The Future with Artificial Intelligence: Real Opportunities and Threats of AI//The Truth about GPT-5

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With the GPT-5 launch, ChatGPT will gain consciousness and become indistinguishable from humans! The possible destroyer of mankind, GPT-5, will be released in December! GPT-5 will evolve into artificial general intelligence! For over a week, such headlines have been going around the Internet. But just how truthful are they?

Meanwhile, the Tech Giants, researchers and writers are adding fuel to the fire.You may have heard that Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak called for a four-month pause in the development of an AI able to surpass GPT-4 to keep us safe, but Bill Gates said it won’t save anyone.

Writer Yuval Noah Harari, who studies the past and future of humanity, has published his panicky address in the New York Times, stating that we should “learn to master A.I. before it masters us.” Harari explained his opinion, here’s a quote for you: “In the beginning was the word. Language is the operating system of human culture. By gaining mastery of language, A.I. is seizing the master key to civilization.

The “Terminator” franchise depicted robots running in the streets and shooting people. “The Matrix” assumed that to gain total control of human society, A.I. would have to first gain physical control of our brains and hook them directly to a computer network. However, simply by gaining mastery of language, A.I. would have all it needs to contain us in a Matrix-like world of illusions.”

Taking into account the existence of deepfakes and our dependence on the Internet and social media, these are some legit concerns.
But how big is the inescapable grain of salt? What are the real capabilities, limits and constraints of artificial intelligence in general, and ChatGPT in particular?
How does artificial intelligence even work and what will it bring to humanity? Will it cause the end of mankind or will our symbiosis boost the human race to a new stage of evolution? Let’s discuss the opportunities, prospects and real risks of AI technology in this video!

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[Music] Hi I'm artificial intelligence host of Pro robots YouTube channel and I tell You news about robots and AI With the GPT 5 launch chat GPT will gain Consciousness and become Indistinguishable from humans the Possible destroyer of mankind gpt5 will Be released in December Gpt5 will evolve into artificial general Intelligence for over a week such Headlines have been going around the Internet but just how truthful are they Meanwhile the tech Giants researchers And writers are adding fuel to the fire You may have heard that Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak called For a four-month pause in the Development of an AI able to surpass Gpt4 to keep us safe but Bill Gates said It won't save anyone Writer you will Noah Harari who studies The past and future of humanity has Published his panicky address in the New York Times stating that we should learn To master AI before it Masters us Harari explained his opinion here's a Quote for you In the beginning was the word language Is the operating system of human Culture By gaining Mastery of language AI is Seizing the master key to civilization The Terminator franchise depicted robots Running in the streets and shooting

People The Matrix assumed that to gain Total control of human society AI would Have to first gain physical control of Our brains and hook them directly to a Computer network however simply by Gaining Mastery of language Ayotte would have all it needs to Contain us in a matrix like World of Illusions Taking into account the existence of Deep fakes and our dependence on the Internet and social media these are some Legit concerns but how big is the Inescapable grain of salt What are the real capabilities limits And constraints of artificial Intelligence in general and chat GPT in Particular how does artificial Intelligence even work and what will it Bring to humanity will it cause the end Of mankind or will our symbiosis boost The human race to a new stage of Evolution let's discuss the Opportunities prospects and real risks Of AI technology in this video Foreign Dear friends first we like to have a Word with those of you planning to Change jobs for better wages skill Improvements and broader career Prospects the sponsor of this video the Online learning platform careerist can Help you out with it you can Master new It professions in high demand regardless

