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Hello! You are on PRO Robotics channel and in this video we present to your attention, the international exhibition CES-2023. Companies have brought several thousand robots and technological gadgets to Las Vegas for the world’s largest exhibition of innovations CES-2023. Having become legendary, the exhibition of consumer electronics allows you to look into the future for several years ahead. We have collected the most interesting novelties from the world of robotics and high-tech in one video to give you the most complete overview of the technologies of the near future. Watch this video until the end, there will be a lot of unusual and interesting things. Write in the comments which future technologies you liked the most?

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0:40 AEO, Aeolus Robotics
1:51 EvoGuard, ADT Commercial
2:50 Aiper, Clean smarter
6:18 Motion Pillow, 10 minds
6:45 ADAM, Richtech Robotics
7:27 Brow Magic, L’oreal
8:00 Hapta, L’oreal
8:28 Aroma shooter wearable, Aromajoin
11:14 Withings U-Scan
12:12 Haptic metaverse glove, Lead Skin
13:53 I Vision Dee, BMW
15:42 Afeela, Sony & Honda
16:40 Parky, EVAR
17:29 A5, ASKA
18:12 Yarbo, inc
18:53 Dog-E, WowWee
19:33 Keyi Loona
20:13 EBO X, Enabot
20:38 Retriever, Labrador Systems
21:06 Apogee, German Bionic
21:38 Agrist
22:06 Yeti, Ottonomy

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Last week hundreds of companies brought Several thousand robots and Technology Gadgets to Las Vegas for the world's Largest Innovation show CES 2023 this Legendary Consumer Electronics Show Provides a glimpse into the future years Ahead we've collected the most Interesting Novelties from the world of Robotics and high tech and we're going To share them with you in today's video So watch till the end there's going to Be a lot of unusual and some interesting Things Foreign Was the robot AO from alios robotics the Humanoid robot is positioned as a Deliverer as well as a robotic companion And caregiver for the elderly AEO can Perform different tasks with a different Hands for example one can be equipped With a UV panel and the other with a Grip for opening doors carrying things And controlling elevators and appliances The robot's vision and intelligence Allow it to determine whether a patient Has fallen and whether he needs medical Help the same abilities make the robot a Security guard capable of checking Windows and doors unauthorized people And forgotten bags in hospitals schools And other institutions the enhanced Security features AEO is equipped with a 360 degree night vision camera that uses Real-time streaming with video and

Two-way voice communication to Alert Security services if something is Happening it's reported that the robot Is already being used in Japan Hong Kong And taipai by elderly care companies as Well as commercial property owners a few Years ago we already saw this robot at CES but then it was positioned as a home Assistant Ann Butler it wiped the floor With a mop and brought beer from the Fridge it's a shame that that version Won't see the day of light at least as Of now Humanoid robots holiday robotics will Compete for the role of a security guard With AEO the company's contracted with ADT commercial which unveiled its Evo Guard intelligent Security Solutions at CES 2023 Evo guard will use artificial Intelligence and augmented reality in Combination with a fleet of autonomous Humanoid robots and drones for Comprehensive security surveillance in a Wide variety of commercial applications The solution aims to launch in 2023 and Will offer customers 24 7 patrolling Two-way communication Intruder Photography elevator and door control Some fine motor tasks as well as quick Alerts to special services the robot can Also be controlled in Avatar mode using A virtual reality system this function Will create a live telepresence Environment in which the human

Controller can remotely interact with The real environments through the robot By the way we talked about the Avatar Robot battle for 10 million dollars in The issue and you can find that right Here in the link We have everything between a an Entry-level flag which is mainly for Above ground pools so this is pools that Will go up to 800 feet and then they Start to move up in in capacity uh they Are the signal plots here need a that's About 1 200 square feet and then the SQL Pro which is our Flagship product uh it Works for food of up to 2500 per feet But it does climb walls and uh this time To perform big pools yeah I'm lost the robot creates a vacuum Inside and the motors will create a Suction that brand the robot against Against the wall and then the the wheels Have their own Motors as well and indeed What is going to move the Rover up and Down what about this I yeah this is uh This is a model that is in between both Of both of these products so the only Difference between this and this is the Wall planning this is PVC that is made Specifically for full ceiling and Foreign Here so it's very easy you you open it Like a basically like a car And remove the basket yeah and then just Open the basket and clean it with a with

