REIDEA Candle Lighter Long USB Rechargeable Lighter Arc Windproof Flameless Lighter with Safety Switch Buttom Electronic Lighter for Home Kitchen BBQ Camping Stove review


A Reliable and Convenient Lighter for Various Uses

Welcome to our review of the REIDEA Candle Lighter! If you’re tired of struggling with matches or traditional lighters, then this rechargeable, windproof, and flameless electronic lighter is the perfect choice for you.

Real-Life Experiences Speak for Themselves

Before we delve into the details of this fantastic product, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the positive experiences shared by some of our satisfied customers. While a few concerns were mentioned, the overwhelming consensus is that the REIDEA Candle Lighter surpasses expectations, proving to be a reliable and convenient tool for various purposes.

Long-Lasting Battery Life and Sleek Design

One customer highlighted a common worry regarding the battery life of this lighter. However, after purchasing it and using it daily for more than a month, they were pleasantly surprised to find that the lighter’s battery continued to hold a charge without any issues. This makes it perfect for lighting candles or other items regularly without constantly needing to recharge.

Improving on Previous Designs

Another customer compared the REIDEA Candle Lighter to their previous one and expressed their preference for the wider set prongs. This design improvement ensured that the prongs didn’t get dirty as frequently when lighting candles with ashy wicks, eliminating a common annoyance.

Safety Features and Ease of Use

The REIDEA Candle Lighter also offers safety features such as a switch button on the bottom to prevent accidental ignition and an automatic shut-off after 30-60 seconds of use. These features provide peace of mind when using this lighter and prevent accidental fires.

the REIDEA Candle Lighter impresses with its reliable functionality, durability, and thoughtful design, making it a must-have tool for any lighting needs. Whether you’re lighting candles at home, grilling outdoors, or going on a camping adventure, this lightweight and convenient lighter is a reliable companion. Say goodbye to matches and outdated lighters, and say hello to the future of flameless ignition with the REIDEA Candle Lighter!

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Product Overview


The REIDEA Candle Lighter is a convenient and stylish flameless lighter that offers a hassle-free solution for lighting candles, stoves, BBQs, and more. With its long, USB rechargeable design and windproof arc, this lighter is perfect for use at home, in the kitchen, or even while camping.


The REIDEA Candle Lighter is packed with features that make it a standout product in its category. One of the main highlights is its long battery life, which has impressed many users. Despite initial concerns about battery performance, one customer reports that their lighter has been running on the first charge for over a month, even with frequent candle lighting.

Another feature that users appreciate is the wider lighting prongs. Unlike some other rechargeable lighters, these prongs are set wider, preventing them from getting dirty with ashy wicks when lighting candles. Additionally, the prongs conveniently tuck into the handle when not in use, keeping them protected and minimizing the risk of damage.

The REIDEA Candle Lighter also offers fast and efficient charging. Although there may be some initial confusion about the charging process, customers have found that once fully charged, the lighter can be used for 20-30 times without needing a recharge. With a claimed lifespan of 60 charges, this lighter proves to be a reliable and long-lasting investment.

Lastly, the sleek and stylish design of the REIDEA Candle Lighter makes it a worthy addition to any home decor. Its snappy appearance and functionality have led many customers to purchase multiple lighters as thoughtful gifts for their loved ones.

the REIDEA Candle Lighter offers a convenient, long-lasting, and stylish solution for lighting candles and various other items. Its impressive battery life, wider lighting prongs, and sleek design make it a reliable and attractive choice for any occasion.

REIDEA Candle Lighter Long USB Rechargeable Lighter Arc Windproof Flameless Lighter with Safety Switch Buttom Electronic Lighter for Home Kitchen BBQ Camping Stove

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User Experience

As a team, we have analyzed multiple user reviews to provide a comprehensive overview of the user experience with the REIDEA Candle Lighter. Overall, the feedback has been positive, with users highlighting the long-lasting battery life, sleek design, and practical features of this USB rechargeable lighter.

Positive Experience

Many users praised the REIDEA Candle Lighter for its improved design compared to their previous rechargeable lighters. One reviewer mentioned that the wider lighting prongs prevent them from getting dirty from ashy wicks when lighting candles, a common issue with other lighters. They also appreciated that the prongs can be easily tucked into the handle when not in use, ensuring safety and convenience.

Battery Life

Contrary to some concerns about battery life, multiple users shared their positive experiences with this lighter. One customer mentioned that they have been using their lighter for several months on a single charge, lighting multiple candles daily. They expressed satisfaction with the battery life and indicated that other users may not have been turning off the lighter after use, which could explain the reported battery problems.

Sleek Design

Another aspect that users appreciated about the REIDEA Candle Lighter is its sleek design, which seamlessly fits into various home decors. They considered it an aesthetically pleasing addition to their spaces.

High-Pitched Noise

While the majority of users did not mention any issues, one reviewer mentioned that their 10-year-old child found the high-pitched noise the lighter makes when lighting a candle slightly bothersome. However, no other users reported this concern, suggesting it might be subjective and vary from person to person.

the REIDEA Candle Lighter has received positive reviews from users who appreciate its wide lighting prongs, long-lasting battery life, sleek design, and practical functionality. It is a recommended product for those in need of a safe and efficient flameless lighter for their home, kitchen, BBQ, or camping stove.

