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Welcome to PRO Robotics channel and in this video we present you the news of high technology.
How advanced will the GPT-4 artificial intelligence be? The Atlas robot has got functional arms and has learned to recognize and manipulate objects; will Boston Dynamics start selling the robot? What new skills did Sanctuary’s universal robot with human intelligence learn? What speed the drone was able to achieve to set a world record? New achievements of the GPT algorithms and the first lawsuit against an artificial neural network. These and other high-tech news in one video!

0:00 in this video
0:39 GPT-4 will cheat expectations
1:57 ChatGPT threatens science
3:20 A lawsuit against AI in the U.S.
4:24 Boston Dynamics has improved the Atlas robot
7:04 Sanctuary tries to create a universal humanoid
7:57 Fraunhofer IPA has taught robots to have fun
8:27 NASA will deliver astronauts to Mars in 45 days
9:19 Therapeutic robots for astronauts
10:00 Hello Robot will develop robots for the home
11:01 A new universal gripper for robots
11:49 A drone set a speed record
12:38 China charges drones with a laser
13:36 A drone will collect DNA
14:37 Deep Robotics wishes you a happy bunny year

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New NASA rocket to reach Mars in 45 days. Atlas robot recognizes and manipulates objects | ProRobots

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How advanced will the gpt4 artificial Intelligence be the atlas robot has got Functional arms and learned to recognize And manipulate objects will Boston Dynamics start selling the robot what New skills did sanctuary's Universal Robot with humanoid intelligence learn And what speed the Drone was able to Achieve and set a world record these new Achievements of the gbt algorithm and The first lawsuit against an artificial Neural network this and other high-tech News in today's one episode Foreign [Music] Foreign Let's start with the artificial Intelligence gpt4 the fourth generation Of open ai's natural language processing Algorithm has yet to be announced but is Already becoming the hottest topic of Discussion on the internet the company Hasn't even confirmed the new version Will be released this year however it's Already been proclaimed a breakthrough Bloggers and journalists are vying each Other to generate new information or Speculation about the parameters of gpt4 What will it be able to do blurring the Line between its capabilities and those Of a general AI that said open AI CEO Sam Altman has been Frank about how the Reality won't be meeting the inflated Expectations of the public as neither

The company nor anyone else in the world Has a capable artificial intelligence at This point gpt3 the current generation Of the algorithm can write articles Explain code maintain a dialogue and More it functions almost like T9 Predicting the next word or part of it By focusing on the preceding ones the Algorithm calculates connections between Words and then sends just the most Likely sequence moreover it can generate Multiple pages of text instantly based On one or two phrases what will GPT 4 Expertise be the one thing Sam Altman Has confirmed is that the next Generation of the algorithm will be able To generate videos sooner or later it's Coming Recently gpt3 already had an update to Gbt 3.5 and that became the base for Chat GPT The Invention caused quite a Stir in the scientific Community the Algorithms capable of not only Programming but generating news and Scientific articles but also doing Creative work from writing YouTube Scripts to poems and narrative poetry Chat GPT turned out to be so convincing The openai developers had to urgently Create tools that could identify Scientific Papers written with the help Of artificial intelligence for example Researchers at the University of Michigan found that in a blind

Peer-reviewed test experts attributed to A person one of three scientific medical Abstracts written using an algorithm This is dangerous because it will not Only help lazy students cheat their Professors but it will also allow Unscrupulous scientists to create a Large number of AI generated scientific Publications scientific articles created By chat GPT had been tested both by Scientists and anti-plagiarism systems Only the gpt2 the previous version Output Hector a fellow algorithm was Able to recognize an AI generated text Do you think that the new generation of GPT will actually replace copywriters Journalists development writers and Poets leave your predictions in the Comments by the way you can find a link To chatgpt in the description if you Want to play around all you need is an Email phone number and VPN [Music] Meanwhile the fate of AI is being Decided in the U.S where artists have Filed a first class action lawsuit Against the image generating artificial Neural network two companies that Develop these algorithms are to face the Court stability AI creators of stable Diffusion neural network and mid-journey One of the most popular artificial Neural networks that creates images from Textual descriptions the latter by the

