Life on Mars: When and How | The Next Stage of Human Evolution and the Possible Demise of the Planet

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Do you know why humanity still doesn’t have colonies on the Moon or Mars? Because the big companies that might’ve invested their money in building the said colonies are not sure when they’ll get their investments back and start making a solid profit. Well, at least that’s one of the reasons.

But the cheaper space flights will get and further the technologies that can help cost-efficiently settle on other planets will develop, the more countries, billionaires, tech giants, startups and institutions will get into the space race, whose finish line is right on the Red Planet. Why are they reluctant to do this? Are they afraid of future cataclysms? Do they know something we don’t? Are they dreaming of claiming the title of pioneers? Or hoping to mine rare metals in the asteroid belt?

Watch this video to find out all about the whens and hows of life on Mars, as well as about its outcomes, including a new round of human evolution and the possible demise of the planet itself! Wheels up!

00:00 In this video
01:00 Mars will try to kill you
01:30 Mars is a totally hostile environment for human life
02:25 With Mars, Earthlings have a better chance
04:01 What have we already found on the Red Planet?
05:22 Ilon Musk
06:04 Prolonged flight exposes people to the greatest horror
07:45 development of new super-powered engines
08:24 an inflatable heat shield for astronauts to land on the planet
09:12 Mars has no planetary magnetic field
10:27 But the astronauts won’t spend all their time in spacesuits
12:23 What about food on Mars?
13:30 a new round of human evolution on mars

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