A water boot oh it's pretty easy for the SQL AC the battery life is about 80 Minutes Yeah for the single plus a uh this is The battery life for the single plat is About 120 Minutes and here on the Sequence Pro we have about 300 minutes Of working time not having a cable going In at our out of the water or next to a Pool will mean that you have Peace of mind that no one is gonna trip On it the second thing is yeah what is Screaming here yeah or or just around The pool like uh they maybe you have Kids running around the pool and you Don't want them to trip on the cable uh That's one of the things also most of us Don't want to throw appliances inside The pool when they are plugged although It's very safe but it's still something That you think about And third of all it makes like much more Simple once the robot finishes all of Our robots they have something that is Called a smart parking They will go to the closest wall they Can find and they will start to Blink Red I think it's just fish around the Water with the food yeah with the food That we selling with and uh that's it This is the new lineup for 2023 need one Will launch for this summer season and We are already sending disneyniper.com In Amazon and some of our channels about

A Walmart by some of them with the ultra Home Depot left me how much is it and It's retail for 269. Yeah it's a very good price point Especially if you have an above ground Pool this side they usually cause Anything between 600 to 1 500 so this is A very good solution for that The South Koreans startup 10 mines Presented a brilliantly simple and Useful Gadget it's a pillow with a Built-in microphone that detects snoring Distinguishing it from other ambient Sounds but once the pillow hears you Snoring it will change the size and Shape that it's in to gently turn the Sleeper's head into a position that Allows them to breathe better the pillow Which syncs with a smartphone app also Collects data and is analyzed to Identify snoring patterns so it can hone In its response over time Rich Tech robotics brought the Traditional Atom robot for this event Which can professionally prepare coffee Or tea even tea with milk and passion Fruit you can choose a drink on the Digital display and the robot will start Brewing it and while you're waiting it Will dance and entertain visitors around You Foreign Presented a couple of beauty gadgets at CES the first was brow magic a printer

For drawing eyebrows which will soon go On sale the essence of the technology is To pick up the shape thickness and Effects for eyebrows in the Branded Application on the smartphone then you Can try on your results with the help of Augmented reality and after making sure It fits you can apply it to the face Unlike tattooing the printed eyebrows Can be easily erased so my disability is Cerebral palsy and quadriplegia So I have like mobility issues my hands Are very limited and my legs as well Another interesting Gadget from L'Oreal Was hapta a portable lipstick applicator To help people with neurological Problems it's a reliable grip and Stabilization device that allows people With limited Mobility to apply lipstick On their own the company is going to Refine the gadget and put it on the Market for 150 to 200 dollars Foreign Generator so when I watch this movie I Can smell different smells like caramel What else what what tell me how many Aroma do you have here yes You will switch to sense in very very Quickly okay so that's why it was onto The library of bathroom information Throughout the video game start Everything I saw in one device we can Set back six different scents okay that You can use one by one or you can mix

Blending together with red nuisance and Everything is uh controlled by software So it's also very a timeline of restart The songs right you just have to put This up where you watch so you can Create a sentence And there are six seven zero six Vouchers After that you can up your gear of Hitman is clean I can play game moving Then without the sensor Oh and smells like caramel here Is it is it connected to the video are You there good job Uh here I feel I I feel something like Fresh grass smell yeah it's all props This kind of video so you have to sign Dry notches Okay I'm in sand I I only think I need This noise cancellation help a Headphones the middle feet relaxation I love it but caramel you know makes me Hungry a little bit so I would prefer Not to not to have caramel smell but Just like fresh grass smell and how much Will will it cost so well this one could Be ready at the end of the year and Around 1200 400. and you will sell it Like where Amazon and their Amazon and Directly their website so and uh will I Be able to replace how to replace a Thing water is very simple you can just Take it put it is it It smells like ground

