The uniqueness of Boston Dynamics and their robots | How the advanced robotics company develops

My Review of the Logitech Wireless Headset F540

Ever since I got my Xbox 360 for Christmas last year, I have been obsessed with staying up for hours on end playing games by myself or with my friends. The problem that this has caused is that I am constantly waking everyone up in my house with the noise from the games. My wife finally gave me an ultimatum that I needed to choose between getting a divorce or to stop playing games at night with the sound turned up. My solution was to keep playing games at night AND keep the sound up. My only consolation to her demand was that I started wearing a Logitech Wireless Headset F540. I have had this headset for almost six months now. Since this headset has saved my marriage I wanted to give my honest feedback.

Hard Disk Drives Versus Solid State Drives – Which Is Better?

With computer technology always evolving, trends come and go. Many people in the computer age are striving to have the latest and greatest technology that is soon to be considered the standard. Most computers these days have HDD (hard disk drive) hard drives, but a new competitor is emerging; the SSD (solid state drive). With technology that’s always flowing in ever-changing directions one may wish to compare the common HDD with the newer SSD.

How to Install the BX900R Replacement Battery

In this article, I attempt to provide a walk-through on how to install an APC replacement battery into the BX900R APC backups system. The battery I will be talking about installing is the RBC32 battery pack.

Ethernet Splitter: Best Ways to Purchase

This article will help you determine when you need an ethernet splitter. You will also be guided in where you can buy an ethernet splitter and how much they may cost.

Do Not Go Shopping Online for HP Inkjet Cartridges Without Reading These Details

It may be a typical encounter to go wrong with inkjet cartridges while shopping on the net. There are actually number of details you must realize before getting them online.

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