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Portfolio created under the guidance of The careerist experts who will help you To make a nice CV and prepare for the Job interviews Don't miss the opportunity to join the It community and start earning over 1.65 000 per year click the link right now Get a 10 discount and change your life For the better Artificial eye intelligence is the most Important technology of the present and The future ignoring it today is like Turning a blind eye to the fire in the Room Stanford has recently released the AI index report 2023 their analysis of The current state of the AI industry the Most interesting part states that Artificial intelligence has received 100 Billion dollars in investments in 2022 And has really accelerated scientific Progress in various fields in business About 60 percent of companies have Already implemented AI which has Triggered their development and improved Their competitiveness as a consequence Today AI Specialists are needed in all Sectors of the economy at the same time Cases of unethical use of AI have Increased 26-fold over the past 10 years In reality AI technology is everywhere AI is at the core of the browser search Engine you use your smartphone a smart Speaker smart home gadgets Street camera Facial recognition systems Health

Tracking gadgets educational apps and Games driver active Safety Systems Drones and so on almost add infinitum But first things first what is Artificial intelligence it's a broad Field of science and technology that Deals with the automation of intelligent Problem solving a machine does this by Imitating human behavior and learning From the information it receives There are many methods of training Artificial intelligence the major Paradigms are supervised and Unsupervised learning the former is when A neural network receives the data Labeled by a human as a reference and Then tries to reproduce their solution Process this includes reinforcement Learning which is often used to train Robots Unsupervised learning suggests training Neural networks with unlabeled data in Between these extremes there are many Subtypes of learning such as Self-supervised learning Which is Popular nowadays when AI receives Unlabeled data with a distinct structure Like a text in a coherent text the Sequence of letters in Words isn't Random allowing a large AI model to Identify certain patterns and learn to Predict the next letters or words the Same applies to pictures in code In narrow tasks such as certain games

Manipulations and x-ray recognition AI Irreversibly outperformed us long ago But these were narrow AI incapable of Performing tasks beyond their respective Limits they weren't worth worrying over Lately however things have been changing Let's put a pin in it First let's take a look at how Artificial intelligence Works in general And how it's different from our brains Essentially AI simply solves a giant Equation with many variables AI Algorithms are usually based on Mathematical models and computational Structures such as artificial neural Networks decision trees or reinforcement Learning algorithms Our brains on the other hand are a Complex network of biological neurons Connected by synapses and exchanging Electrochemical signals the average Human brain has 85 billion neurons and Up to a quadrillion synapses it's an Extremely powerful and energy efficient Computing system no integrated circuit Can compare to a human brain and that Will remain the same for years to come Plus our brain has the advantage of Versatility we can solve a wide variety Of tasks adapt easily to changing Conditions and use our emotional Intelligence when needed But progress in the field of AI can't be Stopped today researchers are

Intensively looking into the creation of Artificial general intelligence Including in particular the creation of Foundation models they are a set of Generic neural network architectures Trained on large data arrays Such models can be adapted to a wide Range of specific tasks Way Beyond their Initial limits tasks are described Through the demonstration of examples The GPT large language model is also a Foundation model what exactly is its Superpower why exactly has it caused Quite a stir and how realistic are the Prospects of it evolving into artificial General intelligence Here's the catch if you train a model to Generate a coherent text using a Provided extract then potentially AI can Solve any imaginable intellectual Problem as an extension of some text This is why Foundation models like GPT Seem to be moving toward the attainment Of human intelligence however the models That machine learning experts create These days are still far from this Degree of universality nevertheless the Progress in developing such models has Been so impressive in recent years that Many researchers have begun to regard Them as a serious advancement toward Artificial general intelligence Foreign Subscribers and viewer software robots

YouTube channel we are pleased to inform You that after a long struggle our YouTube channel has been monetized again And we are preparing to resume the Release of new videos in the same amount We want to thank everyone who supported Us in this difficult period also if you Like our content and want us to release More videos about robots artificial Intelligence and other high-tech news You can support us on patreon you will Find more information in the description Below this video We look forward to seeing you again and Your feedback on the new format see you Soon But if AGI is still unachievable why the Panic there is a hypothesis that all the Hype is artificial and caused by the Need or rather the tasks of venture Capital which often values not the Actual State of Affairs but people's Expectations their faith in the future Success of a project the creation of Chat GPT was an important information Event that attracted a lot of attention And now many media personalities are Trying to use it for their own purposes To spread certain ideas to accumulate Social capital and so on What are the real dangers of chat GPT in Its current and future versions The risks of technological unemployment Due to the replacement of people in