REIDEA Candle Lighter Long USB Rechargeable Lighter Arc Windproof Flameless Lighter with Safety Switch Buttom Electronic Lighter for Home Kitchen BBQ Camping Stove

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Pros and Cons


We have come across several positive aspects of the REIDEA Candle Lighter that make it an excellent choice for lighting candles and other items. Firstly, the lighter is very well-made and has a sleek and snappy design, adding a touch of style to any setting. Its ability to effortlessly light candles and other objects has been highly appreciated by users.

Another notable advantage of this lighter is its long-lasting rechargeable battery. Users have reported that it can last for up to 60 charges, providing consistent use without the need for frequent recharges. This feature ensures convenience and reliability, particularly for those who use candles regularly or in large quantities.

Furthermore, the wider set prongs of the REIDEA Candle Lighter have proven to be a significant improvement for users. Previous versions had narrower prongs, which would often become dirty due to ashy wicks. With the wider prongs, this issue has been effectively resolved, allowing for a cleaner lighting experience.


Despite its many positive features, there are a few downsides to consider. One of the main drawbacks is that the lighter is USB charged, which can be seen as a disadvantage by some users who feel overwhelmed by the ubiquity of USB charging. Additionally, the lighter only comes with a cable and does not include a transformer or adapter. While many people may already have these items, it could be an inconvenience for those who do not.

Another minor concern raised by one user is that the lighter emits a high-pitched noise when lighting a candle, which can be bothersome to some individuals, particularly those with sensitive hearing.

While the pros of the REIDEA Candle Lighter certainly outweigh the cons, it is essential to consider these aspects before making a purchase decision. Overall, this flameless lighter offers exceptional performance and convenience in lighting candles and other objects, making it an excellent addition to any home, kitchen, or outdoor setting.

REIDEA Candle Lighter Long USB Rechargeable Lighter Arc Windproof Flameless Lighter with Safety Switch Buttom Electronic Lighter for Home Kitchen BBQ Camping Stove


How long does the REIDEA Candle Lighter need to be charged before first use?

The REIDEA Candle Lighter holds a small charge when initially received, but for optimal performance, it is recommended to fully charge it before the first use. While it may not have the battery life of a long-lasting tank or a lifetime guarantee, with common sense usage, this lighter works great.

How long does the battery last?

During our testing, we found that the battery life of the REIDEA Candle Lighter is exceptional. Even after a month of daily use for lighting candles, the battery has yet to die. It is important to note that lighting larger candles, especially those with hard-to-ignite wicks, may require a longer lighting time. Despite the heavy usage, this lighter continues to perform reliably.

How do I maintain the lighter?

This flameless lighter is designed to be easy to maintain. If the device becomes dirty or waxy, simply clean it to ensure optimal functionality. The REIDEA Candle Lighter has been tested and proven to withstand such cleaning without any issues, making it a durable and long-lasting tool.

Is the REIDEA Candle Lighter safe to use?

The REIDEA Candle Lighter prioritizes safety with its thoughtfully designed features. It has a safety switch button at the bottom to turn it on, ensuring that it will not ignite accidentally. Additionally, it automatically turns off after approximately 30-60 seconds of non-use, minimizing the risk of accidents. However, it is still crucial to exercise caution and keep it out of reach of children.

Does the lighter make any noise?

During operation, the REIDEA Candle Lighter emits a mini shocking sound. Some users have reported that it can be high-pitched, which could potentially bother individuals with sensitivity to certain sounds. Nonetheless, this minor noise does not hinder the overall excellent performance of the lighter.

the REIDEA Candle Lighter is a highly recommended tool for lighting candles, stoves, and more. With its long battery life, sleek design, and safety features, it offers a convenient and reliable alternative to traditional lighters. Don’t miss out on this less wasteful and efficient way to keep the flame going in your life!


We have read numerous reviews of the REIDEA Candle Lighter Long USB Rechargeable Lighter, and the overwhelming consensus is that this product is a winner. Users are extremely satisfied with its performance, ease of use, and sleek design.

One reviewer mentioned that they had previously owned a different rechargeable lighter with an adjustable neck, but they found the REIDEA lighter to be a significant improvement. The wider lighting prongs prevent them from getting dirty from ashy wicks, and they appreciate that the prongs tuck into the handle when not in use.

Another reviewer emphasized the importance of charging the lighter fully before the first use, and expressed their delight that the lighter has been working perfectly for over a month. They use it daily to light a large candle, and even though it sometimes takes a bit of time to ignite the stubborn wick, the lighter has remained resilient.

Several users mentioned the longevity of the battery life. One happy customer reported that they have been using the lighter for over a month and it has not needed to be recharged yet. They estimate that the lighter will last for the advertised 60 charges.

Overall, the REIDEA Candle Lighter stands out for its reliability, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Users highly recommend this impressive product, whether for home use or as a great gift idea for friends and family who love candles.

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