Samsung – the story of a major company | From fish and scandals to global leadership

HP Envy 100 Review

While the competition continues to produce generic multifunction ink jet printers using the same print, copy, scan, as well as fax features, we admire HP due to its ground breaking approach with HP Envy 100. The Envy 100 motivates you to interact with the screen through two innovative features that place HP apart: an online software store known as the ePrinterCenter, and ePrint, a convenient component that allows you to send print jobs straight to the printer from virtually any device that can send an e-mail.

Routers and Modems: What’s the Difference?

This is not an uncommon question and the answer is…”Yes, quite a bit of difference!” When you get your computer and want to connect to the Internet, you have to buy a service with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). They issue you a modem which you then use to connect your computer with the phone line so you can access the internet.

Hard Drive Backups – 2 Great Ways To Back Up Your Data

If you are placing all your trust in a hard drive then you may be disappointed to find out that as many as 10% of all new hard drives have faults. When a drive fails you can lose all your data and if you have anything of value saved then you might lose it forever. Many people have found out the hard way that keeping backups is not a luxury and that in the digital age its become an absolute necessity.

Why Choose Long Distance Colocation?

A company’s IT infrastructure can be considered the glue that holds a company together, which is why it is crucial to the success of a business that it runs smoothly. A Michigan colocation data center can deliver a distinct advantage because of the immense benefits that go along with outsourcing part, or all, of a company’s IT infrastructure. By choosing the right colocation partner, a company can ensure the proper security and reliability for their IT infrastructure.

Why Sony Needs to Kill the Memory Stick

A look at why Sony needs to kill it’s proprietary memory stick. It should adopt the widely used SD card and be done with it.

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