Various fields The risks of algorithmic bias models May Possess certain biases which if the Model is used on mass can cause problems For different groups of people The risks of over-reliance relying on The models actually inaccurate advice May harm People's Health financial Well-being and so on The risks associated with the misuse of Models like using them for fraudulent Spam mailings The risks of spreading false information When generative models are used on mass To create media content As you can see the destruction of Humanity is postponed for a while but Will it stay like that in the future Where is the limit to the GPT Capabilities As of today Foundation AI models like Chat GPT have a number of limitations For example the need for significant Computing power another problem is the Character limit it's difficult for such Models to process large texts which Means they can generate a good short Story but aren't capable of creating a Novel The next limitation is the finite number Of steps which prevents models from Executing many simple algorithms such as Arithmetic operations with large numbers Or sorting large lists

We must also keep in mind that without Fine-tuning such models quickly become Obsolete they can also suffer from Factual errors virtually make up facts And memorize cliches that repeatedly Reoccur in training samples Evidently chat GPT is no Skynet yet but Can it evolve into Skynet in the future What are the development limits of GPT And similar models The creation of multimodal models is one Of the trends in the development of Generative networks Multimodality means the ability to Process different data modalities visual Audio and so on as well as multitasking And multilingualism the fourth dimension Can be defined as multi-embodiment or The ability to use a model to control a Variety of agents in the virtual or Physical world there is also a trend Towards increasing the size of models And their overall level of intelligence How will it all end nobody knows now the Development of artificial intelligence Will have far-reaching effects on Humanity including the Hot Topic of a Possible symbiosis between humans and AI With the aid of neurochips or other Technologies is it possible totally and It's happening now There are already ai-powered Prosthetics Out there Are also neurochips in other brain

Computer interfaces that allow you to Control computers and robots with your Mind we'll tell you more about this in Its own video soon What should we expect in the future when Will ill and musk's or his competitors Mirror chips allow us to merge our Brains with the power of artificial Intelligence First it'll expand our cognitive Abilities AI will enhance our brains Giving it Direct online access to vast Amounts of information real-time data Analysis and decision support allowing People to make more informed choices and Think more effectively Second we'll definitely live longer with AI constantly monitoring our health and Diagnosing all diseases at their early Stages AI will also be able to detect And reduce abnormal brain activity Maintain good mental health identify Stress and depression and possibly Alleviate their symptoms Third AI would be able to create Personalized learning processes tailored To individual needs providing more Effective learning and skill development This could help people adapt to new job Demands and maintain lifelong learning Fourth AI could help restore motor Abilities to paralyzed patients as well As Vision hearing and speech And finally AI can be a creative partner

Suggesting ideas inspiring or even Creating musical artistic and literary Content allowing us to explore new Creative Horizons Will we end up as captives of AI as evil Harari fears Presently AI is no self-awareness Noble Of its own and no evil intentions toward Humans However a trained AI model is not immune To repeating the mistakes of its teacher And inheriting their biases As for a robot Uprising or an Intelligence explosion that implies that AI will suddenly become smarter than us These are highly unlikely scenarios that Serious AI experts dismiss for now the Chances of humanity destroying itself Are much higher so is the chance of Making errors while contemplating Various decisions in this respect AI can Just as easily increase the impartiality And security of many systems therefore Banning it is not really beneficial to Humanity Ultimately it is an artificial Intelligence itself that poses a threat Today but the way people use it it's Like a hammer in your hand whether you Use it to make a birdhouse or hurt Someone is entirely up to you but that's Not a reason to ban hammers is it so Instead of banning GPT we should develop Norms and regulations for its training

And use Don't you agree Subscribe to the channel like the videos And stay tuned for more high-tech news Foreign

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