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Look Into The Kinds of Ink Cartridge When Cost Saving Is Of The Essence

When your printer runs out of ink, you have a variety of printer ink options to choose from. Original, compatible and remanufactured cartridges are the three varieties each of which differs from other in respect of cost and quality.

How to Fix a Paper Jam on the Samsung SCX-5530FN

The following instructions will assist you if the message that appears is PAPER JAM 0 Open/Close Door on the Samsung SCX-5530FN. It is important that you do not try to force any paper as you may damage the machine. Take a deep breath and follow this guide and you’ll be fine.

How to Load Paper Into the Samsung CLP-610ND

How to load paper into the cassette tray for a SAMSUNG Colour Laser Printer CLP-610ND. If you find you are experiencing continuous ‘Paper Jam 0’ problems, the following is recommended. Look first for any documents jammed in the machine. If NO sheet is found the most common cause for the ‘Paper Jam 0’ message will be; 1. The document has not been properly ‘fanned’ before putting into the cassette. 2. Document tray/cassette has been loaded above the maximum limit marked. 3. The document guides in the cassette are holding the paper too tightly.

LCD Enclosures – A Comprehensive Guide

LCD enclosures are a burgeoning industry. More and more people are turning to these devices to protect LCD screens in otherwise harsh locations. From outdoor digital signage to back yard TVs, LCD enclosures are helping to revolutionise the out of home TV market but what exactly are they, and how do they protect devices from the outdoor elements?

Guide to High Availability Hosting

There are many things to consider when choosing a high availability host and depending on your application and your budget there are various levels of protection against downtime that you can choose from. This article is meant to give a brief overview of the topic of high availability hosting and the importance of knowing which types of redundancy are in place for your server.

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