Something like Thai and lemongrass Lemongrass smells So we can switch change your sets even Whenever others we all hold on 100 sure What more than 100 so and you will Probably sell this cartridges right so Yeah and uh for the price for this one Is around the 15 closest One Drops so We're thinking about your plus 10 or 20 Books Guess which CES Innovation resonated With journalists and visitors the most I'm guessing you'll get this wrong well It's with things you scan a gadget Designed to be peep debt yes the with Things you scan is a urine analyzer that Attaches itself inside the toilet and Analyzes the incoming material based on The results it will give judgments about Your nutrition hydration levels Ovulation cycles and assess your Metabolic and vitamin C levels all Results sent via Wi-Fi to your Smartphone the device will run 100 tests And after which you need to replace the Cartridge and recharge the gadget Wouldn't this be great no more trips to The doctor for preventative checkups but In reality it's these types of devices That will actually sound the alarm Unnamed Specialists according to Media Reports are worried about the accuracy Of the test and the proper Interpretation by a person

Okay either you suck at math or you're Gonna die in two seconds but in any case This is the first step towards the dream Of many where you can wake up in the Mirror in the morning and get Information about the condition of your Body This is capture gloves that you can use With your VR Glasses to feel metaverse it detects Touch in the Middleburg they are Attached to the inside the fingers Fingers yeah this side And also it had fear of weight to your Arms okay You do it yeah this part is can you show Them yeah Here Um you you have this feeling of the Beige yes simulate your muscles it's Like a fear of weight to level something Okay when you hold something in Virtual Walls and metaverse you will feel like You're holding something in real life And celery There is a flex Loop sensor inside the Each fingers Yeah that's Contour finger motion into The middle verse and how much will it Cost uh we are planning you to sell Boost 300 dollars three hundred dollars Yeah not bad actually it's not bad SDK Is already available if you guys want to Develop something for this gloves haptic

Gloves At CES 2022 there were more colorful car Concepts than ever before BMW presented A New Concept car for the iVision D Series which stands for digital Emotional experience the car is equipped With mixed reality projection displays Which occupies the entire area of the Windshield and is the central control Located on the front panel touch sensors With a shy tech technology allow the Driver to set four different levels of Digital content displayed on the display The first level includes information Important to movement to which the Content of the communication is added Then augmented reality projections and Finally access to the completely virtual World however car owners will be able to Enjoy VR while driving only after BMW Introduces their fifth level of autonomy But that's not all the car supports Voice control and itself responds to the Owner and communicates with them in Various ways for example it can use a Personalized greeting combining graphic Elements lights and sounds thus the Company plans to make the car a Full-fledged companion of the owner not In vain the promotional video involves Arnold Schwarzenegger areas to proclaim The Friendship of smart cars and people Even the headlights and bumper Grille Can be adjusted to display different

Facial expressions to suit your mood Also the BMW i Vision D concept can Change its car body color the company's Electronic ink technology consists of Several layers of the thinnest Electrochromic film on the car body the Entire surface of the car is then Divided into 240 segments including the Wheels each segment can be controlled Individually there's a choice of 32 Colors from black to white but so far This e-ink technology is only a concept However the display instead of a Windshield will actually be launched Into production for the company's cars Starting in 2025. Sony together with Honda created and Presented at CES its first electric car Under the afila brand sales will start In 2026. the lineup will consist of a Crossover sedan and minivan but only the Sedan was at the show there's 45 safety Sensors installed in the car including Cameras that monitor the road situation And a display located between the Headlights that allows you to display Different information and thus Communicate with the owner and others Technical details have not yet been Released and it's known only that the Basis of the car will be the Honda E-architecture platform which is still Under development and Qualcomm chips Will be responsible for the hardware

Power of the car which will ensure the Operation of smart functions and Multimedia devices In the final version of FILA Honda will Be responsible for driving qualities of The model while Sony will take over the Electronics including the autonomous Driving Cars of the future will need Chargers of The future and just the same solution Was presented by Evar an autonomous Electric car charging robot named Parky That takes charging stations to any Parking lot at the same time when using Parky drivers can find a spot near the Robot's EV Jack and plug it in and then You need to use NFC to call Parky and it Will automatically find your car the Robot provides 15 kilowatts per hour of DC charging giving it a range of 50 Miles which concept of cars did you Think was the coolest let us know in the Comments in all the years we've been Following CES we like Mercedes Avatar The best but ground transportation is no Longer the best way to get around Everyone's still expecting flying cars To be here within a few years and there Was one at the show For example the American startup aska Brought the A5 flying car to CES and It's not a prototype it's the finished And tested vehicle which will be tested By the FAA within the next month the