Way was a primary choice for the Participants in our telegram chat image Generating contest concerning the future On Mars did you know you can join our Channel and chat via the link in the Description Back to the lawsuit the third party Involved was Debbie and art an online Community of art lovers the artists Claimed that the neural networks copied Billions of art images posted on the Internet including their own without Permission and then use that data to Create the derivative works we'll follow The development of the case and keep a Close eye on how it'll influence the Regulation of artificial intelligence Use as it's expected to become the World's most powerful technology in the Next decade Moving on to robots Boston Dynamics Released a new video and as always it Blew up the internet what technologies Behind These stunts the recent video has One very important difference when Compared to previous dancing robot Videos that shocked many unprepared Viewers and made them deny atlas's Existence the robot was dancing blindly With no perception of its surroundings And it was doing parkour while seeing Only fixed obstacles in the dancing Video the robot not only had to perceive Objects of varying size shape and weight

To grab and move them but it also had to Keep its balance and move at a speed Close to a human speed at a point of Interest the limit of the robot's Capability was not manipulating the Board which the robot chose to move in a Jump given the momentum it received Instead of safely turning around with it Slowly nor was walking off a wooden Platform which required the robot to Calculate force while maintaining its Own equilibrium the robot had to use all The available force in each of its Joints for the last asymmetrical jump a 540 degree multi-axis somersault it was The most difficult trick for the robot To pull off as it got tangled in its own Limbs so the engineers had to jump Through some hoops and Tinker with Algorithms to prevent self-collisions But let's talk more about the robot's Hands and its agility to perceive the Surroundings so far Boston Dynamics has Equipped Atlas with utility claw Grippers with one fixed and one moving Finger these grippers made the first Appearance in a Super Bowl commercial Last year the grip seems to be enough in The meantime the situation is different With the robot's perception abilities Atlas sees the world through the camera In its head which it uses to build 3D Maps of the surroundings we've talked Extensively about this mechanic in a

Previous Atlas video and you can see That right here in the hint this new Video features the robot receiving Commands as a set of information Specifically it had to cross a gap using A board run and grab a tool bag jump to A higher level drop the bag push a box And do a somersault however the robot Had to determine the location shape and Orientation of the objects on its own And this is a big breakthrough and Perception abilities the company's Engineers explain quote let's discuss The task of picking up a tool bag Atlas Sees the bag on the floor and running up To it creates Zone internal model of the Shape to be picked up and plans how his Hands will handle the object and how he Himself will move with the object so That he can move quickly without losing His balance the robot has to do unique Calculations for each object so for now Atlas can't work in a human environment And it probably won't in the next few Years so the company has no plans to Sell the robot in the foreseeable future However it'll continue to work on the Project and the company will use the Engineering achievement for atlas's Improvements in their own products Sanctuary is also trying to impress the Internet with a robot video the Company's website states its goals to Create a universal humanoid robot with

Human intelligence which as we know is An incredibly ambitious goal and no Scientist in the world has managed to Achieve this yet sanctuary's video of a Robot taking a mirror test or gently Picking berries from a branch look Pretty good if it weren't for one thing The company doesn't disclose how exactly The robot performs the actions nor does It say anything about their AI Development progress but on the other Hand we know that the robot has an Avatar mode supposedly used for learning But we can't know for sure whether the Robot carries out all of the actions Independently there's a good chance the Robot can't do anything at all right now Still the starter perceived 100 million Dollars from the Canadian government for Research matters The fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing engineering and automation IPA introduced us to robots nighttime Activities these videos are designed to Primarily draw attention to the Company's work and Laboratories in our Opinion fraunhofer Engineers have Succeeded the robot Technologies and Services department create robotic Systems and automated solutions for Industrial and service sector uses they Develop and Implement key Technologies In Innovative industrial and service Robots as well as intelligent machines

NASA is serious about sending astronauts To Mars and we've covered that in detail In the video you can find that here in The link the agency has recently Selected 14 of the best technological Ideas for further Mission preparations One of them being a dual motor nuclear Engine capable of taking astronauts to The red planet in just 45 days engineers At the University of Florida with Professor Ryan gossey in charge have Received the grant the highlight of Garcia's idea is that it offer to Simultaneously use the advantages of Both chemical and electric nuclear Engines the scientists proposed Combining a solid-state reactor a wave Rotor and an electric motor in the same Cycle to maximize the specific impulse Of the work cycle while minimizing the Dry weight addition hopefully a NASA Grant will help Engineers create this Setup and interplanetary flights will Eventually become Mankind's reality The astronauts will travel on the Company of robotic seals the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency believes That they'd help astronauts manage the Stress-inducing long and dangerous Journey Paro the robot has already been Tested by a crew of six during a Two-week simulation of a Martian Mission At the U.S Mars desert research station The results of the experiment remain

