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Tesla unveiled a new version of its robot Optimus, which in the future should become the company’s main product. What he learned, what the company’s engineers are actively working on and what other novelty Elon Musk showed, see in this issue!

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Foreign Tesla unveiled a new version of Its robot Optimus which in the future Should become the company's main product What he learned what the company's Engineers are actively working on and What other novelty Ellen musk showed see In this issue [Music] Recall that last fall Tesla announced a Plan that involves the development and Launch of many new products in the next Two years and while it's not yet certain That Optimus humanoid robots will hit The assembly line in Austin next year a New video shown at the company's annual Shareholder meeting showed off their Improved skills Recall that during the first public Demonstration last fall at the AI Day Event the second generation Tesla bot Prototype moved around the stage on a Stand with the help of assistance and All it could do was wave its arms in Welcoming gestures In March of this year a video appeared Showing two robots of this type walking Around the room on their own and Attaching an Upper Limb to a third using A power tool it was progress but it was Unclear whether the robots acted Independently or under human control Some viewers blamed the company for the Editing at all but apparently the Engineers are working tirelessly on

Optimus and here we can see what has Become capable of in the video a group Of five robots walks through the Workshop where the long-awaited first Cyber truck pickups are also being Prepared for assembly Ellen musk Reiterated that this product is Radically different from other cars so Production will not start until next Year but judging by the footage from the Video the first electric pickups really Could be delivered as early as the third Quarter of this year Appearance of the robots next to the Cyber truck indirectly confirms the fact That they will be produced at the Tesla Plan in Texas the robot's gate is not Fast but they are walking smoothly Enough and without stumbling on the Other hand we don't know what kind of Take it is what else was shown motor Torque control thanks to the calibration Of the drive force the robot arm first Hits a hard surface with force and then Gently touches a chicken egg without Damaging the shell Next we see that Tesla robots can scan And memorize their surroundings forming A digital map of the area from a cloud Of dots Optimus is also able to learn Actions through demonstration the Company's Engineers first show them how To operate by picking up and moving Objects and he trains himself in the

Simulation then Tesla bot tries to apply The skills it has learned in real life And as we see quite successfully [Music] Developers will train the robot to move Its arms along complex trajectories and To handle soft or fragile objects with Complex shapes Speaking to shareholders this week Company CEO Elon Musk once again said That over time robots will generate a Significant portion of Tesla's revenue And the total Market capacity will be Measured by 10 or 20 billion units it Should be reminded that the approximate Cost of such a robot should be close to Dollar twenty thousand and its software Will be based on the same artificial Intelligence system that drives the Brand's electric cars We have to admit that in a year and Eight months Optimus has gone from a Dancing man in Tights to a real robot Capable of certain independent actions Still the hardest part is yet to come to Get real world applications the robot Must become much more agile and fast While also possessing high durability And advanced artificial intelligence Which no lab in the world has yet Created so we want to ask you do you Believe that musk will create truly Intelligent and dexterous Universal Robots

And does that prospects scare you write In the comments Good

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