Swinging sticks – Amazing Science Gadgets | New Techology | Pro Robots #prorobots #shorts

Swinging sticks – Amazing Science Gadgets | New Techology | Pro Robots #prorobots #shorts

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PRO Robots is not just a channel about robots and future technologies, we are interested in science, technology, new technologies and robotics in all its manifestations, science news, technology news today, science and technology news 2022, so that in the future it will be possible to expand future release topics. Today, our vlog just talks about complex things, follows the tech news, makes reviews of exhibitions, conferences and events, where the main characters are best robots in the world! Subscribe to the channel, like the video and join us!

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You've definitely seen this gadget at Least on the desk of pepper Tony Stark's Girlfriend in Iron Man 3. it's a pair of Sticks swinging like a pendulum it Changes direction and speed for no Apparent reason creating the illusion of Perpetual Motion and I could watch it Endlessly The Secret of operation is Simple four double a batteries [Music]

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