Unknown as of now and it's worth Mentioning that the robot equipped with Microphones silent Motors and tactile Sensors it would allow it to feel and React to touch and something like this Has been in use for 25 years in many European and Asian countries to help the Elderly and patients who have Neurological diseases Foreign Developers of the simplest and most Versatile and useful manipulators for Home use have received a 2.5 million Dollar Grant from the National Institutes of Health the goal is to Create a helper for the elderly as well As people with cognitive and physical Disabilities using the hello robot Stretch robot stretch is a very unusual Design for a home robot the slim and Surprisingly simple and quite Universal Mobile arm can perform a wide range of Tasks completely autonomously the second Generation robot has a vertical range of Almost 110 centimeters and a telescopic Arm which can reach a maximum length of 52 centimeters from its base plus a Wrist that extends the robot's reach the Robot doesn't take up much space Confined and pick up and fetch things And is not emotionally repulsive as it Doesn't try to look at a human stretch Is not necessarily intended for medical Institutions on the contrary at this

Stage the company and investors expect The robot to be a capable home assistant Who will help people in need of care to Stay home as long as possible Researchers from the biotechnology Robotics and design laboratory at Singapore University of Technology and Design have introduced a new Universal Robotic gripper the RWS is capable of Gently picking up broccoli florets Scooping up a portion of cereal or Picking up a business card from a table The developers claim the robot can even Pick up a single grain with a diameter Of at least 1.5 millimeters or a 300 Micron thick piece of paper from a table It can also pick up large convex and Non-convex and deformable objects such As fruit cereal bags or laundry Detergent cartons it's capable of Picking up to 1.4 Kilograms in total of Course these are not the first soft Grippers invented but RWS ones are Really good and now the developers are Looking for ways to use it in logistics And food industry companies Moving on to drone news a drone created By an amateur engineer Ryan ladman has Set official Guinness Book World Records With speed the original ladderman XLR V3 Quadcopter weighs under 500 grams and Features an original frame with Vertically arranged Electronics the Drone's body is shaped like a bullet and

Each engine has its own case the Drone Takes off vertically and hovers to pick Up its maximum speed the pilot should Switch it into a horizontal position and Hit the gas Ryan didn't just accelerate The Drone to break the record he had to Launch it in two opposite directions to Negotiate wind then experts calculated The average speed of the 100 meter Flight in both directions and it turned Out to be 360.5 kilometers per hour and The maximum instantaneous velocity was 414 kilometers per hour Chinese scientists at nwpu have found a Way to keep a drone in the air forever Well maybe not forever because Performance deteriorates or components Will eventually fail but in order to do This they kept recharging the Drone with A laser a ground-based laser charging Station tracked the quadcopter and Directed a laser beam at it while a Photoelectric converter on the bottom of The Drone captured the beam and Converted it into energy the idea is not New but this main problem has always Been high energy cost however Chinese Scientists claim they've made progress In this field and have developed a Number of fundamental improvements these Include an intelligent visual tracking Algorithm to keep the laser beam pointed At the Drone an Adaptive beam shaping System that can compensate for changes

In atmospheric density and a method for Detecting obstacles and quickly Adjusting beam power to a safe level Scientists didn't disclose the laser Output Power Systems range or efficiency Alluding to the military potential of The device Engineers at the Swiss eth Zurich Research Institute have taught a drone To collect DNA scientists have long Learned to identify species that live in Particular places by collecting samples Of water soil or even air and breaking Down the genetic material that they Contain that's how you spot great white Sharks near beaches or figure out if There's really a Loch Ness monster in The lake the method is great one just Needs to collect the samples and why do It yourself when you can send in the Robots or a drone to deal with the mud Cold water or in this case tall trees So the researchers chose an e-drone Trained to find strong branches and fly Up to them using depth cameras and other Sensors the Drone is then supposed to Land on the branch assess its resilience With a force sensor and use adhesive Tape to collect genetic material from The branches and leaves and needles the Devices soon to undergo an efficiency Testing in an international competition Where the design team will have 24 hours To discover as many species as possible

And 40 acres of Singapore rainforest And pivoting one last time from drones Back to robots deep robotics wishes you A happy Lunar New Year of the rabbit Subscribe to the pro robot Channel join Us on Telegram and write in the comments Which news had you hooked Foreign

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