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Experimental Features of the Kindle

This is a review of many of the experimental features of the Kindle. The Kindle is able to offer a lot more than just reading books.

Choosing the Right Laptop for Lower Repair Costs Down the Road

When shopping for a new laptop, in addition to features, aesthetics, and performance, it is wise to look at possible repair costs down the road. Just like with an automobile, repair costs for a laptop can vary considerably depending on the make, model, and screen size.

What ATA 133 Stands For?

ATA is the abbreviated form of Advanced Technology Attachment. It refers to the standard for connecting hard drives and storage devices to the system’s motherboard.

All in One Printer: Some Useful Information

Various types are available in the market and the features of the printer vary with the functionality. Dot matrix, Laser, Inkjet, Line are some printer types and there are many more. Commonly used are Laser and Inkjet printers.

Knowledge Is Power With RAID Data Recovery

Know your limits, and know your safety net when it comes to IT assets. RAID data recovery is a necessary fact of life for all administrators, and the only savior here is preparation.

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