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Extending Hardware Life – Moving Beyond the Three Year Lifecycle

Many IT or data center managers are extending the life of their hardware to save money in a down economy. Given today’s well build hardware and with a proven third party hardware maintenance provider you can save significant money by extending the life of your hardware beyond the three year refresh cycle once standard practice.

A Guide To Light And Portable Laptops

The digital age has revolutionised the computer industry, surprising the geeks and tech savvies with the latest trends in laptops. The thinner it gets, the better. With the fast-paced lifestyle of many professionals and students, portable laptops have crawled to the computing landscape.

Why Use an Ergonomic Mouse?

A lot a people like to use a mouse when using their computers or laptops but sometimes as result of staying in front of the computer for long hours consistently, there may be a possibility of getting some strain on and around the wrists. One solution is to use an ergonomic mouse. This would reduce the stain on the wrist and could potentially prevent a person from getting repetitive strain injury.

The Customizable Dell Inspiron 570

The Dell Inspiron 570 is not the computer that you will find in many homes just being there. Most of the people who have bough this computer bought it because they knew the specific features that they were looking for, and which they were so sure that if they were to look for them somewhere else, they would definitely pay more than the $300 that they need to pay in order to acquire this model.

Benefits of a Portable Printer for Your Consideration

If you are after a colour printer, there are a number of printers that you can buy. They come in several different sizes, if you want a small one big one or a medium-sized one you can get all of these sizes. Printers have developed over the years, at one stage you could only use a printer in the office.

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