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Tips On Buying A Rack Mount Server Cabinet

The October and November episodes of Interface held in Denver, Salt Lake City, and Seattle enlightened the world on the trends that are dictating developments in server technology. Some major trends that were noticed were integrating the servers with cloud computing and Building Management systems and incorporating more green features in the system.

How To Install A Printer

Today, printers have become an indispensable part of computers considering the huge amount of printing works that are being done at offices and even at homes. HP and Canon are two trusted names in the market for offering an array of printers that suit every specific purpose. Installing a printer and making it ready for use is not a difficult task.

Myths and Facts: How Does AirPrint Work?

AirPrint is a multitasking application. It allows you to print your documents in the background. This means that you can browse the web, go through your photos or even continue playing your latest game while printing is going on. This technology, like the multitasking feature, works on the iPad, the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, and the iPod Touch that is third-generation or later.

Custom PC Guide

We understand choosing a custom PC is often a difficult and time consuming process especially with an industry that is moving so fast. This is why we have devised a quick guide to helping you on your way.

The Major Benefits of Portable Printers and 3 Buying Tips

If you are on the road with your laptop and you find that you regularly need to print out documents before meetings, then it is worth taking the time to go out and find the best portable printer to assist you with your work. Here are three buying tips to consider when purchasing portable printers.

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