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Wireless Computer Speakers – Simplify Your Digital Audio Experience

Wireless computer speakers offer distinct advantages over conventional wired systems. Particularly in regards to speaker placement in less than ideal environments. Eliminate cabling and release the sound that resides within your digital treasure chest.

Why Should I Have Battery Backups for My Computer?

Have you ever been working on documents at your home or office and lost power? Did your computer auto-save the information? Were your documents corrupted or deemed “unreadable” once you booted your system up? Did it boot up at all?

How to Install the RBC7 Replacement Battery Into the Minuteman Pro 1400 Unit

Hello! In this brief article I will be explaining how to properly install the RBC7 replacement battery into a minuteman backups. The unit that I will be doing the installation on is the Pro 1400 series.

Installing an APC Replacement Battery Into the Back-Ups 650

In this article, I hope to provide a simple and easy to follow guide on how to install the rbc4 replacement battery. The unit that I will be performing the installation on is the BK650MC unit manufactured by APC.

How to Install an APC Replacement Battery Into the SU1400Net Unit

In this article, I will attempt to guide the average person through the installation process of an APC replacement battery. The unit that I will be demonstrating on is APC’s Smart-UPS 1400 unit which takes the RBC7 battery pack.

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