Four-seat electric vehicle can travel up To 250 miles or about 400 kilometers on A single battery charge developers say The ASCA A5 with the wings rolled up Fits in a regular parking spot the Vertical takeoff and Landing vehicle is Already available for pre-order for just Under eight hundred thousand dollars It's expected to be in widespread use by Many taxi fleets in major cities by 2026. Foreign Brought a multi-purpose autonomous Garden robot to the show it was Demonstrated with a lawnmower attachment Although its possibilities are not Limited the modular robot does not Require laying a cable on the plot Boundaries and provides year-round Lawn Care its basic functions include mowing The grass blowing falling leaves and Clearing snow but the robot can be Retrofitted with other working modules Although the manufacturers do not Specify what they are nevertheless the Gadget is definitely useful but a bit Expensive coming in at 4 399 dollars Thank you Also at CES 2023 there was a lot of Robotic pets and pet robots one of the Cutest was doggy from wowie the robot Puppy with facial tracking technology Can look into the eyes with love and Respond to the Head being rubbed he also

Has lights on his paws tail and chest Built-in sensors microphones and Speakers that allow him to hear and Respond to commands the developers say The robot has more than 200 sounds and Reactions and you can customize a unique Character for doggy in the app you can Also train him to remember his name and Perform tricks and all family members Can upload their own profile to the Robotic dog and the puppy will be Whatever they want it to be so far the Robots got a reasonable price at eighty Dollars and it will start arriving to The first customers this year Another super cute robot pet at the show Was Kia Luna the robot has attractive Big eyes and moving ears and it's smart Enough to navigate around a living space Without running into things the body Design is primitive but still Luna is an Incredibly cute robot the robot can Recognize faces body movements objects Human gestures and voices as well as Emotions if Luna sees the owner as sad They'll try their best to cheer him up The robot has an excellent sense of Space and it doesn't crash into various Objects and also does not fall off the Stairs or Furniture like a real pet Luna Can show emotions it'll sneeze scratch And play with various objects as well as Repeating words after the owner the Company annabot presented at the

Exhibition a home robot called ebo X and Hopes to become a company with a robot That has a very useful case what can it Do well it can map your home recognize Old people falling and babies crying Take photos and videos and serve as a Security guard all of that packed into a Price of 229 dollars and that's got a Lot of folks paying attention But at CES Labrador systems demonstrated A very useful home robot which Unfortunately is not as cool as it looks But it's practical and very functional The retriever can move around the house Autonomously bringing you various useful Items move heavy objects around the House and pick up dirty dishes it's also Now received an integration from Amazon Echo and the robot will reportedly soon Be tested in medical facilities German bionic introduced their new Apogee exosuit which is based on the Cray xexoskeleton the novelty features The lightest weight in the line the suit Can compensate for up to 30 kilograms of Load on the lower back while climbing And also helps reduce overall fatigue Through walking assistance apogee also Collects analyzes and monitors basic User data to alert the user for example To hazardous strains Foreign Foreign Artist company introduced the robot at

The show for harvesting sweet peppers in A greenhouse each fruit riping at its Own pace so they have to be harvested in Sequence assessing the degree of Maturity several times a day the idea of Artist Engineers is that a cable is Stretched between the rows on which a Robot rides and due to this it's Suitable for any Greenhouse the robot Moves along the cable Maps it finds each Fruit and assesses it from all sides Before making a decision to cut it At CES 2023 autonomy introduced its Yeti Food delivery robot but how is it Different from the ones we've already Seen well this robot's completely Autonomous and excludes human Involvement in the delivery of orders And or delivery to the customer it works Like this when Yeti arrives at the Address it unloads the goods at the Doorstep or puts them into a compatible Locker so the customer can pick them up When it's convenient for them there's Something else too though that's quite Interesting the robot can return the Unsuitable goods back to the retailer a Function that delivery companies have Never given before We did expect to see Amica robot at the Exhibition and hoped for an interesting New product from Samsung which has Brought new prototypes of Home robots to CES every time in recent years but this

Year it didn't happen so you get nothing You lose good day sir by the way if you Haven't seen them yet we have reviews of Past CES events on our channel so like This video subscribe to Pro robots and Join us on all social networks you can Find links down in the description

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