE, SATA and SCSI format hard drives in both computer workstations and computer servers. If you are looking for more performance out of your computer, consider a SSD for data storage.

Used Cisco Switches, Routers and Other Second Hand IT Hardware Can Get the Job Done For Less

Refurbished IT hardware, such as used Cisco switches and routers can work just as well as brand new ones. For individuals and companies who don’t need the latest technologies, purchasing used equipment from reputable and established companies is a good option – especially when considering costs.

Used Cisco Routers: A Cost-Effective Option for Building or Upgrading a Corporate Network

If technological needs were carefully considered, companies or individuals may come to realize that using pre-owned hardware such as used Cisco routers can be enough to get the job done. Small and medium-sized businesses often don’t need the additional features and capabilities of newer or high-end networking products. This makes used Cisco equipment a more cost-effective option for building or upgrading a network.

Businesses Explore Purchasing Used Network Equipment

Since the third quarter of 2008, U.S. businesses have been cutting costs. From downsizing to outsourcing, elimination of employee benefits and more, companies have been tightening their belts in order to stay profitable. In the 21st Century, technology is vital to keeping businesses running. Consider purchasing used network equipment to help keep your business running without breaking the bank.

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