Neuralink – Technologyfor the Brain Elon Musk | pro robots

Elon Musk quietly held an event Dedicated to the updates of the darlink Project according to him the technology Has more than successfully shown itself On animals and is already fully ready For testing on humans as soon as the Company receives the appropriate Regulatory approval the chip will be Implanted into the first human volunteer According to musk this will happen Within the next six months the goal of Neuralik is to create a device that can Be implanted in the brain and used to Control computers with the power of Thought last year the company released a Video showing a monkey playing ping pong On a computer in this way the neuralink Device themselves are small with several Flexible strands that connect the device To the brain musk has promised to insert The chip himself in some time in the Future as well as to ensure that the Device itself can be easily updated I'm Pretty sure you wouldn't want an iPhone 1 in your head if an iPhone 14 was Available musk recently said

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